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‘Good day for a meet’ for Panthers at Hazen

By Sue Sitter - | Apr 17, 2021

A trip to the Hazen Early Bird Invitational April 6 yielded first-place finishes for the Rugby Panthers track and field teams.

The Panther girls saw a first-place finish in team points at the event in Hazen. Their coach, Bill Jansen, said the cool temperatures and light wind provided ideal conditions for the meet.

“It was a good day for a meet,” Jansen said. “The jumps and distance event areas are our strengths followed by the throws,” he added.

Boys’ coach Scott Grochow said, “It was cloudy and cool with a bit of wind, but I thought we had a very good day and not just from the people who qualified.”

The boys finished first in team points at the meet as well.

“We had some individuals do some very good things and our two short relays missed qualifying by a second or less in each of those relays which is great since it is early in the year,” Grochow said.

Cole Slaubaugh, who took the state championship in the high jump in 2019 for Wolford High School, qualified for state again this year for the Rugby Panthers with a jump of 6 feet, 2 1/2 inches. Panthers runner J.D. Matehs qualified for state in the 110-meter hurdles with a time of 15.92 seconds.

In relays, the Rugby boys’ team of Matehs, Tim Mueller, Warren Walker and Trey Welstad finished first in the 4×100 meter event with a time of 46.02 seconds. The same team finished first in the 4×200 relay with a time of one minute, 36.04 seconds. In the 4×800 relay, a team of Connor Ramsey, Connor Klein, Isaac Christenson and Kristian Fritz finished in second place with a time of 10 minutes, 45.92 seconds.

In the shot put, Ethan Brant threw the 12-pound shot 39 feet, 11 inches for first place in the event.

The Panther girls continued to show their strength in distance events. Brooklyn Bartsch finished first in the 800-meter run with a time of two minutes, 35 seconds. Bartsch also finished first in the 1600-meter run with a time of 5:46.65. Panther Hannah Senechal finished the 3200-meter event in first place with a time of 13:15.46. Taylor Hamilton finished right behind Senechal in the event with a second-place time of 14:02.61, and Rylie Suchor finished in third place for Rugby in 15:15.97.

The Panther girls’ squad also dominated the pole vault despite the absence of state champion Brooke Blessum, who moved to the shot put due to an injury at a regional volleyball game last fall.

Anna Clements finished first in the event with a vault of eight feet, while Haley Mayer vaulted for seven feet, giving her second place.

In the girls’ 4×100 meter relay, the team of Taylor Mayer, Elise Fahnestock, Anna Duchscherer and Bostyn Bailey finished in second place with a total time of 55.30 seconds. Senechal, Suchor, Tayler Hamilton and Bartsch finished the 4×800 relay in second place with a total time of 11 minutes, 29.36 seconds.

“We are still trying to answer some questions in the sprints,” Jansen said of the girls’ team. “We don’t have all the girls competing as of yet. Hopefully we will be at full strength at our next meet.”

Other results for the Panther girls at the meet were:

