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Legal Notices for 8-14

By Staff | Aug 14, 2021

Balta City Council Meeting

August 9, 2021

The 7:30 pm meeting was called to

order by Mayor Jundt. Present

were Councilmen Hallof and Ren-

nock. Rennock made a motion to

approve the minutes as read. Hal-

lof seconded the motion. Hallof

made a motion to approve the

treasurers report as read. Rennock

seconded the motion.

Old Business: The garbage dump-

ster situation is not taken care of yet.

New Business: The budget report

for 2022 was discussed and Hallof

made a motion to approve next

years budget. Rennock seconded

the motion. The board approved

paying the bills; Northern Plains

Electric $347.26, Circle Sanitation

$548.00 and the Tribune$28.49. No

other business before the board

Rennock made a motion to adjourn

the meeting. Hallof seconded the


Elaine Schaan, City Auditor

(August 14, 2021)



A meeting of the Pierce County

Planning and Zoning Board and

Public hearing will be held on Au-

gust 19th, 2021 @ 9:00 AM in the

basement of the Pierce County

Courthouse or telephonically by cal-

ling United States (Toll Free): 1 866

899 4679 Access Code:

651-332-389. The Public Hearing

will be in regards to a Conditional

Use Permit requested for an Aircraft

Detection Lighting System Tower lo-

cated in the NW1/4 of Section

21-158-72. Tower will be of lattice

construction and approximately 180′

tall, surrounded by a chain-link

fence. System is required by the

FAA and will be used to detect air-

crafts around the wind farm.

(August 7-14, 2021)


Probate No. 35-2021-PR-00013








the undersigned has been appointed

personal representative of the above

estate. All persons having claims

against the above named decedent

are required to present their claims

within three months after the date of

the first publication or mailing of this

notice or said claims will be forever

barred. Claims must be presented to

either Gene Larson, 4827 59th st

NE, York ND 58386 or filed with the

clerk of the district court.

Dated this 14th day of July, 2021.

/s/Gene Larson

Gene Larson

Personal Representative

/s/Galen J. Mack, Esquire

Mack Law Offices, P.C.

120 2nd St. SE

PO Box 196

Rugby ND 58368

Attorney for Personal Representa-


(July 31; August 7-14, 2021)

Rugby Public School District #5,

Board of Education, held a

special board meeting

Wednesday, August 4, 2021, at

4:30 PM at library at Ely


The purpose of the special meeting

was to provide an update with the

architects and construction

managers on the progress of the Ely

Elementary addition and renovation

and to approve soil boring testing.

Board members present were Dustin

Hager, Brenda Heilman, Nicholas

Schmaltz, and Carlie Johnson was

present via videoconference.

Also present were Michael McNeff,

Dawn Hauck, Jason Gullickson, Zerr

Berg Architects, and Consolidated


Chairman Hager called the meeting

to order.

Introductions were held.

Dr. McNeff, Consolidated Construc-

tion, and Zerr Berg Architects gave

the board members an overview of

the project and gave updates from

the individual meetings that were

held with staff members during the

day. There will be some design

changes based on the feedback

from the meetings that were held

during the day. A survey will be

brought to the board members for

approval next week. The survey will

ask taxpayers questions about the

project and will provide the district

with a general idea of how a referen-

dum vote would go. More informa-

tion on the survey will be give next

week. The architects provided the

geotechnical reports with bids from

four companies for soil borings. The

lowest bidder was NTI out of Fargo

with a bid of $5,200 for four soil bor-

ings. The results of the soil boring

tests could change the cost of the

project depending on the quality of

the soil. Motion by Schmaltz to ap-

prove NTI to conduct the soil bor-

ings. Second by Heilman. All voting

yes, motion carried. The next school

board meeting will be held on Tues-

day August 10, 2021 at 7:00 AM in

the library at Rugby High School.

Motion by Heilman to adjourn.

Second by Schmaltz. All voting yes,

motion carried. Chairman Hager ad-

journed the meeting at 5:26 PM.

