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Panthers see records broken at Mariya Tate Bernhardt Meet

By Sue Sitter - | May 8, 2021

Sue Sitter/PCT JD Matehs breaks a record for the 110-meter hurdles at the Mariya Tate Bernhardt Memorial Meet.

The Rugby Panthers took first and second place in girls’ and boys’ track and field events at a busy Mariya Tate Bernhardt Memorial meet at Johnsen Field in Rugby May 1.

More than 30 schools from as close as Bottineau and Harvey to as far away as Beulah and Cass County met on the track, bringing family and fans with them for the day.

Panthers fans saw records broken and athletes qualifying for state. The Panthers took first place in girls’ events with 110 team points and second in boys’ events with 105.50 points.

Rugby High Athletic Director Scott Grochow and Bill Jansen organized the event.

Grochow asked local radio sportscaster James Maertens to “send out a huge thank you to all the workers at our meet on Saturday. To get through a 30-team meet with unlimited entries in just over six hours is unbelievable,” Grochow said.

“There was lots of great competition on Saturday. Courtesy of a lot of great volunteers we were able to complete the meet in a very efficient timeframe,” he added. “We had nothing but compliments from the teams that came. That’s a credit to all the great people who helped.”

Rugby High 2019 grad Maria Blessum was among volunteers who timed the races and directed runners to their places. Wearing a vest with a number 3 on it to show third-place winners where to stand, Blessum said she was glad to be back in town for the weekend.

“I thought it would be fun to support the team and help out and give back to the community,” Blessum, an elementary education major at NDSU, said.

Blessum’s sister, Sarah, finished the 100-meter dash in 15.09 seconds. “Honestly, I’m just really proud of her in all she does. She can do great, she can have her worst day and I’d still be proud. But I enjoyed watching her today and I’m really proud.”

“It is always fun and confidence building to win a big meet like we had Saturday,” Bill Jansen, who coached the girls, said. “Our girls got to compete against some of the best in the state and some handled it well and others not so much. We are starting to see the fruits of our hard work so far this season, but we still have a ways to go.”

Still, the first-place Panthers saw a state-qualifying jump by Ashley Martodam and a state-qualifying pole vault from Anna Clements.

JD Matehs, who qualified for state on the boys’ side in the 4×100 and 4×200 meter relays plus the 110-meter hurdles, also shattered meet records in those events.

The relay team of Matehs, Riley Tuenge, Trey Welstad and Warren Walker post times of 44.97 for the 4×100 and 1 minute, 33.57 seconds in the 4×200 meter events.

Matehs said he always focuses on records and personal best times when competing.

“I don’t really compare myself to the current runners,” Matehs said. “I always compare myself to the all-time records. I always try to compare myself to the all-time list. I try to get as high on that list as I can. At the end of the day, it’s just running against your own time. I’m always looking for that constant improvement and it’s still there.”

Matehs said of state, “I’m not quite sure what I’m going to compete in yet, but whatever I do, I’m pretty confident going in.”

Results for the Panthers were:

Girls: 100-meter dash: Taylor Mayer, 13.56 seconds; Mya Geisinger, 14.04; Brooklyn Corum, 14.26; anna Johnson, 14.28; Madison Corum, 14.49; Hannah Follman, 14.68; Sarah Blessum, 15.09; Sydney Schock, 15.13; Haley Mayer, 15.39; Annie Risovi, 15.50; Elli Kuntz, 18.22.

200-meter dash: Taylor Mayer, 28.46; Brooklyn Corum, 29.29; Anna Duchscherer, 30.10; Madison Corum, 30.16;Johnson, 31.07; Follman, 31.30; Bella McCabe, 31.40; Geisinger, 31.93; Brooke Senger, 32.38; Schock, 32.40; Kuntz, 39.26.

400-meter dash: Brooklyn Bartsch, second place 1 minute, 2.57 seconds; Elise Fahnestock, fifth place, 1:05.92; Bostyn Bailey, 1:06.73; Amelia Shepard, 1:07.41; Tressa Arnston, 1:09.78; Risovi, 1:11.97; Peyton Hauck, 1:13.27; Follman, 1:14.05.

800-meter run: Hannah Senechal, first place, 2:32.47; Ella Jacobson, 2:42.92; Rylie Suchor, 2:51.07; Megan Buckmeier, 2:54.53.

1600-meter run: Senechal, third place, 5:42.30; Suchor, 6:39.28; Buckmeier, 7:16.17.

3200-meter run: Bartsch, third place, 12:28.95; Shepard, fourth place, 12:32.19.

100-meter hurdles: Ashley Martodam, third place, 16.97; McCabe, 18.72; Clements, 19.67; Schock, 20.29.

300-meter hurdles: Martodam, third place, state qualifier, 48.08; Clements, 54.58; Hauck, 54.63; McCabe, 55.13; Sarah Blessum, 56.33; Schock, 1:00.99.

Long Jump: Martodam, fourth place, 16.0 feet; Hauck, fifth place, 15 ft., 11.25 in.; Geisinger, eighth place, 15 ft. 11 in.; Arnston, 14 ft., 7.25 in.; Duchscherer, 14 feet, 6.5 in.; Janikka Miller, 14 ft. 6 in.; Johnson, 14 feet, 5.25 in.; Sarah Blessum, 14 ft. 3 in.; Lacie Deplazes, 14 ft.; Annie Risovi, 13 ft., 9.5 in.; Haley Mayer, 13 ft. 9 in.; Senger, 13 ft., 3.75 in.

