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‘In pretty good shape’

By Staff | May 17, 2019

Rugby High’s track and field teams finished their regular season this week “in pretty good shape for both regionals and state,” according to Coach Scott Grochow.

“The biggest thing might be the weather,” the coach wrote in an email to the Tribune early this week as he looked forward to Friday’s regional meet at Rugby High.

“We have had a tradition of doing fairly well at both of those meets, and think there is a great chance for us to do the same again this year,” he noted.

Grochow said several athletes on both the boys’ and girls’ squads have done well this season. “I think we have a lot of different girls and boys who could have great meets (in regionals and state competition),” he wrote. “Don’t know if I could single out one or two people.”

The final regular season meet, hosted by Rugby for Velva Monday saw several state qualifiers among Panther athletes, continuing a trend all season.

Results for the meet were:

Girls’ 100-meter dash: Kristina Brossart, first place, 13.02 seconds, state qualifier; Emily Mattern, fifth place, 14.07; Bella McCabe, 13th place, 14.59; Peyton Hauck, 14th place, 14.60; Anna Johnson, 15th place, 14.60; Hannah Follman, 16th place, 14.63; Broke Senger, 17th place, 14.65; Anna Clements, 19th place, 14.67; Ryleigh Keating, 23rd place, 14.80; Mikayle Livedalen, 24th place, 14.82; Madison Corum, 25th place, 14.95; Ella Jacobson, 26th place, 15.00; Elli Kuntz, 46th place, 19.43

Wolford student Katie Yoder placed 12th with a time of 14.58 seconds and Sierra Tofte placed 28th with a time of 15.16 seconds for the Rolette/Wolford team.

Girls’ 200-meter dash: Emily Mattern, fifth place, 29.02 seconds; Senger, 11th place, 30.19; Mikaylee Livedalen, 15th place, 30.62; Corum, 20th place, 30.89; Johnson, 21st place, 30.93; McCabe, 22nd place, 31.05; Emily Salwey, 32nd place, 35.52; Kuntz, 48th place, 38.65

Girls’ 400-meter dash: Ellie Duchscherer, 9th place, 1:05.80; Keating, 10th place, 1:06.62; Corum, 14th place, 1:08.18; Follman, 18th place, 1:12.04

Girls’ 800-meter run: Ellie Duchscherer, fifth place, 2:39.66; Mykell Heidlebaugh, sixth place, 2:39.95; Rylie Suchor, 17th place, 2:48.42; Ella Jacobson, 18th place, 2:50.70; Joey Wolf, 21st place, 2:52.88; Braelynn Oppen, 35th place, 3:28.14

Girls’ 1600-meter run: Amelia Shepard, seventh place, 6:06.66; Karsyn Hager, ninth place, 6:09.99; Kendyl Hager, 10th place, 6:15.54; Suchor, 11th place, 6:18.28; Wolf, 13th place, 6:19.96

Girls’ 3200-meter run: Brooklyn Bartsch, first place, 12:31.71; Shepard, fourth place, 13:23.39; Karsyn Hager, sixth place, 13:38. 49; Kendyl Hager, seventh place, 13:41.34

Girls’ 100-meter hurdles: Clements, fifth place, 18.30; McCabe, sixth place, 18.34; Salwey, 11th place, 19.58; Hauck, 17th place, 21.14; Taylor Mayer, 19th place, 22.17

Wolford’s Katie Yoder placed 14th in the event with a time of 20.22

Girls’ 300-meter hurdles: Anni Stier, first place, 47.60, state qualifier; Clements, ninth place, 54.16; McCabe, 10th place, 54.94

Girls’ 4×100 meter relay: Rugby, first place, (Mayer, Stier, Emily Mattern, Brossart), 53.06

Wolford’s Tofte and Katie Yoder placed 9th in the event with the Rolette/ Wolford team, finishing in 1:00.48.

Girls’ 4×200-meter relay: Rugby, first place, 1:52.92 (Taylor, Stier, Emily Mattern, Brossart)

Girls’ 4×400-meter relay: Rugby, fourth place, 4:36.22 (Corum, Keating, Senger, Ellie Duchscherer)

Girls’ 4×800-meter relay: Rugby, fourth place, 10:29.64 (Ellie Ducscherer, Karsyn Hager, Heidlebaugh, Jacobson)

Girls’ high jump: Brooke Blessum, first place, 4 feet, 11 inches; Janikka Miller, fourth place, 4 feet, 9 inches; Hauck, eighth place, 4 feet, 5 inches

Sierra Tofte place 12th in the event for Rolette/Wolford with a score of 4 feet, 3 inches.

Girls’ pole vault: Brooke Blessum, first place, 9.00 feet, state qualifier; Clements, second place, 8.00 feet; Kelly Swanson, third place, 7 feet, 6 inches

Girls’ long jump: Brooke Blessum, first place, 17 feet, 6.50 inches, state qualifier; Swanson, third place, 16 feet, 1 inch; Senger, sixth place, 14 feet, 9 inches; Hauck, seventh place, 14 feet, 9.25 inches; Mayer, 10th place, 14 feet, 2.50 inches; Johnson, 13th place, 14.00 feet; Annie Risovi, 21st place, 13 feet, 3.25 inches; Lauren Casavant, 24th place, 12 feet, 8.50 inches; Anna Duchscherer, 26th place, 12 feet, 7.50 inches

Tofte placed 25th for Rolette/Wolford with a jump of 12 feet, 8 inches.