Dustin Hager, Chairman

Dawn Hauck, Business Manager

(August 14, 2021)

Rugby Public School District #5,

Board of Education, held their

annual board meeting Tuesday,

July 13, 2021 at 7:00 AM in the

Library at Rugby High School.

Board members present were Dustin

Hager, Kris Blessum, Nick

Schmaltz, Carlie Johnson, and Bren-

da Heilman.

Also present were Mike McNeff,

Dawn Hauck, and Sue Sitter with the

Pierce County Tribune. In addition,

the following were in attendance:

Cheryl Rayer. The following were

present via Zoom video-conference:

David Schneibel and Connie’s


Chairman Hager called the meeting

to order at 7 AM.

The election of officers was held.

Motion by Heilman to nominate

Hager for President. Second by

Blessum. There were no other nomi-

nations. All voting yes, motion car-

ried for Hager to be president. Mo-

tion by Blessum to nominate John-

son for Vice President. Second by

Heilman. There were no other nomi-

nations. All voting yes, motion car-

ried for Johnson to be Vice

President. Chairman Hager contin-

ued chairing the meeting. Motion by

Johnson to approve the agenda.

Second by Blessum. All voting yes,

motion carried. Dr. McNeff gave the

District report. Included in the report:

The Principals are off-contract in

July. McNeff and Blikre attended

the NDCEL Summer Leadership

Conference. It was good to connect

with administrators again. There

were eleven employees that attend-

ed the Personalized Learning

Conference at Northern Cass. The

group met about next steps as to

how the information relates to our

district. Construction will start soon

on the crow’s nest and bathrooms at

the RHS athletic complex. The track

was sprayed with a new layer and

will be painted soon. McNeff will be

presenting at the August 3rd Super-

intendent Bootcamp. Angie Zietz

was hired as the head girls golf

coach. McNeff applied for additional

preschool funds through the state.

Notification, if awarded, will occur in

August. There will be a kick-off

meeting on July 20th for the Ely Ele-

mentary building project. E-sports is

being looked at again with more in-

formation to come at future meet-

ings. The Ely and Rugby Early

Learning Center cement and side-

walks have been repaired. Items in

the consent agenda were con-

sidered. Motion by Johnson to ap-

prove the Consent Agenda. Second

by Heilman. Included in the consent

agenda were the June 14, 2021

Board Meeting and Canvass Meet-

ing Minutes, the July 7, 2021 New

Board Orientation Meeting Minutes,

the June Board Bills, the June Board

bills detail, the June Financial Re-

ports, and a tuition agreement with

Rolette Public School District. All

voting yes, motion carried. The Stra-

tegic Plan was presented. The plan

defines things we are doing and our

goals as a district. The School Im-

provement Committee reviewed and

updated the plan in May. The new

grading system, Empower, is one of

the items included in the plan. Addi-

tional items addressed are proficien-

cy scales, Multi-Tier Support Sys-

tem, Professional Development with

peer observation, social emotional

issues, and curriculum review. Mo-

tion by Blessum to approve the Stra-

tegic Plan for 2020-2025. Dr. McNeff

presented the Annual Budget Report

for fiscal year 2021. The year ended

with a balance in the General Fund

that is within $14,000 of the project-

ed ending fund balance. There are

still some outstanding revenues that

have not been received as usual at

this time of year, but the ending bal-

ance was very close to what was ex-

pected. With COVID-19, many

things changed throughout the year

including class time, enrollment, and

costs for personal protection equip-

ment. This was the last year for the

Striving Readers Grant, but the first

year for the Comprehensive Literacy

State Development (CLSD) Grant,

which will continue for four more

years. Mrs. Hauck reviewed the Fis-

cal Year 2021 ending balances. The

General Fund ended with approxi-

mately $30,000 more than the prior

year with a balance of

$1,481,129.69. The Special

Reserve Fund is within the 15 mill

limit, so no transfer is needed. The

Building Fund will be used this sum-

mer with building projects and im-

provements. The Sinking Fund is

still tracking to pay off the High

School project early. The Food Ser-

vice Fund is tracking well and free

meals will be given by the USDA for

the 2021-2022 school year as well.

