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Legal Notices 9-18

By Staff | Sep 18, 2021

Balta City Council Meeting

SEPTEMBER 13, 2021

The 7:30 pm meeting was called to

order by Mayor Jundt. Present

were Councilmen Hallof and Ren-

nock. Hallof made a motion to ap-

prove the minutes as read. Ren-

nock seconded the motion. Ren-

nock made a motion to approve the

treasurers report as read. Hallof

seconded the motion.

Old Business: The dumpster situa-

tion is still not taken care of.

New Business: The yearly city au-

dit was reviewed and Hallof made a

motion to approve the city audit.

Rennock seconded the motion.

The board approved paying the bills;

Northern Plains Electric $ 346.93,

Circle Sanitation $ 548.00, and

Mack Accounting $250.00. No other

business before the board Hallof

made a motion to adjourn the meet-

ing. Rennock seconded the motion.

Elaine Schaan, City Auditor

(September 18, 2021)


Notice is hereby given that the Pi-

erce County Board of County Com-

missioners will receive bids until

11:00 A.M., October 7, 2021 for the

following fuels:

1.Propane gas to be delivered to

storage at the County shop in Rug-

by, Jail Facility and Courthouse.

2.Premium diesel fuel

3. Gasoline for the Sheriff’s and Jail


All prices quoted to be per unit (gal-

lons) delivered to our storage. All

bids must be in sealed envelopes

and plainly marked as to the particu-

lar item being sold, and addressed

to the County Auditor, 240 2nd St

SE, Suite 6 Rugby, ND 58368.

Board reserves the right to reject

any or all bids, or to accept the bid in

the best interest of the County. Suc-

cessful bidder may be required to

furnish performance bond to insure

performance. Dated at Rugby, this

7th day of September 2021. By ord-

er of the Pierce County Board of

County Commissioners

Karin Fursather

County Auditor-Treasurer

(September 18-25, 2021)


Dr. Paul W. Niemi, DDS, will be re-

tiring from the practice of general

dentistry effective September 30,

2021. All patient records will remain

with Rugby Dental Office, P.C. un-

less a request for transfer is com-


(September 4-11-18, 2021)



The County Auditor for said County

of Pierce, will accept sealed bids un-

til October 1st, 2021 until 5:00 P.M.

at the Auditor’s Office at 240 2nd St

SE, Suite 6, Rugby, N D 58368, for

the sale by Pierce County of

hereinafter described items:

-26 foot enclosed trailer, with rear

and side access.

-1997 Dodge Dakota pickup.

Please call Sheriff Josh Siegler

776-5245, for information concern-

ing the above items. Both items are

located at the Pierce County

Sheriff’s Office, 110 Industrial Park

Road, Rugby ND. All bids must be in

sealed envelopes and plainly

marked “COUNTY BID- with item on

envelope” and addressed to the Pi-

erce County Auditor, 240 2nd St SE,

Suite 6, Rugby, ND 58368. Bidding

parties, please provide your full

name and a contact number with

your bid. The terms of the sale will

be for Cash Only. The item will be

sold as is. No oral bidding. Pierce

County reserves the right to reject or

accept any or all bids and waive any

informalities or technicalities which

may arise, or to accept the bid in the

best interest of Pierce County. Dat-

ed at Rugby, North Dakota, this 2nd

day of September, 2021.

Josh Siegler-Pierce County Sheriff

Pierce County, North Dakota

(September 11-18-25, 2021)


Probate No. 35-2021-PR-00016

In The District Court for Pierce

County, State of North Dakota

In the Matter of the Estate of Elwood

D. Ongstad, Deceased.


the undersigned has been appointed

Personal Representative of the

above estate. Pursuant to section

30.1-19-01 of the North Dakota Cen-

tury Code, all persons having claims

against the said decedent are re-

quired to present their claims within

three months after the date of the

first publication, or mailing of this no-

tice, or said claims will be forever

barred. Claims must either be

presented to La Shawn R. Ongstad

Ellingson, personal representative,

4866 N 19th St, Bismarck, ND

58503, or filed with the Court.

Dated August 30, 2021.

/s/La Shawn R. Ongstad Ellingson

La Shawn R. Ongsad Ellingston

Personal Representative

Chad Anderson Law Firm

521 East Main Ave., Suite 450

P.O. Box 7204

Bismarck, ND 58501

(701) 214-5277

Chad Anderson (ID#08128)


Attorneys for: The Estate of Elwood

D. Ongstad

(September 11-18-25, 2021)


Notice is hereby given to all Town-

ship Officials, Land Owners, and/or

Operators that weeds and grass

shall be mowed from all Township

and Farm to Market roadsides, and

right-of-way after September 1, 2021

but before October 1, 2021 with a

minimum cut width of fourteen (14)

feet and height of stubble shall be

within three (3) inches of ground.