Girls’ triple jump: Brooke Blessum, first place, 36 feet, 4 inches, meet record, state qualifier; Sarah Blessum, fourth place, 32 feet, 8 inches; Swanson, fifth place, 31 feet, 7.50 inches; Risovi, seventh place, 28 feet, 11 inches; Johnson, eighth place, 28 feet, 9 inches; Miller, 10th place, 27 feet, 9 inches; Casavant, 12th place, 27 feet, inch; Anna Duchscherer, 14th place, 25 feet, 9 inches

Girls’ shot put: Jacoby Glasser, third place, 35 feet, 2 inches; Brooke Anderson, 12th place, 29 feet, 7 inches; Riley Grove, 16th place, 27 feet, 10 inches; Lauren Voeller, 24th place, 24 feet, 7.50 inches; Tesha Sobolik, 25th place, 24 feet, 5 inches; Niah Wollenzien, 38th place, 20 feet, 4 inches

Girls’ discus throw: Glasser, 101 feet, 5 inches; Grove, 8th place, 92 feet, 8.50 inches; Annette Fox, 13th place, 78 feet, 7 inches; Anderson, 15th place, 77 feet, 8 inches; Voeller, 25th place, 68 feet, 2 inches; Wollenzien, 34th place, 57 feet, 9 inches

Girls’ javelin throw: Anderson, third place, 99 feet, 7 inches; Sobolik, fifth place, 93 feet, 7 inches; Grove, ninth place, 89 feet, 4 inches; Voeller, 11th place, 64 feet, 9 inches

Rugby girls placed first as a team overall, scoring 197.50 points.

Boys’ 100-meter dash: Corey Mattern, first place, 11.72 seconds; Cody Jundt, fourth place, 11.95; Keith Vetsch, fifth place, 12.06; JD Matehs, 9th place, 12.22; Hudson Hooker, 20th place, 12.75

Wolford’s Tyrel Yoder placed 19th in the event with a time of 12.73 for Rolette/Wolford.

Boys’ 200-meter dash: Hooker, 18th place, 26.41

Wolford’s Tyrel Yoder placed sixth in the event with a time of 24.97, and Elijah Clay placed 17th with a time of 26.22 for Rolette/Wolford.

Boys’ 400-meter dash: Landon Rost, 23rd place, 1:03.75

Boys’ 800-meter dash: Riley Odden, 20th place, 2:42.54

Boys’ 1600-meter run: Riley Odden, 17th place, 5:53.35

Wolford’s Elijah Clay placed 13th in the event with a time of 5:34.87.

Boys’ 3200-meter run: Dawson Schepp, first place, 10:49.74; Austin Dibble, second place, 10:50.62; Rost, seventh place, 12:26.39

Boys’ 110-meter hurdles: Matehs, second place, 16.45; Hayden Thingvold, fifth place, 18.12

Tyrel Yoder and Reuben Clay of Wolford placed sixth and seventh in the event, with times o 18.25 and 21.38.

Boys’ 300-meter hurdles: Keith Vetsch, second place, 43.17; Matehs, third place, 43.63; Kory Vetsch, seventh place, 49.92

Tyrel Yoder placed fourth in the event with a time of 43.77.

Boys’ 4×100-meter relay: Rugby, first place (Jundt, Jaden Hamilton, Keith Vetsch, Corey Mattern); 45.73, state qualifier

Boys’ 4×200-meter relay: Rugby, eighth place (Hooker, Nathan Livedalen, Kory Vetsch, Thingvold); 1:43.84

Boys’ 4×800-meter relay: Rugby, first place (Warren Walker, Dibble, Schepp, Cole Wentz); 9:06.47

Wolford’s Cole Slaubaugh placed first in the boys’ high jump event with a score of 6.00 feet.

Rugby’s Hamilton placed second in the event with a score of 6.00 feet.

Boys pole vault: Thingvold, first place, 11 feet, 3 inches; Kory Vetsch, 10 feet, six inches

Rugby’s Hamilton placed eighth in the boys’ long jump with a score of 17 feet, 9.50 inches, while Wolford’s Cole Slaubaugh placed 10th in the event with a jump of 17 feet, 5 inches.

Bryceton Deplazes placed fourth for Rugby in the boys’ triple jump with a score of 31 feet, 11.75 inches.

Boys’ shot put: Isaiah Bundy-Smith, seventh place, 35 feet, 9 inches; Ethan Brandt, eighth place, 35 feet, 2 inches

Wolford’s Reuben Clay placed 14th in the event with a score of 31 feet, 3 inches.

Boys’ discus throw: Bundy-Smith, first place, 113 feet, 7 inches; Brandt, 12th place, 78 feet, 8 inches

Reuben Clay of Wolford placed 14th in the event with a score of 77 feet, 2 inches.

In the boys’ javelin throw, Wolford’s Elijah Clay placed 8th with a score of 114 feet, 6 inches, while Rugby’s Brandt placed 11th with a score of 84 feet, 7 inches.

Rugby’s boys scored first in the meet overall with 133 points.

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