Motion by Heilman to approve the

FY21 Annual Budget Report, Final

Budget Revisions including authori-

zation of all realized revenues, and

expenditures as presented in the

FY21 actual budget, and Year End

Balance Report. Second by John-

son. All voting yes, motion carried.

Motion by Blessum to designate

Merchants Bank and Bremer Bank

as the district’s official depositories

for any and all school funds. Second

by Schmaltz. All voting yes, motion

carried. Motion by Johnson to ap-

prove the Pierce County Tribune as

the district’s official newspaper.

Second by Heilman. All voting yes,

motion carried. Motion by Johnson

to approve the June 30, 2021

Pledge of Securities report. Second

by Schmaltz. All voting yes, motion

carried. Motion by Blessum to ap-

prove the District memberships in

the following organizations: ND

School Boards Association and Poli-

cy Services, ND School Study

Council, ND Small Organized

Schools, Rugby Chamber of Com-

merce, North Central Education

Cooperative, and the Central Dakota

Distance Learning Consortium.

Second by Heilman. All voting yes,

motion carried. Motion by Johnson

to direct the business manager to

publish the following notice to fuel


Public Notice

Vehicle and Heating Fuel Vendor


Rugby Public School District #5

Vendors who intend to be con-

sidered for the provision of vehicle

and/or heating fuel to the Rugby

School District #5 for the 2021-22

school year must register. To regis-

ter with the District for the sale

and/or transport of gasoline, diesel

fuel, #2 heating oil, propane, coal, or

other fuels, vendors must submit in

writing: 1) a request to be registered;

2) the types of fuel for which the

vendor is registering 3) a current

price quote (optional). Only vendors

officially registered with the District

will be notified when seeking fuel

price quotes. Registration letters

should be sent to: Dawn Hauck,

Business Manager, Rugby Public

School District #5, 1123 South Main

Ave. Rugby, ND 58368. (NDCC


Second by Schmaltz. All voting yes,

motion carried. Motion by Johnson

to approve Superintendent Michael

McNeff as authorized representative

for the following school programs:

Title I, Title II(A), Title II(D), Title IV,

E-Rate, ND Department of Public In-

struction, ND Career and Technical

Education and Carl Perkins, ND

High School Activities Association,

School Food Service – NSLP,

School Immunization Law, Section

504/ADA, EPA-Asbestos, Peace

Garden Special Services, North

Central Distance Learning, and other

programs not specifically mentioned

or that may become available to the

school district as the year

progresses. Second by Schmaltz. All

voting yes, motion carried. Motion by

Johnson to approve the appointment

of Deb Goven as Homeless Liaison

for the school district. Second by

Heilman. All voting yes, motion car-

ried. Motion by Heilman to approve

the appointment of Kari Hill as En-

glish Learner Coordinator for the

school District. Second by Blessum.

All voting yes, motion carried. Mo-

tion by Johnson to approve, adopt

and direct the business manager to

include the following statements of

non-discrimination for publication as

well as the following statements of

services for the handicapped for

publication with the official board


“The Rugby Public School District

#5 does not discriminate on the

basis of race, color, creed, religion,

national origin, sex, age or disability

in its educational programs and ac-

tivities or in its employment prac-

tices or policies. Specific complaints

regarding discriminatory practices

may be referred to Michael McNeff,

Superintendent of Schools, Rugby

Public School, 1123 S. Main Ave-

nue, Rugby, ND 58368 (701) 776


Public Notice to All Disabled Per-

sons (as defined by Section 504 of

the Rehabilitation Act of 1977) living

in the Rugby Public School District.