Weeds and grass that have been cut

with a swather, and have fallen on

the road, the swathe must be re-

moved within 24 hours or a fine of

$100.00 per mile will be added to

the taxes of the land adjoining such

right-of-way for the cost of removal.

Unless the work is done by October

15,2021, the work on county roads

and unorganized townships will be

done by the County Commissioners

at the cost of $200.00 per mile of ac-

tual cutting, with minimum of

$200.00 for anything less, and will

be added to the taxes of the land ad-

joining such right-of-way. Due to the

high cost of maintaining roads and

the removal of snow, only those

roads that have been mowed within

the minimum requirements will be

maintained during the winter

months. By order of the Pierce

County Board of County Commis-


Karin Fursather

County Auditor-Treasurer

(September 4-11-18, 2021)







Council Members present: Lunde,

Kraft, Berg, LaRocque (by

GOTOMEETING), Brossart and

Trottier. Also present were Mayor

Steinke, City Attorney Hartl, Jim Ol-

son, AE2S and City Auditor Stewart.

Absent was Bednarz. Mayor

Steinke called the meeting to order

at 7:30 pm. Council members re-

cited the Pledge of Allegiance. Roll

call was taken by Steinke. Trottier

motioned to table the agenda item to

consider Bruce Rheault and Neil

Lotvedt’s requests to fill the vacant

Ward 1 Council Seat. Steinke sug-

gested the item could be discussed

under new business or it could be

discussed now. Steinke proposed

holding a special election. Trottier

suggested an interview process be

used to ensure fairness to both can-

didates. Brossart seconded the

motion to table the request to fill the

vacant Ward 1 Council Seat. Roll

call vote, Lunde – yes, Kraft – no,

Berg- yes, Brossart – yes, Trottier –

yes, LaRocque – no, motion carried.

Brossart questioned when the inter-

views for Ward 1 would be held.

Steinke appointed LaRocque, Kraft

and Trottier to the special commit-

tee. LaRocque explained that he is

out of town until August 10. Steinke

then appointed Bednarz to sit on the

committee instead of LaRocque.

The council considered the July 6,

2021, meeting minutes. There was

a motion by Kraft to approve the

minutes of the July 6, 2021, regular

council meeting. Second by Lunde,

all voting yes, motion carried. The

council considered the July 21, 2021

special meeting minutes. There was

a motion by Kraft to approve the

minutes of the July 21, 2021 special

council meeting. Second by Bros-

sart, all voting yes, motion carried.

