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Athletes Personified

By Staff | Nov 13, 2015

Aimee York is the girl in the air. Amanda Senger, Corina Bell, Shelby Heisey, and Shailah Strand are her bases.

The athletic demands of cheerleading are often overlooked; these athletes and yes they are athletes, perform their task with grace, strength, endurance, explosiveness, agility, flexibility, coordination, and all with a smile on their face. The training for cheerleading is as tough as it is for any other sport. These girls train hard and that training will come to fruition Saturday at the 2015 North Dakota Cheer Coach Association (NDCCA) Fall Cheer Competition in Fargo where the Rugby High School varsity football cheer team will compete. This impressive team is coached by Ashley Stricker and led by Amanda Senger, the lone senior on the squad who has been cheering since 8th grade. Senger shared this about the upcoming competition, ” I know one thing, we will work hard at the competition, my girls always put in maximum effort.” Also on the squad are: Hannah Hoffert a junior, Aimee York, Corina Bell, Shelby Heisey, Ally Kleespie, Haylee Miron, Libby Skjelver, and Shailah Strand who are Sophomores, and Freshmen Amber Schmaltz and Lilli French.

The competition was started by the NDCCA with the hope of giving North Dakota cheerleaders a place to showcase their abilities and to perform in front of a crowd assembled specifically for them. Cheerleaders give so much of themselves to their school, team, and community that the NDCCA wanted to provide a forum where CHEERLEADERS would be the focus of the attention and appreciated for all the hard work and athleticism they show throughout their cheering season.

“This competition is an awesome time to really showcase our talents. I have a great group of athletes”, stated Ashley Stricker, Rugby High School Cheer Leader coach.

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