The RPSD public is hereby notified

of the following school district

responsibilities under Section 504:

Written assurance of nondiscrimi-

nation, Designation of a 504 Coordi-

nator (Building Principal), Installation

of a Grievance Procedure, Provided

notice of nondiscrimination in admis-

sion or access to programs and ac-

tivities, Annual identification of qual-

ified children who are not receiving a

public education, Annual notification

of persons (and parents) with disa-

bilities (this notice), Procedural Safe-

guards, Duty to conduct a

self-evaluation of school district poli-

cies, programs, and practices to

make sure discrimination is not oc-


Public Notice to All Residents living

in the Rugby Public School District:

If you or anyone you know is dis-

abled according to the definitions set

forth in Section 504 of the Rehabili-

tation Act of 1977, and if the dis-

abled person is not receiving a pub-

lic education, you are asked to sub-

mit the name of the disabled person

to the Rugby Public School District

by calling 776 5201 or writing to

Section 504 Program, Rugby Public

School District No. 5, 1123 S Main

Avenue, Rugby, ND 58368. The

RPSD will evaluate, with the assis-

tance of interested persons, includ-

ing handicapped persons or organi-

zations representing handicapped

persons, its current policies and the

effects thereof that do not or may not

meet the requirements of this part.

(34 CFR 104.6 (c.i.))

Second by Schmaltz. All voting yes,

motion carried. Motion by Schmaltz

to authorize board president Dustin

Hager and Business Manager Dawn

Hauck to sign school checks from

the various school funds, to use a

facsimile signature and authorizes

issuance of electronic vouchers.

Second by Heilman. All voting yes,

motion carried. Motion by Johnson

to appoint Superintendent Mike

McNeff to serve as the NCEC

representative. Second by Blessum.

All voting yes. Motion carried.

School lunch prices were reviewed.

It is recommended that the meal

prices do not change for the

2021-2022 school year.

Ely Breakfast Full Pay $2.10

Ely Lunch Full Pay $2.80

HR/HS Breakfast Full Pay $2.10

JR/HS Lunch Full Pay $2.90

Reduced Priced Breakfast $0.00

Reduced Priced Lunch $0.40

Staff Breakfast $2.70

Staff Lunch $3.65

Adult Guest Breakfast $2.70

Adult Guest Lunch $4.55

Milk Prices $0.45

Milk Tickets (20 ea) $9.00

2nd Milks $0.00

Seconds Meals $0.00

USDA has stated that all school

lunches and breakfasts will be free

for the school year. The problem

this poses is that the Title Funds are

based on the number of free and re-

duced prices students are in the

school, since families are already

getting free meals, most of them are

not filling out the free-reduced lunch

applications. This may be an issue

in the future for Title Funds. Motion

by Blessum to approve the school

meal prices remaining the same.

Second by Johnson. All voting yes,

motion carried. Motion Johnson to

keep the gate admission for activi-

ties at $6 adults, $4 students and

activity passes at the same rate as

last year. Second by Heilman. All

voting yes, motion carried. The pro-

jections for the district for FY21

Federal Title Programs were

presented. Title I: $165,867.00, Title

IIA: $58,982.00, and Title IVA:

$23,227.00. McNeff presented the

consolidated application for the Title

programs. Title IIA will be used for

class size reduction and Title IV will

be used for preschool support.

Chairman Hager provided opportuni-

ty for patrons to provide public com-

ment on the operation of its federally

funded programs including Title I, Ti-

tle IIA, School Lunch Program, Carl

Perkins and other programs funded

with federal dollars. Motion by

Schmaltz to approve the Consoli-

dated Application for FY22. Second

by Johnson. All voting yes, motion

carried. Dr. McNeff discussed the

Annual Budget Report and the FY22

Budget. For FY22, a 14.26% ending

fund balance is projected and deficit

spending is expected. Enrollment

should be around the same as last

year but with COVID-19, it is difficult

to know at this point. McNeff also re-

viewed the Mill Levy Report. The lo-

cal levy is maxed out at 82 mills and

it is recommended to continue at

that level. ESSER money will be

used to help with the Ely Remodel

project and provide one day of a

school nurse. Motion by Blessum to

approve the Annual Budget Report

and the Preliminary FY22 Budget.