800-meter run: Bartsch, 2:35, first place; Jacyln Duchscher, 3:01.07; Ashlyn Dibble, 3:12.76. 1600-meter run: Bartsch, 5:46.65, first place; Senechal, 6:15.08, fourth place; Tayler Hamilton, 6:29.67, eighth place; Duchscher, 6:45.06; Dibble, 6:54.46; Suchor, 6:56.93. 100-meter dash: Mya Geisinger, 14.66; Bailey, 14.69; Anna Johnson, 14:74; Mikaylee Livedalen, 14.87; Kaedyn DeMontigny, 14.98; Hannah Follman, 15.24; Taylor Mayer, 15.78; Sydney Schock, 15.86; Annie Risovi, 15.92; Jessie Wolf, 16.30; Janikka Miller, 16.56; Elli Kuntz, 19.81. 200-meter dash: Bailey, 30.31; Johnson, 31.14; Clements, 31.44; Livedalen, 31.54; Geisinger, 31.64; DeMontigny, 31.74; Tressa Arnston, 32.44; Follman, 33.54; Lacey Deplazes, 33.64; Schock, 34.44; Risovi, 34.54; Wolf, 34.64; Taylor Pritschet, 36.04; Kuntz, 41.84. 400-meter dash: Fahnestock, 2:10.51; Livedalen, 1:12.20; Deplazes, 1:13.86; Arnston, 1:14.38; Follman, 1:17.88; Pritschet, 1:21.22. 100-meter hurdles: Clements, 19.41, fifth place; Peyton Hauck, 20.05, sixth place, Schock, 21.38. 300-meter hurdles: Ashley Martodam, 52.51, third place; Clements, 54.30, sixth place; Hauck, 57.77; Schock, 1:02.00. Long jump: Hauck, third place, 15 ft, 8 in., Martodam, fifth place, 14 ft, 10 1/2 in.; Sarah Blessum, sixth place, 14 ft., 4 1/2 in., Geisinger, 13 ft., 7 in.; Miller, 13 ft., 5 in.; Johnson, 13 ft., 1 1/2 in.; Pritschet, 13 1/2 ft.; Duchscherer, 12 ft., 7 inches; DeMontigny, 12 1/2 ft; Risovi, 11 ft., 8 1/2 in.; Arnston, 11 ft, 8 1/2 in.; Wolf, 11 feet, 2 1/2 inches; Haley Mayer, 11 ft. Triple jump: Martodam, third place, 32 ft. 10 1/2 in.; Sarah Blessum, fifth place, 31 ft., 3 in.; Deplazes, sixth place tie, 30 ft., 11 in.; Haley Mayer, sixth place tie, 30 ft., 11 in.; Johnson, 30 ft., 6 1/2 in.; Geisinger, 29 ft. 10 1/2 in.; DeMontigny, 29 ft., 5 in.; Miller, 29 ft. 1 in.; Duchscherer, 28 ft., 6 in.; Risovi, 26 ft., 6 1/2 in.; Pritschet, 26 ft., 1 1/2 in.; Haley Mayer, 25 ft., 1 1/2 in. High jump: Miller, third place, 4 ft., 9 in.; Hauck, fouth place, 4 ft.; Deplazes, seventh place, 4 ft., 5 in.; Haley Mayer, 4 ft., 1 in. Shot put: Brooke Anderson, sixth place, 29 ft.; Riley Grove, seventh place, 29 ft.; Brooke Blessum, 28 ft., 5 1/4 in.; Tesha Sobolik, 26 ft., 8 in. Lauren Voeller, 24 ft., 6 in.; Anna Bogar, 23 ft., 5 1/2 in.; Annette Fox, 22 ft., 4 1/2 in.; Harmony Moore, 21 ft., 8 in.; Niah Wollenzien, 21 ft., 5 1/4 in. Discus: Sobolik, third place, 94 ft.; Anderson, sixth place, 82 ft., 1 in.; Brooke Blessum, 78 ft., 2 in.; Grove, 74 ft., 3 in.; Wollenzien, 68 ft., 7 in.; Voeller, 67 ft., 3 in.; Moore, 62 ft.; Bogar, 48 ft., 10 in. Javelin: Grove, third place; 103 ft.; Anderson, fourth place, 89 ft., 11 in.; Sobolik, 66 ft., 10 in.; Voeller, 63 ft., 6 in. 4×200-meter relay: Mayer, Fahnestock, Duchscherer, Bailey, fifth place, 1:58.49. 4×400-meter relay: Fahnestock, Sarah Blessum, Bailey, Bartsch, fourth place, 4:40.41.

More results for the Rugby Panther boys’ team were:

100-meter dash: Hudson Hooker, 10th place, 12.62; Cole Fahnestock, 15th place, 13.66. 200-meter dash: Cole Fahnestock, ninth place, 27.94. 400-meter dash: Bryceton Deplazes, eighth place, 1:5.11. 800-meter run: Austin Dibble, second place, 2:20.96; Fritz, fourth place, 2:31.49; Ramsey, seventh place, 2:41.61. 1600-meter run: Dibble, fifth place, 5:12.37; Fritz, 14th place, 5:58.20; Ramsey, 16th place, 6:13.60; Maddex Kirchofner, 17th place, 6:33.75. 3200-meter run: Kirchofner, fourth place, 13:18.86. 110-meter hurdles: Matehs, first place, 15.92, state qualifier; Cy Walker, fifth place, 21.67. 300-meter hurdles: Matehs, third place, 43.94; Kory Vetsch, fourth place, 48.18; Cy Walker, ninth place, 54.80; William Lundberg, tenth place, 1:04.13. 4×100 relay: Vetsch, DeMontigny, Hudson Hooker, Slaubaugh, fifth place, 49.82. Shot put: Brandt, first place, 39 ft., 11 in.; Isaiah Bundy-Smith, fourth place, 38 ft., 8 in.; Cole Schneibel, sixth place, 37 1/2 ft.; Klein, 10th place, 34 ft. 4 in.; Austin Schneibel, 12th place, 33 ft., 5 1/2 in.; Christenson, 29th place, 22 ft., 10 1/2 in. Discus: Bundy-Smith, second place, 110 ft. 7in.; Klein, 13th place, 83 ft., 5 in.; Brandt, 17th place, 80 ft.; Cole Schneibel, 18th place, 79 ft., 11 in.; Austin Schneibel, 19th place, 78 ft., 10 in. High jump: Slaubaugh, first place, state qualifier, 6 ft., 2 in.; Welstad, fourth place, 5 ft., 6 in.; Lathan DeMontigny, fifth place, 5 ft, 6 in.; Walker, sixth place, 5 ft., 6 in.; Deplazes, seventh place, 5 ft., 2 in.; Pole vault: Vetsch, second place, 10 feet; Austin Schneibel, fourth place, 8 ft., 6 in.; Deplazes, fifth place, 8 ft. Long jump: Welstad, second place, 20 ft.; Slaubaugh, 14th place, 17 ft., 7 in.; Mueller, 17th place, 17 ft., 2 in.;DeMontigny, 19th place, 17 ft. Triple jump: DeMontigny, sixth place, 37 ft., 4 in.; Slaubaugh, seventh place, 36 ft., 10 1/2 in.; Deplazes, 10th place, 34 ft., 8 1/2 in.; Bundy-Smith, 12th place, 34 ft., 1 in.

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