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Panthers keep stride despite busy meet schedule

By Sue Sitter - | May 15, 2021

Two track meets at opposite ends of the state within two days of each other didn’t break the stride of the Rugby Panthers May 4 and 6 in Mandan and St. John.

The Panthers finished both meets with impressive times, state qualifiers and first-place finishes.

Rugby’s track and field athletes first headed south to Mandan, where they participated in the House/Kihne Invitational May 4. Rugby’s girls finished with a commanding first place total of 181 team points, nearly double that of second-place Watford City’s 93 point score.

Anna Clements’ pole vault of 9 feet qualified her for state and earned her first place for that event. Runner Brooklyn Bartsch qualified with a second-place time of five minutes, 29.42 seconds in the 1600-meter run, while Ashley Martodam’s second place triple jump of 35 feet, 9.5 inches qualified her for state as well.

On the boys’ side, the team of Tim Mueller, Trey Welstad, Warren Walker and JD Matehs qualified for state in the 4×100 relay with a combined time of 46.26 seconds.

The boys finished 14 points away from first place, trailing Bowman County’s 151-point total with 137 points.

Both boys and girls saw several first-place finishes as well, with Matehs taking first in the 200 meter dash with a time of 22.83 seconds and the 110-meter hurdles in 15.70 seconds. Cole Slaubaugh finished first with a six-foot mark in the high jump, an event he qualified for earlier in the season. Kory Vetsch’s 11 foot pole vault earned him first place as well.

First-place finishers for the girls were Bartsch, with two minutes, 28.30 seconds in the 800-meter run; Hannah Senechal, with a time of 12:34.56 in the 3200-meter run and Janikka Miller, whose high jump measured 4 ft. 9 in.

The Panthers moved north May 6 to St. John, where both boys and girls finished first in team points at the Peace Garden Conference Meet. Rugby’s girls finished far ahead of second-place Velva/Drake-Anamoose, who trailed Rugby’s 269 points with a total of 97. Rugby’s boys led with 221 points over their nearest competitor Benson County, who had a total of 108 points.

Matehs finished with more state qualifying times in the 100-meter dash, the 100-meter hurdles and the 300-meter hurdles. More Panthers saw first-place finishes at the smaller Peace Garden Conference Meet, with Trey Welstad taking first in the 200-meter dash with a time of 23.21 seconds; Austin Dibble with a 800-meter time of 5:08.15; Slaubaugh with a high jump of 5 ft. 10 in and a long jump of 17 ft., 11 in.

Finishing in first for the girls were Senechal in the 400-meter dash in 1:05.31; Bartsch in the 800-meter run with a time of 2:31.50; Martodam with a time in the 100-meter hurdles of 17.02 seconds; Mya Geisinger with a long jump of 15 ft. 4.25 in. and a triple jump of 32 feet, 2 in.; Miller with a high jump of 4 ft. 9 in.; Clements with a pole vault of 7 ft., 6 in. and Riley Grove with a javelin throw of 97 ft. 7 in. Three girls’ relay teams took first place in the 4×200, 4×400 and 4×800 meter races.

The Panthers would keep their fast pace later in the week when they hosted two Rugby meets May 11 and 13. Some would possibly head to Minot for another meet May 15, according to girls’ coach Bill Jansen.

Full scores for the Peace Garden Conference Meet:

Girls: 100-meter dash: Taylor Mayer, fifth place, 13.55 seconds; Elise Fahnestock, 14.14; Anna Duchscherer, 14.21; Madison Corum, 14.38; Anna Johnson, 14.39; Bostyn Bailey, 14.50; Annie Risovi, 14.59; Mya Geisinger, 14.62; Hannah Follman, 14.73.

200-meter dash: Taylor Mayer, second place, 28.27; Duchscherer, seventh place, 29.08; Corum, eighth place tie, 29.21; Bailey, eighth place tie, 29.21; Fahnestock, 29.74; Anna Clements, 30.20; Johnson, 30.26; Lacie Deplazes, 30.40; Hannah Follman, 30.76.

400-meter dash: Hannah Senechal, first place, 1 minute, 5.31 seconds; Madison Corum, fifth place, 1:09.90; Follman, seventh place, 1:14.43.

800-meter run: Brooklyn Bartsch, first place, 2:31.50; Senechal, third place, 2:39.78; Ella Jacobson, fourth place, 2:44.84; Rylie Suchor, eighth place, 2:58.22.

1600-meter run: Amelia Shepard, third place, 5:53.30; Suchor, sixth place, 6:55.05.

3200-meter run: Shepard, second place, 12:48.68.

100-meter hurdles: Ashley Martodam, first place, 17.02; Clements, second place, 17.49; Bella McCabe, fourth place, 18.43; Peyton Hauck, 20.90.