Bills Paid Since Last Meeting of

7/6/2021: $215,593.83

21594 A-1 Evans Septic $80.00

21595 American Welding & Gas


21596 Applied Concepts $461.05

215947 B & M Laundry $190.89

21598 Bechtold Paving Inc


21599 Brad’s Auto Service & Tow-

ing $154.00

21600 Chad or Keeya Hager $50.00

21601 Convention & Visitors Bureau


21602 Convention & Visitors Bureau


21603 Envision $780.62

21605 Fisrt District Health Unit


21606 Gabriella Sullivan $141.12

21607 Glenko Enterprises $1,938.07

21608 Hawkins $4,388.72

21609 Jeremy Johnston $50.00

e-ck JP Morgan Chase Bank NA


21610 JS Wholesale and Vending


21611 Lautt’s Rental Center $350.00

21612 MAS Modern Marketing


21613 MEDICO Life & Health Ins.


21614 Michael Todd & Co. $284.50

21615 NAPA Auto Parts of Rugby


21616 ND Dept of Health Chemistry


21617 ND Dept of Environmental

Quality $20.00

21618 ND Telephone Company


21619 Nicole McIvor $195.00

21620 Otter Tail Power Company


21621 Pierce County Tribune


21622 Post Board $45.00

21623 Rugby Amature Hockey Assn


21624 Rugby Job Authority


21625 Rugby Park District $182.50

21626 State Tax Commissioner


21627 Tanner Schock $50.00

21628 Taytum Risovi $25.00

21629 Team Laboratory $257.00

21630 Traffic Logix Corp. $6,298.00

21631 Tucker Volk $25.00

21632 Valli Information Systems $633.89

e-ck Wex Bank $888.03

ACH Payroll Checks $83,016.03

ACH Social Security $12,531.20

ACH Medicare Taxes $2,930.72

ACH Payroll Taxes $6,694.16

AFLAC $840.08

ACH NDPERS $750.00

ACH NDPERS $7,569.85

ACH Sanford Health / NDPERS $16,106.30

Bills Submitted for payment

8/2/2021: $246,246.27

21634 Advanced Engineering $177,312.93

21635 Austin Schneibel $155.00

21636 B & J Excavating $381.65

21638 Bonnie Berginski $175.78

21639 Brad Radomski $700.00

21640 BSN Sports LLC $4,374.76

21641 Circle Sanitation $20,378.00

21642 Cole Schneibel $25.00

21643 Core & Main $16,416.26

21644 Devan Michels $125.00

21645 Erik Foster $100.00

21646 First District Health Unit


21647 G & P Commercial Sales


21648 Glenko Enterprises $2,314.01

21649 Graymont Western Canada


21650 Jacob Ripplinger $165.00

21651 Jaden Wald $25.00

21652 Jennifer Stewart $100.00

21653 Jeremy Johnston $150.00

21654 JS Wholesale Vending


21655 Macen Heisler $25.00

21656 MARC $2,476.98

21657 ND League of Cities $120.00

21658 Pierce County Auditor


21659 Power Plan $943.74

21660 Rebecca Jordan $170.00

21661 Robert Spallinger $1,050.00

21662 Rugby Fire Dept. $2,191.64

21663 Rugby Hardware Hank


21664 Rugby Lumber, Inc.


21665 Rugby Service Center


21666 Taytum Risovi $25.00

21667 Team Laboratory Chemical

Corp $688.50

21668 Tucker Volk $50.00

21669 Verizon Wireless $552.11

The bills were reviewed by the coun-

cil. Bills were individually reviewed

by Berg and Trottier. There was a

motion by Berg to approve payment

of the bills as presented. Second by

Trottier, roll call vote, all voting yes,

motion carried. The council reviewed

the financial reports presented.

Stewart reviewed budget amend-

ment 141 which was reducing the

budget for the Hwy 3 project that

was not done this year by $300,000.

The second budget amendment 142

was for the dump truck purchase

that the city made in January. The

money had been set aside for the

purchase but not budgeted for in

2021. This amendment was in the

amount of $121,015. The third

budget amendment 143 was to the

5060 Infrastructure Fund in the

amount of $115,321.17. There was

a motion by Berg to approve the

financial reports and budget amend-

ments 141-143. Second by Kraft,

roll call vote, all voting yes, motion

carried. The council considered the

July 2021 Municipal Court Report.

There was a motion by Kraft to ap-

prove the July 2021 Municipal Court

Report. Second by Berg, all voting

yes, motion carried. Laurie Odden,

CVB Executive Director, reported to

the council that they did not have a

meeting last month. She reported

that she has received a grant for ad-

ditional stone garbage cans for Main

Ave. She asked for consideration

when light poles, downtown, are up-

graded or changed out that the

council consider poles that allow for

hanging of banners and flower pots.

Odden reported that the Farmers

Market has begun and has been

well attended. The council reviewed

the JDA minutes and financials.

There was a motion by Kraft to ap-

prove the JDA minutes and finan-

cials. Second by Berg, majority vot-

ing yes, motion carried. The council

reviewed and considered the JDA

2022 preliminary budget. Trottier

questioned if the monthly JDA Direc-

tor update has been discontinued.

Steinke explained that the JDA

Director was unavailable this even-

ing. There was a motion by Kraft to

approve the JDA 2022 preliminary

budget. Second by Trottier, all vot-

ing yes, motion carried. Recreation

Committee: Chairman Berg ex-

plained that building repairs had

been discussed and a survey was

being sent out to recreation partici-

pants regarding the season. They

will be looking at Job Descriptions

for the recreation program. Kraft

asked that the kosha weed and oth-

er weeds, at the ball diamonds,

need to be cut and sprayed yet this

fall before the Recreation Manager

is done for the season. Finance:

Chairman Kraft explained that their

focus had been on the 2022 budget.

Public Works: Chairman Kraft ex-

plained that Jim Olson, AE2S, would

be covering in his report what had

been going on in Public Works.

Public Safety: Chairman LaRocque

explained that they had discussed

the candidates for a new police off-

icer as well as digital radar signs

and their mobility. Buildings: Chair-

man Berg explained that they had

discussed the Armory and pool

roofs. Jim Olson, AE2S, distributed

a project calendar to the council. He

discussed some of the issues that

Pipe Detectives is uncovering as

they televise the sewer lines in qua-

drant one of the city. He noted that

NDTC has a fiber optic line through

the city sewer main in the northeast

part of town. Olson explained that

USDA has approved funding for the

2 1/2 Ave project. The city currently

needs to submit documents for the

title opinion and a mandatory use or-

dinance. Once those are complete

the USDA will allow the city to put

the project out for bids. The

Comprehensive Land Use Plan is in

the works. The next steering com-

mittee meeting will be later this

month. The swimming pool project

contract is prepared and ready to be

reviewed and signed by the contrac-

tor. The revised cost of the swim-

ming pool project is $189,660.

