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Taking issue with Llyod Omdahl

By Staff | Nov 7, 2020

Mark Ostrem, Rugby

Lloyd Omdahl is a regular contributor to the Tribune. His article, “Apple Cobbler Got Them in Deep Trouble” prompted this letter to the Tribune.

I take issue with his article’s premise arguing AGAINST that American war, founded on Christian principles. Each of us acts according to our beliefs and convictions; we as humans practice and propose that which is important to us, so then the reality must surely be that the many, many founding fathers that reverenced the Almighty (evidenced by historical quotes) would have been seeking divine guidance, would have proposed to implement Biblical wisdom and principle into this unique American government being formed.

America was founded on Christian principles. The very fact of instituting a separation of powers, with checks/balances in these three branches of government reveals the founders understood humanity’s tendency to corruptness! That is Biblical.

George Washington addressing the Constitutional Convention delegates declared, “The event is in the hand of God.” John Adams would say, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people.” Writings from various individuals including Washington, Webster and Franklin would comment that in the adoption of our Constitution God’s Providence was so apparent.

In Lloyd Omdahl’s article I inferred a flippant opinion in reference to some Biblical things but may I direct that article’s author to the Old Testament book of Esther, he would be reminded that the name of God is not found in its 10 chapters but undeniably the Almighty’s workings therein are overwhelmingly apparent.

In that our form our government (American) would enjoy such great success, with liberty and justice for and opportunity to us. For these 233 years, since the ordained Constitution, would suggest to me that the God of Christianity was in it. The question now is does America want our Christian foundations to continue, or do we want God “out” of America?

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