Second by Heilman. All voting yes,

motion carried. The board reviewed

the enrollment study and the pro-

jected enrollment. Historical enroll-

ment was reviewed. The expected

enrollment is 590 students for the

2021/2022 school year. The FY21

Enrollment Report was reviewed

with 589 students for the Average

Daily Membership. Motion by Heil-

man to approve the Enrollment Re-

port. Second by Johnson. All voting

yes, motion carried. The Transporta-

tion Report was presented. There

are 10 rural routes and one city

route for winter. Motion by Schmaltz

to approve the Transportation Re-

port. Second by Johnson. McNeff

noted that the data is different than

previous years due no Friday tran-

sportation for half the year. All voting

yes, motion carried. The board con-

sidered the time for school board

meetings. The current board

members all stated that 7 AM works

better for their schedules and that

they would have to miss some meet-

ings if they were scheduled in the

evenings. Motion by Johnson to ap-

prove the following resolution.

“Regular school board meetings will

be held on the second Tuesday of

each month at 7AM. Times may be

changed for individual meetings at

the discretion of the Board. Regular

Board meetings will be held in the

Library of the Rugby Public High

School. Special Board meetings will

be called as necessary. The school

Business Manager is directed to pro-

vide the County Auditor with this in-

formation (as required by law) and to

post notice of this information in the

Board Room (as required by NDCC

44-04-20).” Second by Heilman. All

voting yes, motion carried. The

board discussed changes to policy

FFE: Extracurricular Participation.

The change is the penalty portion for

summer violations. Suspension

would occur in the next activity that

was also done in the prior year. For

example, if a student had an infrac-

tion in the summer, but only partici-

pated in basketball the prior year,

they could not join a fall sport just to

serve the suspension. The suspen-

sion would occur in basketball. Edu-

cation would need to occur for

parents and students on this issue.

Motion by Johnson to approve the

first reading and to provide educa-

tion to parents and students on the

changes to the policy. Second by

Blessum. All voting yes, motion car-

ried. A change to policy DBAA: Hir-

ing Classified Staff was presented.

The change was to add clarification

stating that extra-curricular coaches

and advisors are part of classified

staff and are therefore subject to the

hiring and firing procedures of those

positions. Motion by Blessum to ap-

prove DBAA: Hiring Classified Staff

on the first reading and to waive the

second reading to expediate the pol-

icy adoption process per Board Poli-

cy BDA. Second by Johnson. All

voting yes, motion carried. Board

Member Johnson left the meeting at

8:24 AM. Motion by Schmaltz to ap-

prove the FY22 policy binder. The

Policy Binder can be found on the

district’s website. Second by Bles-

sum. McNeff noted that NDSBA will

be creating a searchable format for

our policies. All voting yes, motion

carried. Motion by Heilman to ap-

prove the Rugby Early Learning

Center as the district’s preschool

program. Second by Blessum. All

voting yes, motion carried. The Pro-

perty Tax and Budget Hearing was

proposed to be held at the Sep-

tember 14, 2021 7 AM school board

meeting. Motion by Heilman to ap-

prove the date and time for the

budget hearing. Second by Bles-

sum. All voting yes, motion carried.

An MOU with Lake Region District

Health Unit for a part time school

nurse was presented. It is recom-

mended that ESSER funds be used

to support a school nurse for one

day a week for the 2021-2022

school year. Sam Wentz would be

the nurse that would come to the

school’s once a week. The cost is

around $14,000 for one day per

week. Motion by Heilman to ap-

prove the MOU with LRDHU.

Second by Blessum. All voting yes,

motion carried. The annual School

Board picture will be held at the Au-

gust Board Meeting. The next regu-

lar board meeting will be Tuesday,

August 10, 2021 at 7:00 AM in the

Library at Rugby High School. Mo-

tion by Heilman to adjourn the meet-

ing. Second by Schmaltz. All voting

yes, motion carried. Chairman

Hager adjourned the meeting at 8:36


Bills presented/paid:

Checking Account ID: 1 Automat-

ic Payment 997 6/10/2021 Horace

Mann Life Insurance Company

31.25; 998 6/28/2021 Ottertail

Power Company 7,800.66; 999

6/10/2021 City of Rugby 2,302.93;

1000 6/27/2021 Kansas City Life In-

surance CO 1,204.27; 1005

6/16/2021 JP Morgan PCARD


Checking Account ID: 1 Check

1035185 6/4/2021 Mack Law Of-

fices, P.C. 45,025.00; 1035186

6/15/2021 ACT 84.00; 1035187

6/15/2021 Kim Anderson 499.52;