Swanson estimated materials will

take approximately 8 weeks to ar-

rive. Brossart questioned if the wall

girts will be replaced. Olson ex-

plained that the replacement of the

wall girts will be a second contract.

The first contract includes the re-

moval of the current girts. Olson ex-

plained that A & R Roofing will make

repairs on the Armory and City Hall

roofs this fall. The Armory roof will

be completely redone in 2022 as

well as the swimming pool roof.

They discussed the new roof’s

manufacturer’s warranty. Olson ex-

plained that the Department of Wa-

ter Resources, formerly known as

the State Water Commission, offers

a grant program that the water

transmission line could qualify for.

The future project to replace the wa-

terline from the wells to the water

treatment plant is estimated at $10

million dollars. Olson will make ap-

plication for this project. They dis-

cussed Phase III of the Water Treat-

ment Plant upgrades which would

replace the clarifiers and tube

settlers. Olson estimates the materi-

als for the project to cost $736,000

with an additional cost of $300,000

per train for labor. The city has two

trains. Materials would need to be

ordered 16-18 weeks ahead of the

project for the materials to be fabri-

cated. The council discussed the

water transmission line further.

They discussed easements, the cost

to replace and the USDA grant. The

Public Works committee will discuss

this project further. Kraft requested

an update on Muni Code. Hartl ex-

plained that Muni Code is reworking

the ordinances currently. Stewart

presented and reviewed the prelim-

inary 2022 budget with the council.

Neil Lotvedt, citizen and former

council member, questioned if the

2022 budget included anything for

the new hospital. Steinke explained

that it does not. Trottier explained

that coordination between the city

and hospital is essential. Steinke

explained that she had spoken to

Eric Christianson, CEO of Heart of

America Medical Center, last week

regarding the current status of the

new hospital. Kraft questioned how

much the city will receive from the

American Rescue Plan Act. Stewart

explained that $406,000 is what has

been allocated for Rugby. Kraft sug-

gested that the ARPA funds could

be used towards hospital costs.

Tonia Dosch, Rugby Park Board

Member, addressed the council re-

garding the proposed elimination of

the city paying the park board 2% of

city state aid. The reason for cutting

the payment to the Park Board is

their ability to levy up to 38 mills.

Each year the Park Board levies ap-

proximately 11-12 mills. Dosch be-

lieves that the city and the Park

Board’s relationship have diminished

over the years. Kraft explained that

the Park Board has room to levy to

make up the difference if the city

does not give the Park Board 2% of

the city state aid. Dosch cited the

necessity of the city state aid to al-

low the Park Board to keep their mill

levy low and not have to ask the tax

payers for more money. Dosch be-

lieves that the Park Board is entitled

to the city state aid. Steinke ex-

plained that the Park Board receiv-

ing city state aid is at the city’s dis-

cretion. Steinke explained that the

Finance Committee was concerned

that the Park Board would have time

to increase their budget to offset the

reduction in funds from the City of

Rugby. Dosch believed the Park

Board budget had to be submitted

by August 3. Stewart explained that

by NDCC, the Park Board had to

submit their budget to the County by

August 10, 2021. Steinke revisited

the topic of the hospital project. Ol-

son questioned Lotvedt as to if there

are concrete plans for the hospital

water and sewer infrastructure.

Lotvedt explained that the plans

would need to be to the USDA by

November. Kraft questioned if the ci-

ties current infrastructure would

need to be upsized for the new hos-

pital. Lotvedt explained that the

current infrastructure capacity would

be adequate for the new hospital.

Jon Nelson, city resident and Hospi-

tal Steering Committee Member, ex-

plained that the walking path that the

Park District owns would need to be

rerouted with the new hospital. He

explained the hospital committee

would like to route the walking path

through the hospital grounds.

Steinke encouraged the Park Board

Members to look into the state

grants available for walking paths.

Trottier encouraged the city and park

board officials to attend the Hospital

Steering Committee meetings. He

explained how important their feed-

back is to the committee. Kraft

made a motion to add the 2% State

Aid estimate back into the prelim-

inary 2022 Budget for the Park

Board and approve the 2022 prelim-

inary budget. Second by Brossart,

roll call vote, Lunde – yes, Kraft-

yes, Berg-yes, Brossart- yes, Trot-

tier- no, LaRocque-yes, motion car-

ried. Kraft encouraged the park

board to utilize their mill levy in the

future for their funding. The council

considered an abatement applica-

tion for E 5′ Lot 20 and all of Lots

21-22, Comstock’s Addition. There

was a motion by Kraft to approve the

abatement application as presented.