300-meter hurdles: Martodam, first place, 50.52; McCabe, second place, 54.99; Clements, third place, 55.40; Sarah Blessum, sixth place, 57.30; Hauck, seventh place, 57.43.

Long Jump: Geisinger, first place, 15 ft. 4.5 in.; Johnson, second place, 14 ft., 6 in.; Hauck, third place, 14 ft. 3 in.; Deplazes, sixth place, 13 ft., 8 in.; Janikka Miller, seventh place, 13 ft. 7.5 in.; Risovi, 13 ft. 3.5 in.; Duchscherer, 12 ft. 9.5 in.; Brooke Senger, 12 ft., 2.5 in.

Triple Jump: Geisinger, first place, 32 ft. 2 in.; Deplazes, third place, 30 ft. 2 in.; Johnson, fifth place, 29 ft. 7 in.; Miller, sixth place, 29 ft. 5.5 in.; Duchscherer, eighth place, 29 ft. 1 in.; Risovi, 28 ft. 8 in.

High Jump: Miller, first place, 4 ft. 9 in.; Deplazes, second place, 4 ft. 7 in.; Hauck, third place, 4 ft. 7 in.

Pole Vault: Clements, first place, 7 ft. 6 in.

Shot Put: Riley Grove, sixth place, 29 ft. 7 in.; Brooke Blessum, 27 ft. 5 in.; Anna Bogar, 24 ft. 0 in.; Annette Fox, 22 ft. 11.5 in.; Senger, 22 ft. 4.5 in.; Niah Wollenzien, 22 ft. 4 in.

Discus: Brooke Blessum, fourth place, 100 ft. 11 in.; Fox, eighth place, 86 ft. 3 in.; Wollenzien, 64 ft., 11 in.; Bogar, 48 ft. 1 in.

Javelin: Grove, first place, 97 ft. 7 in.; Brooke Blessum, fourth place, 80 ft., 10 in.; McCabe, 73 ft., 0 in.

4×100 meter relay: Taylor Mayer, Fahnestock, Brooklyn Corum, Martodam, third place; 53.65 total time.

4×200 meter relay: Taylor Mayer, Bailey, Brooklyn Corum, Martodam, first place; 1:54.56 total time.

4×400 meter relay: Fahnestock, Bailey, Brooklyn Corum, Bartsch, first place, total time, 4:28.50.

4×800-meter relay: Shepard, Jacobson, Senechal, Bartsch, first place; total time, 10:48.84.

Boys: 100-meter dash: JD Matehs, first place, state qualifier, 10.96 seconds; Warren Walker, second place, 11.75; Trey Welstad, third place, 11.78; Hudson Hooker, 12.56.

200-meter dash: Welstad, first place, 23.21; Walker, third place, 23.78; Riley Tuenge, eighth place, 24.69; Hooker, 25.15.

400-meter run: Cole Fahnestock, sixth place, 59.87; Isaac Christenson, 1:02.84.

800-meter run: Austin Dibble, first place, 2:13.78; Kristian Fritz, fifth place, 2:27.87.

1600-meter run: Dibble, first place, 5:08.15; Fritz, fifth place, 5:52.15.

110-meter hurdles: Matehs, first place, state qualifier, 15.41; Kory Vetsch, fourth place, 19.49.

300-meter hurdles: Matehs, first place, state qualifier, 41.84; Vetsch, fourth place, 49.30.

4×100-meter relay: Hooker, Lathan DeMontigny, Vetsch, Isaiah Bundy-Smith: second place, 48.65.

4×200-meter relay: Tuenge, Welstad, Walker, Matehs, first place, 1:37.02.

4×400-meter relay: Dbible, Fahnesstock, Christenson, Bryceton Deplazes, third place, 4:09.31.

4×800-meter relay: Fritz, William Lundberg, Christenson, Dibble, first place, 10:07.50.

Shot Put: Ethan Brandt, third place, 40 ft., 7.5 in; Bundy-Smith, fourth place, 40 ft., 6 in.

Discus: Brandt, fourth place, 107 ft., 3 in.; Bundy-Smith, fifth place, 101 ft. 10 in.

Javelin: Tuenge, second place, 119 ft., 7 in.; Welstad, third place, 119 ft., 1 in.; Bundy-Smith, 90 ft., 7 in.

High Jump: Cole Slaubaugh, 5 ft. 10 in.

Pole Vault: Vetsch, second place, 11 ft. 0 in.; Deplazes, third place, 9 ft., 0 in.

Long Jump: Slaubaugh, first place, 17 ft. 11 in.; Deplazes, third place, 17 ft. 5 in.

Triple Jump: DeMontigny, second place, 38 ft. 2.5 in.; Deplazes, fifth place, 34 ft. 9.5 in.

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