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More wins for Panthers at Southern McLean Invitational

By Sue Sitter - | May 1, 2021

The Rugby High Panthers continued their winning ways on the track and field at the Southern McLean Invitational meet held in Washburn April 24.

JD Matehs finished with state-qualifying times in both the 100-meter, 39 inch hurdles and the 300-meter, 36 inch hurdles. Matehs placed first in both events.

The relay squad of Riley Tuenge, Trey Welstad, Warren Walker and Matehs also finished with a state-qualifying time of 44.91 seconds in the 4×100, placing first. The four repeated the feat when they qualified for state in first place in one minute, 34.04 seconds.

Other members of the boys’ team earned first place in their events. In the 1600-meter race, Austin Dibble finished first with a time of 5:10:55. Kory Vetsch’s 11 feet, 6-inch pole vault gave another first-place score to the Panthers.

Absent from the meet was Cole Slaubaugh, who held the 2019 state title in the high jump. Slaubaugh qualified for state again in that event early in the season.

“We had 8 boys missing that day,” Coach Scott Grochow said of the meet. “Cole was one of them.”

“It was nice to get back on the track,” Grochow added. Rain and snow had canceled two previous meets for the team.

“We had a very good day,” Grochow said, adding, “We did find lots of things to work on.” Although the Panthers had seen strong finishes in most races, some of the shorter-distance events saw the Panthers finish toward the middle of the pack.

The Panther girls also saw better finishes with long-distance events than dashes. Brooklyn Corum was the first runner to place for the Panthers, finishing in 1 minute, 7.41 seconds for seventh place in the 400-meter dash. Ella Jacobson followed, scoring eighth with a 2 minute, 46.50-second eighth place 800-meter time. Next, Brooklyn Bartsch starred in the 1600-meter race, finishing first in 5:41.62.

In the high jump, Lacie Deplazes tied for first place with a 4 feet, 7 inch measurement. Anna Clements’ 8 feet, 5 inch pole vault earned her first place. Riley Grove threw the javelin 99 feet, 6 inches, giving her first place for that event.

The Panther girls continued to show their prowess at long-distance events when the team of Jacobson, Hannah Senechal, Amelia Shepard and Brooklyn Bartsch took first place in the 4×800-meter relay with a combined time of 10 minutes, 29.85 seconds.

“No qualifiers on the girls side as of yet,” Girls’ Coach Bill Jansen said. “Anna Clements had attempts at qualifying height on Saturday. The 4 x 800 Meter Relay was a little under 10 seconds off and Brooklyn Bartsch was about 4 seconds from the qualifying time.”

“It was great to be at a meet after a two-week break from meets,” Jansen added. “We competed hard and are getting back into competition mode.”