Second by Berg, all voting yes, mo-

tion carried. The council considered

giving ownership of city owned

street lights to Otter Tail Power.

Steinke explained that the Finance

Committee had met with Otter Tail

regarding this change. Otter Tail

would then be responsible for the

maintenance of the pole and conver-

sion to LED lighting. Currently the

Public Service Commission does not

allow Otter Tail Power to fix or main-

tain our city owned light poles. Any

maintenance required to the city

light poles is at the expense of the

city. Kraft questioned if the decora-

tive poles would cause the overhead

power lines to be buried. Steinke

suggested that Otter Tail meet with

the entire council and answer ques-

tions about the city turning owner-

ship over to Otter Tail. There was a

motion by Kraft to have Otter Tail

meet with the council to discuss the

city owned light poles being turned

over to Otter Tail. Second by Berg,

all voting yes, motion carried. The

council considered accepting the

American Rescue Plan Act- ARPA-

funds on behalf of the City of Rugby.

Rugby is scheduled to receive

$406,000. There was a motion by

Trottier to accept the ARPA funds.

Second by Brossart, roll call vote, all

voting yes, motion carried. The

council considered a request from

the Rugby Eagles Aerie #3834 for a

refund of their beer license for 2021

with the city of Rugby. The Rugby

Eagles, per ordinance, obtained a

beer license to be granted a Special

Event Permit for the beer gardens at

the Pierce County Fair. Kraft made

a motion to refund the Rugby Eagles

their beer license fee. Hartl ex-

plained that there is no authority in

ordinance that allows the council to

grant this request for a refund. Hartl

explained the ordinance to the coun-

cil. Kraft rescinded his previous mo-

tion. Steinke recommended the Or-

dinance Committee review this at

their next meeting. The next council

meeting is scheduled for September

7, 2021 at 7:30p.m. The city budget

hearing is scheduled for September

7, 2021 at 6:30p.m. There being no

further business to transact or come

before the Council at this time, there

was a motion by Kraft to adjourn the

Council Meeting. Second by Trot-

tier, all voting yes, motion carried.

Meeting adjourned at 9:17p.m.

Susan Steinke, Mayor

ATTEST: Jennifer Stewart,

City Auditor

APPROVED: September 7, 2021

(September 18, 2021)

Rugby Public School District #5,

Board of Education, held a regu-

lar board meeting Tuesday, Au-

gust 10, 2021 at 7:00 AM in the

Library at Rugby High School.

Board members present were Dustin

Hager, Kris Blessum, Carlie John-

son, Nick Schmaltz, and Brenda


Also present were Mike McNeff,

Jared Blikre, Jason Gullickson, and

Dawn Hauck. In addition, the follow-

ing were in attendance: Cheryl

Rayer, Connie Harmel, Sarah

Musser, Samantha Wentz, Dallas

Hager, and Sue Sitter with the Pi-

erce County Tribune. The following

were present via Zoom

video-conference: Renee Kuntz.

Chairman Hager called the meeting

to order at 7:00 AM.

Motion by Schmaltz to approve the

agenda with the change of moving

Policy FFE to the Discussion area

and adding a tuition agreement to

the consent agenda. Second by

Heilman. All voting yes, motion car-


Mr. Gullickson gave the elementary

report. Included in the report were

the following items: Summer School

ended at the end of July and the Ex-

tended School Year is wrapping up.

Registration was on August

3-4thwith 287 students registering so

far. The elementary handbook is

available on the website. A new

math curriculum, Big Ideas, will be

implemented this year. The grading

and reporting system will be shifting

from PowerSchool to Empower for

grades K-8. The elementary school

is fully staffed. Samantha Wentz,

school nurse, will be at Ely half a

day on Tuesdays. The facilities are

looking good and ready for the

school year.

Mr. Blikre gave the high school re-

port. Included in the report were the

following items: Registration will be

held August 12thand 16th. Seventh

grade orientation will be held at 7pm

on August 12th. School starts on

August 19th. Estimated enrollment

is at 302 students, which is 50 stu-

dents higher than 5 years ago. Fall

activities are starting up. The high

school is fully staffed. The facilities

are looking good and ready for the

school year.

Dr. McNeff gave the District report.

Included in the report were the fol-

lowing items: The driver’s ed vehi-

cle is broken down. TGU has lent

theirs to us, but a new vehicle will

have to be added to the budget. We

are working on getting the policies in

a searchable format. There will be

more to come on this. Pearce and

Durick are reviewing the handbooks

to get them updated. NDHSAA is

studying the possibility of sanction-

ing E-Sports next year. More infor-

mation will come in the following

months. There will be two PD days

August 17-18thbefore school starts.