1035188 6/15/2021 B & M Laundry

Service 360.06; 1035189 6/15/2021

Melissa Benson 599.76; 1035190

6/15/2021 Karen Black 178.33;

1035191 6/15/2021 Blick Art Materi-

als 14.12; 1035192 6/15/2021 Cole

Papers, Inc 1,681.95; 1035193

6/15/2021 Dakota Boys and Girls

Ranch 3,080.00; 1035194 6/15/2021

Dakota lawn & Tree Spraying

4,565.00; 1035195 6/15/2021

ECOLAB Pest Elimination 232.65;

1035196 6/15/2021 Envision 548.06;

1065197 6/15/2021 Gaffaney’s of

Minot 3,059.94; 1035198 6/15/2021

Gumdrop Books 923.22; 1035199

6/15/2021 HE Everson 383.26;

103520 6/15/2021 Harley’s School

Buses, Inc 15,684.33; 1035201

6/15/21 Heart of America Medical

Center 1,102.50; 1035202 6/15/2021

Rachel Johnson 350.00; 1035203

6/15/2021 Johnson’s Plumbing Ser-

vice Inc 318.70; 1035204 6/15/2021

Lake Metigoshe Outdoor Learinging

Center 470.00; 1035205 6/15/2021

Leevers Foods 137.15; 1035206

6/15/2021 Leevers Foods 54.02;

1035207 6/15/2021 Glenda Mack

350.00; 1035208 6/15/2021 Minot

Public School District 565.00;

1035209 6/15/2021 Julie Mosher

350.00; 1035210 6/15/2021 Jenna

Motl 350.00; 1035211 6/15/2021

Nancy Bollingberg 249.76; 1035212

6/15/2021 North Central Builders Inc

100,000.00; 1035213 6/15/2021

Pearce Durick PLLC 500.00;

1035214 6/15/2021 Pierce County

Tribune 1,135.34; 1035215

6/15/2021 Popplers Music Inc

282.53; 1035216 6/15/2021 Prairie

Public Broacasting Inc 659.00;

1035217 6/15/2021 realityWorks Inc

1,191.95; 1035218 6/15/2021

Roberta RosenKranz 3,600.00;

1065219 6/15/2021 Rugby Electric

1,545.50; 1065220 6/15/2021 Rugby

Hardware Hank 359.09; 1035221

6/15/2021 Rugby Lumber inc

1,225.92; 1065222 6/15/2021 Sister

Jean Louise 350.00; 1035223

6/15/2021 Souris Basin Transpora-

tion 9.00; 1035224 6/15/2021 Stein’s

Inc 2,881.26; 1035225 6/15/2021

Laura Swanson 350.00; 1035226

6/15/2021 Trophies-N-Tees 224.00;

1035227 6/15/2021 The Village

Family Service Center 1,500.00;

1035228 6/15/2021 Wells Fargo

Bank 750.00; 135254 6/18/2021 De-

borah Zwingel 331.25; 1035255

6/18/2021 Marlene Schaan 331.25;

1035256 6/18/2021 Kristen Wangler

349.95; 1035257 6/18/2021 Sharon

Ebach 338.53; 1035258 06/28/2021

Blick Art Materials 443.74; 1035259

6/28/2021 BSN Sports inc 47.69;

1035260 6/28/2021 Carolina Biologi-

cal Supply Company 299.13;

1035261 6/28/2021 Circle Sanitation

Inc 976.50; 1035262 6/28/2021 Cob-

bleston Inn 210.74; 1035263

6/28/2021 Cole Papers Inc 72.70;