Triple Jump: Martodam, second place, state qualifier, 34 ft. 3.25 in.; Geisinger, fourth place, 33 ft., 5.25 in.; Deplazes, 31 ft., 11 in.; Arnston, 30 ft., 8 in.; Sarah Blessum, 30 ft., 4.5 in.; Johnson, 30 ft., 3.25 in.; Duchscherer, 30 ft., 2.5 in.; Miller, 29 ft., 8 in.; Haley Mayer, 27 ft., 10 in.; Risovi, 27 ft. 5.5 in.

High Jump: Miller, fourth place, 4 ft. 7 in.; Hauck, 4 ft. 5 in.; Deplazes, 4 ft., 5 in.

Pole Vault: Clements, fifth place, state qualifier, 9.0 ft.; Haley Mayer, 6.0 ft.

Shot Put: Riley Grove, 31 ft. 5 in.; Brooke Anderson, 31.0 ft.; Haylee Jundt, 29 ft., 8 in.; Riley Bonebrake, 28 ft., 5 in.; Brooke Blessum, 28 ft. 10 in.; Lauren Voeller, 27 ft., 2 in.; Anna Bogar, 24 ft. 6 in.; Harmony Moore, 24 ft. 1 in.; Senger, 23 ft. 8 in.; Annette Fox, 22 ft., 10 in.; Niah Wollenzien, 21 ft., 4 in.

Discus: Brooke Blessum, 91 ft. 5 in.; Anderson, 85 ft. 8 in.; Tesha Sobolik, 80 ft. 6 in.; Jundt, 79 ft., 4 in.; Fox, 76 ft., 1 in.; Bonebrake, 71 ft., 9 in.; Moore, 68 ft., 11 in.; Wolllenzien, 62 ft., 5 in.; Voeller, 62 ft., 3 in.; Bogar, 44 ft. 11 in.

Javelin: Grove, fourth place, 96 ft. 11 in.; Sobolik, 6th place, 96 ft. 1 in.; Anderson, eighth place, 93 ft. 6 in.; Brooke Blessum, 81 ft. 8 in.; Bella McCabe, 71 ft.; Moore, 62.0 ft.

4×100-meter relay: Taylor Mayer, Bailey, Madison Corum, Fahnestock, sixth place, 53:63.

4×200-meter relay: Taylor Mayer, Bailey, Fahnestock, Duchscherer, fifth place, 1:54.87.

4×400-meter relay: Arnston, Bailey, Fahnestock, Madison Corum, 4:41.22.

4×800-meter relay: Senechal, Ella Jacobson, Shepard, Bartsch, state qualifier, first place, 10:15.78.

Boys: 100-meter dash: Warren Walker, sixth place, 11.88 seconds; Tim Mueller, 12.03.

200-meter dash: Walker, fourth place, 24.36; Trey Welstad, sixth place, 24.50; Mueller, 24.89; Cole Fahnestock, 27.19.

400-meter dash: Fahnestock, 58.52; Isaac Christenson, 1 minute, 1.53 seconds.

800-meter run: Austin Dibble, third place, 2:15.94; Kristian Fritz, 2:29.10.

1600-meter run: Dibble, sixth place, 5:05.79; Fritz, 5:45.40.

3200-meter run: Connor Ramsey, 12:57.42.

110-meter hurdles: JD Matehs, meet record, state qualifier, first place, 15.41; Cy Walker, 20.26.

300-meter hurdles: Matehs, first place, 42.54; Kory Vetsch, sixth place, 47.10; Bryceton Deplazes, 50.93; Cy Walker, 51.63.

4×100-meter relay: Second place, meet record state qualifier: Tuenge, Welstad, Warren Walker, Matehs.

4×200-meter relay: First place, meet record, state qualifier: Tuenge, Welstad, Warren Walker, Matehs; 1:33.57.

4×400-meter relay: seventh place, Dibble, Logan Gronvold, Christenson, Fahnestock,; 3:559.03.

4×800-meter relay: sixth place, Dibble, Connor Klein, Connor Ramsey, Fritz; 9:46.74.

High Jump: Cole Slaubaugh, first place, 5 ft. 10 in.

Pole Vault: Vetsch, seventh place, 9.0 ft.; Deplazes, 9.0 ft.; Austin Schneibel, 8.0 ft.

Long Jump: Welstad, first place, state qualifier, 21 ft., 1.75 in.; Slaubaugh, 17 ft., 10 in; Deplazes, 16 ft. 6 in.

Triple Jump: Mueller, fourth place, 40 ft. 8 in.; Slaubaugh, 36 ft., 3.25 in.; Deplazes, 35 ft., 5.75 in.

Shot Put: Ethan Brandt, sixth place, 41 ft. 3 in.; Isaiah Bundy-Smith, 39 ft. 9 in.; Cole Schneibel, 36 ft., 10 in.; Klein, 35 ft., 5 in.; Austin Schneibel, 32 ft., 4 in.

Discus: Bundy-Smith, second place, 130 ft., 1 in.; Kelin, 91 ft. 8 in.; Brandt, 89 ft., 0 in.

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