The Activity Review Committee is

looking to provide guidance on soft-

ball becoming an official school

sport. There will be more follow-up

in the next month. The ESSER III

application was submitted yester-

day. The substitute rate may need

to be increased as it has been diffi-

cult to get subs during teacher/para

leave. Ancillary pay will need to be

reviewed soon. There is a full time

custodial position open at Ely and a

full time paraprofessional position

available at the high school.

Congratulations to Bill Jansen for re-

ceiving the National Coaches Hall of

Fame award.

Mrs. Hauck reviewed the funds. The

annual audit was held on August

2-3rd. There were no major issues.

The enrollment for the new health in-

surance will be held in August for all


Items in the consent agenda were

considered. Motion by Johnson to

approve the Consent Agenda.

Second by Blessum. Included in the

consent agenda were the July 13,

2021 Board Meeting Minutes, the

August 4, 2021 Citizens Committee

Meeting Minutes, the August 4, 2021

Special Board Meeting Minutes, the

July Board Bills, the July Board bills

detail, the July Financial Reports,

and a tuition agreement with North

Star Public School District. All vot-

ing yes, motion carried.

The board reviewed the Safe Return

to In-person Learning and Continuity

of Services Plan. The Health and

Safety Committee met and also re-

viewed the plan which is required to

be reviewed every six months. The

Virtual Academy will still be offered.

It is not being recommended to re-

quire masks to start the year. The

committee is recommending to start

the year the same way the school

year ended last year. Quarantining

will only be required for household

close contacts that have not been

vaccinated. Some contact tracing

will be required but not to the extent

is was done last fall and winter. If a

student is sick or a close contact, it

will be worked out with the teacher

and parents if the student will be

participating during class time via

videoconference. Spacing is

recommended as much as possible

as well as sanitizing and hand wash-

ing as much as possible. Lunch will

be served in the cafeteria. Blessum

recommended that a school update

on this issue be placed on the agen-

da each month. Dallas Hager

spoke and stated that he’d like the

school to focus on educating the

kids. Motion by Johnson to approve

the plan as presented. Second by

Heilman. All voting yes, motion car-


Hauck reviewed the FY21 District

Financial Report. Motion by Bles-

sum to approve the report. Second

by Schmaltz. All voting yes, motion


McNeff recommended that the FFE

– Extra Curricular Participation poli-

cy be moved to a committee for re-

view. More education to students

and parents on this policy is needed.

Schmaltz and Heilman agreed to be

on the committee. Motion by Heil-

man to table the approval of the poli-

cy and move the policy to commit-

tee. Second by Johnson. All voting

yes, motion carried.

The district was awarded a Best in

Class Preschool Grant for $120,000

through the ND Human Services

Department. It could possibly be an

annual grant. It should be an easy

transition since the district is already

working with Headstart and using

the correct curriculum.

The board reviewed data on the per-

centage of students that qualify for

the North Dakota Academic and

Career Tech Education Scholarship.

This is a $6,000 state scholarship

that is provided to students that

meet certain academic guidelines

over their high school career includ-

ing a 24 on the ACT and a C or

higher in all classes. The scholar-

ship must be used in ND Universi-

ties. Blessum noted that Mr. Blikre

and Mrs. Sjol do a great job helping

students to get qualified for the


The next regular board meeting is

scheduled for September 14, 2021.

Motion by Blessum to adjourn the

meeting. Second by Heilman. All

voting yet, motion carried. The meet-

ing was adjorned at 7:47AM.

Bill presented/paid:

Checking Account ID:1 Automatic

Payment 1007 07/10/2021 Horace

Mann Life Insurance Company

31.25; 1008 07/28/2021 Ottertail

Power Company 6,186.19; 1009

07/10/2021 City Of Rugby 2,650.37;

1010 07/27/2021 Kansas City Life

Insurance CO 1204.27; 1013

07/16/2021 JP Morgan – PCARD

Checking Account ID:1 Check

1035282 07/15/2021 7 Mindset

Academy LLC 6,300; 1035283

07/15/2021 Aptiris 1,014.73;

1035284 07/15/2021 B & M Laundry

Sevice 123.38; 1035285 07/15/2021

Cole Paper INC; 1035286

07/15/2021 Dreambox Learning

2,2401; 1035287 07/15/2021 Edu-

tech Education Technology Sevices

40.00; 1035288 07/15/2021 Em-

power Learning, LLC 9,470.00;

1035289 07/15/2021 Envision

521.37; 1035290 07/15/2021 Follett

School Solutions INC 2,120.70;