Results for the girls were: 100-meter dash: Brooklyn Corum, 14.26; Anna Johnson, 14.26; Tressa Arnston, 1.:41; Anna Duchscherer, 14.43; Madison Corum, 14.44; Peyton Hauck, 14.46; Hannah Follman, 14.73; Anna Clements, 14.77; Bella McCabe, 15.10; Sarah Blessum, 15.24; Megan Buckmeier, 15.38; Brooke Senger, 15.49; Sydney Schock, 15.51; Taylor Pritschet, 15.62. 200-meter dash: Duchscherer, 29.36; Madison Corum, 29.96; Elise Fahnestock, 30.11; Brooklyn Corum, 30.15; Hauck, 30.31; Johnson, 30.52; Buckmeier, 31.50; Follman, 31.80; McCabe, 32.07; Janikka Miller, 33.06; Pritschet, 33.30; Schock, 34.37. 400-meter race: Brooklyn Corum, seventh place, 1:07.41; Bostyn Bailey, 1:08.46; Madison Corum, 1:08.84; Deplazes, 1:09.87; Arnston, 1:09.96; Buckmeier, 1:11.34; Follman, 1:13.87; Mya Geisinger, 1:16.58; Haley Mayer, 1:17.02. 800-meter run: Ella Jacobson, eighth place, 2:46.50; Rylie Suchor, 2:54.39. 1600-meter run: Brooklyn Bartsch, first place, 5:41.62; Amelia Shepard, second place, 5:45.14; Hannah Senechal, fourth place, 5:47.81; Jacobson, seventh place, 6:14.91; Suchor, 6:45.86. 3200-meter run: Bartsch, second place, 12:19.44; Shepard, third place, 12:26.00; Senechal, fourth place, 12:36.76. 100-meter hurdles: Ashley Martodam, fifth place, 18.74; Clements, seventh place, 18.76; McCabe, 19.21; Schock, 21.54. 200-meter hurdles: Martodam, second place, 50.02; Clements, seventh place, 54.36; McCabe, eighth place, 54.57; Sarah Blessum, 57.81; Schock, 1:02.64. Long jump: Geisinger, second place, 15 feet, 0 inches; Martodam, third place, 15 feet, 0 inches; Hauck, eighth place, 14 feet, 3 inches; Lacie Deplazes, 13 feet, 11 inches; Johnson, 13 feet, 8.5 inches; Sarah Blessum, 13 feet, 8.5 inches; Miller, 13 feet, 0 inches; Senger, 12 feet, 10.5 inches; Haley Mayer, 12 feet, 8.5 inches; Arnston, 12 feet, 7.5 inches; Pritschet, 12 feet, 6.5 inches. Triple jump: Deplazes, fourth place, 31 feet, 6 inches; Geisinger, fifth place, 31 feet, 0 inches; Martodam, sixth place, 30 feet, 6 inches; Johnson, seventh place, 30 feet, 3.5 inches; Sarah Blessum, 29 feet, 8 inches; Duchscherer, 29 feet, 4 inches; Miller, 28 feet, 11 inches; Haley Mayer, 25 feet, 11 inches. High jump: Deplazes, first place (tie), 4 feet, 7 inches; Miller, fourth place (tie), 4 feet, 5 inches; Hauck, 4 feet, 1 inch. Pole vault: Clements, first place, 8 feet, 6 inches; Mayer, sixth place (tie), 6 feet. Shot put: Brooke Blessum, 29 feet, 4 inches; Riley Grove, 29 feet, 0.5 inches; Riley Bonebrake, 25 feet, 5.75 inches; Niah Wollenzien, 21 feet, 8.75 inches; Harmony Moore, 21 feet, 1.25 inches. Discus: Brooke Blessum, sixth place, 87 feet, 6 inches; Grove, 80 feet, 6 inches; Moore, 72.0 feet; Bonebrake, 63 feet, 1 inch; Wollenzien, 59 feet, 10 inches. Javelin: Grove, first place, 99 feet, 6 inches. 4×100-meter relay: Sixth place; Taylor Mayer, Fahnestock, Geisinger, Bailey, 55.04. 4×200-meter relay: Fourth place; Taylor Mayer, Fahnestock, Duchscherer, Bailey, 1:57.33. 4×400-meter relay: Sixth place; Madison Corum, Fahnestock, Brooklyn Corum, Bailey, 4:39.22. 4×800-meter relay: First place; Jacobson, Senechal, Shepard, Bartsch, 10:29.85.

Results for the boys were: 100-meter dash: Trey Welstad, third place, 12.01; Riley Tuenge, 12.70. 200-meter dash: William Lundberg, 25.29; Isaac Christenson, 26.37; Cole Fahnestock, 27.08; Cy Walker, 27.56. 400-meter race: Warren Walker, fourth place, 54.97; Christenson, 1:00.25; Fahnestock, 1:01.04. 800-meter run: Connor Ramsey, 2:32.47. 1600-meter run: Austin Dibble, first place, 5:10.55; Kristian Fritz, 5:54.15; Ramsey, 5:57.95. 3200-meter run: Dibble, 11:16.31; Fritz, 12:59.86. 110-meter hurdles, 39 inches: JD Matehs, state qualifier, first place, 15.45; Cy Walker, third place, 20.97; Bryceton Deplazes, fifth place, 21.18. 300-meter hurdles, 36 inches: Matehs, state qualifier, first place, 40.99; Kory Vetsch, fifth place, 46.64; Deplazes, 49.18; Cy Walker, 50.53. 4×100-meter relay: State qualifier, first place; Tuenge, Welstad, Warren Walker, Matehs, 44.91. 4×200-meter relay: State qualifier, first place; Tuenge, Welstad, Warren Walker, Matehs, 1:34.04. 4×400-meter relay: Fourth place; Tuenge, Vetsch, Austin Schneibel, Lundberg, 4:02.35. 4×800-meter relay: Second place; Dibble, Lundberg, Connor Klein, Fritz, 9:33.30. Shot put: Ethan Brandt, fourth place, 39.00 feet; Austin Schneibel, 34.00 feet; Klein, 33 feet, 8 inches. Discus: Brandt, 96 feet, 3 inches; Klein, 85 feet, 8 inches; Schneibel, 77.00 feet. High jump: Warren Walker, 5 feet, 4 inches. Pole vault: Kory Vetsch, first place; 11 feet, 6 inches; Deplazes, third place, 8 feet, 6 inches; Schneibel, 7 feet, 6 inches. Long jump: Deplazes, fourth place, 35 feet, 4.5 inches.

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