1035291 07/15/2021 H E Everson

28.88; 1035292 07/15/2021

Hartley’s School Buses INC

1,050.14; 1035293 07/15/2021 I

Design INC 742.28; 1035294

07/15/2021 Joey’s Vac Central

776.90; 1035295 07/15/2021 John-

son Controls Fire Portection LP

699.13; 1035296 07/15/2021

Richard Larson 2,250.00 1035297

07/15/2021 ND ASS’N School Busi-

ness Managers 50.00; 1035298

07/15/2021 NDCEL 3,905.00;

1035299 07/15/2021 NDSBA

7,006.00; 1035300 07/15/2021

NDSC 295.00; 1035301 07/15/2021

North Central Education Coopera-

tive 7,500.00; 1035302 07//15/2021

North Central Education Coopera-

tive 3,481.18; 1035303 07/15/2021

North Dakota Telephone Company

139.35; 1035304 07/15/2021 The

Omni Group 36.00; 1035305

07/15/2021 Paper 101 6,390.31;

1035306 07/15/21

RSchooltoday/Distributed Website

358.75; 1035307 07/15/2021 Rugby

Broadcasters INC 190.00; 1035308

Rugby Hardware Hank 307.57

1035309 Rugby Insurance Agency

8,557.00; 1035310 07/15/2021 Rug-

by Lumber INC 506.15; 1035311

07/15/2021 School Nutrution Associ-

ation 33.00; 103312 07/15/2021

Ashley Seykora 151.23;10313

Softwasre Unlimited, INC 7,095.00;

1035314 07/15/2021 Stein’s INC

735.70; 1035315 07/15/2021

Timeclock Plus 72.00; 1035316

07/15/2021 Kristi Tonnessen

144.00; 1035317 07/15/2021 John R

Wangler 900.00; 1035325

07/20/2021 Pam Anderson

1,300.00; 1035326 07/30/2021 Cen-

gage Learning 2,956.40; 1035327

07/30/2021 Circle Sanitation INC

976.50; 1035328 07/30/2021 City of

Rugby 41.00; 1035329 07/30/2021

The Computer Store INC 55,800.00;

1035330 07/30/2021 Empower

Learning, LLC 5,000.00; 1035331

07/032021 Gopher 51.67; 1035332

07/30/2021 Grainger 28.72;

1035333 07/30/2021 Innovative

Learning Concepts 10.59; 1035334

07/30/2021 Music In Motion 110.75;

1035335 07/30/2021 NASCO, INC

243.44; 1035336 07/30/2021NIMCO

INC 190.90; 1035337 7/30/2021

2,200.00; 1035338 07/30/2021

Piece County Tribne 981.23;

1035339 07/30/2021 Portaits By

Misti 655.00; 1035340 07/30/2021

Really Good Stuff LLC 84.25;

1035341 07/30/2021

Rocketmath.com 55.00; 1035342

07/30/2021 Rolette Public School

District 20,882.56; 1035353

07/30/2021 Rugby Electric 904.00;

1035344 07/30/2021 School Date-

books 310.30; 1035345 07/30/2021

School Nurse Suppy INC 79.99;

1035346 07/30/2021 Solution Tree

5,200.00 1035347 07/30/2021 St

Michel Furniture & Floor 20.00;

1035348 07/30/2021 Stein’s INC

2,039.02; 1035349 Supreme School

Supply 342.36; 1035350 Teacher

Direct 173.20; 1035351 Timeclock

Plus 6.00; 1035352 West Music

470.55; 1035353 07/30/2021 NIM-

CO, INC 164.89

Checking Account ID: 1 Direct


19268 07/29/2021 Karen Black

141.75; 19269 07/29/2021 Michael

McNeff 248.64; 19270 07/29/2021

Kasey Okke 413.40; General Fund

Total: 245,639.54

Check Account ID: 3 Check 1390

07/15/2021 Fisher Tracks INC

75,379.00; 1391 07/15/2021 Richard

Larson 14,550.00 1392 07/15/2021

Satellite Shelters INC

MPLS/Mandan 2,585.00; 1393

07/30/2021 Fisher Track INC

4,000.00 Building Fund Total


Check Account ID: 4

66 07/26/2021 Wells Fargo Bank

60,495.00; Sinking Fund Total


Checking Account ID: 5

12204 07/15/2021 Peggy Harmel

17.12; 12205 07/15/2021 Leevers

Foods 124.49; 12209 07/30/2021

Sunrise Delivery, INC 29.30; 12210

07/30/2021 Rugby Public School

District 5 336.00 Food Service Total


Checking Account ID: 6 Automat-

ic Payment

38132 08/01/2021 Dollywood Foun-

dation 201.70

Checking Account ID:

41970 07/15/2021 BSN Sport, LLC

1,561.88 41971 07/15/2021 Envision

113.09; 41972 07/15/2021 Hudl

1,250.00; 41973 07/15/2021 I

Design INC 754.95; 41974

07/15/2021 Langdon Area Volleyball

200.00; 41975 07/15/2021 ND FFA

Association 5,400.00; 41976

07/15/2021 Quality Meats and Seaf-

fod 3,811.79; 41977 07/15/2021

University Of Jamestown 100.00;

41978 07/15/2021 Cole Vietz-Reile

90.00; 41979 07/15/2021 Dalton

Veitz-Reile 90.00; 41980 07/15/2021

Thatcher Volk 90.00; 41981

07/23/2021 Brian Filibeck 900.00;

41982 7/30/2021 BSN Sports LLC

7,762.46; 41983 07/30/2021 Dunbar

Parliamentary Procedure 258.50;

41984 07/30/2021 Holiday Inn Fargo

86.40; National Cheerleaders Asso-

ciation 163.00; Quality Meats and

Seafood 2,072.60; 41988

07/30/2021 Rugby Public School

District 5 1,450.33 Acitivity Fund To-

tal 26,356.70 Total All Funds


Dustin Hager, Chairman & Dawn

Hauck, Business Manger






Council Members present: Kraft,

Bednarz, LaRocque (by phone),

Brossart and Lunde (by phone).

Also present were Mayor Steinke,

City Attorney Hartl and City Auditor

Stewart. Absent was Berg and Trot-

tier. Mayor Steinke called the meet-

ing to order at 5:09 pm. Council

members recited the Pledge of Al-

legiance. Roll call was taken by

Steinke. Steinke explained that the

agenda item is the Attorney consul-

tation in executive session regarding

City of Rugby v. Vetsch, Larry &

Margaret. There was a motion by

Kraft to enter executive session for

attorney consultation regarding the

City of Rugby v. Vetsch, Larry &

Margaret Case No:

35-2019-cv-00057, Authority: NDCC

44-04-19.1. Second by Bednarz, roll

call vote, all voting yes, motion car-

ried. There was a motion by Kraft to

exit executive session. Second by

Brossart, roll call vote, all voting yes

motion carried. There was a motion

by Kraft to proceed with settlement

agreement of the City of Rugby v.

Vetsch, Larry & Margaret. Second

by Bednarz, roll call vote, Kraft-yes,

Bednarz-yes, LaRocque-yes,

Brossart-abstain and Lunde-yes,

motion carried. There being no furth-

er business to transact or come be-

fore the Council at this time, there

was a motion by Bednarz to adjourn

the Council Meeting. Second by

Brossart, all voting yes, motion car-

ried. Meeting adjourned at 5:23p.m.

Susan Steinke, Mayor

ATTEST: Jennifer Stewart,

City Auditor

APPROVED: September 7, 2021

(September 18, 2021)




City of Rugby, a political subdivision

of the State of North Dakota,



Alice Dorine Shively, and all other

persons unknown claiming any

estate or interest in, or lien or en-

cumbrance upon, the property in the





DANTS: You are hereby summoned

and required to appear and defend

against the Complaint in this action,

which is or will be filed with the clerk

of this court and is herewith served

upon you, by serving upon the un-

dersigned an Answer or other proper

response within twenty-one (21)

days after service of the Summons

upon you, exclusive of the day of

service. If you fail to do so, judgment

by default will be taken against you

for the relief demanded in the com-

plaint. Dated this 31st day of August,


/s/William R. Hartl

William R. Hartl 05213

Attorney at Law

P.O. Box 319

Rugby, North Dakota 58368

(701) 776-5150

Eservice: hartllaw@gondtc.com

Attorney for the Plaintiff City of



Plaintiff has filed an action with the

Clerk of District Court for Pierce

County, North Dakota in Rugby,

North Dakota in which plaintiff seeks

a Civil Judgment allowing entry upon

the following described property:

Lot Twelve (12) of Block Three (3),

Lockwood’s Addition to the City of

Rugby, Pierce County, North Dakota

for purposes of raze, remove, des-

troy, haul away and dispose of, any

structures and/or items of personal

property located in structures or on

said real property, and authorization

to fill or reclaim the real property as

necessary or suitable after struc-

tures or personal property have

been razed, removed and disposed


/s/William R. Hartl

William R. Hartl 05213

Attorney at Law

P.O. Box 319

Rugby, North Dakota 58368

(701) 776-5150

Eservice: hartllaw@gondtc.com

Attorney for the Plaintiff City of


(September 4-11-18, 2021)


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