1035264 6/28/2021 Envision

2,518.34; 1035265 6/28/2021 Flinn

Scientific Inc 2,424.12; 1035266

6/28/2021 Gopher 433.14; 1035267

6/28/2021 Johnson Controls Inc

1,380.20; 1035268 6/28/2021 Me-

nards 67.96; 1035269 6/28/221

Northern Cass School District

125.00; 1035270 6/28/2021 Peace

Garden Special Education Unit

22,2286.69; 1035271 6/28/2021 Pit-

ney Bowes 387.24; 1035272

6/28/2021 Prairie Winds Band In-

strument Repair 2,638.30; 1035273

6/28/2021 Rugby Auto Connection

LLC 162.89; 1035274 6/28/2021

Solution Tree 1,300.00; 1035275

6/28/221 State Industrial Products

634.77; 1035276 6/28/2021 Stein’s

Inc 208.36

1035277 6/28/2021 Activity Ac-

counts 56,354.62; 1035281

6/30/2021 Sister Mary Ruth 350.00

Checking Account ID: 1 Direct

Deposit 18973 6/15/2021 Jared

Blickre 600.00; 18974 6/15/2021

Michael McNeff 600.00; 18975

6/15/2021 Kasey Okke 328.60;

18976 6/15/2021 Kristi Tonnessen

400.00; 18977 6/15/2021 Michael

Wendland 240.00; 19238 6/29/2021

Jason Gullickson 1,200.00; 19239

6/29/2021 Angela Hager 299.04

General Fund Total: 356,906.15

Checking Account ID: 2 Automat-

ic Payment 1 6/18/2021 Rugby

Public School District 5 100,000.00

Special Reserve Total 100,000.00

Checking Account ID: 3 Check

1388 6/15/2021 Midwest Investiga-

tion & Security Inc 4,130.00; 1389

6/15/2021 Satellite Shelters Inc

MPLS/Mandan 2,585.00

Building Fund Total 6,715.00

Checking Account ID: 4 Automat-

ic Payment 67 6/16/2021 Bremer

Bank National Assoc 400,000.00

Sinking Fund Total 400,000.00

Checking Acount ID: 5 Automatic

Payment 262 6/10/2021 Food Ser-

vices of America/Minot 11,400.79;

263 6/7/2021 REVTRACK 4.36

Checking Account ID: 5 Check

12179 6/15/2021 Kristi Blessum

176.65; 12180 6/15/2021 Greg &

Jeanette Boucher 3.55; 12181

6/15/2021 Adam Chaussee 21.40;

12182 6/15/2021 John Groves

137.00; 12183 6/15/2021 Gary &

Annette Harmel 8.10; 12184

6/15/2021 Eric & Jessica Kuntz

46.35; 12185 6/15/2021 Abigail

Lnadsteiner 29.20; 12186 6/15/2021

Leevers Foods 88.90; 12187

6/15/2021 Leevers Foods 694.08;

12188 6/15/2021 Jay & Amanda

Loughman 96.45; 12189 6/15/2021

Michelle Lyse 7.20; 12190

6/15/2021 Ben & Bethany Mack

29.25; 12191 6/15/2021 Josh &

Amanda Matehs 52.00; 12192

6/15/2021 Danielle McCabe 108.60;

12193 6/15/2021 Steve Mueller

19.55; 12194 6/15/2021 Kay Senger

59.25; 12195 6/15/2021 Melissa

Tormanen 18.55; 12196 6/15/2021

Melinda Boeller 116.05; 12197

6/15/2021 Richard & Sharon Volk

169.65; 12202 6/24/2021 Rugby

Public School District 5 58.35;

12203 6/28/2021 Sunrise Delivery

Inc 1,206.55

Food Service Total 14,551.83

Checking Account ID: 6 Automat-

ic Payment 38131 6/30/2021 Dolly-

wood Foundation 193.19

Checking Accounnt ID: 6 Check

41948 6/15/2021 A-1 Evans Septic

Services 4,160.0041949 6/15/2021

Botineau Public School District

6,065.18; 41950 6/15/2021 BSN

Sports Inc 829.50; 41951 6/15/2021

Carrington FFA Alumni 30.00;

41952 6/15/2021 Flower Central

220.38; 41953 6/15/2021 I Design

Inc 1,010.50; 41954 6/15/2021 Leev-

ers Foods 144.74; 41955 6/15/2021

Quality Mears and Seafood

4,616.72; 41956 6/15/2021 Rugby

Broadcasters Inc 50.50; 41957

6/15/2021 Rugby Golf Club

1,785.00; 41958 6/15/2021 Rugby

Greenhouse 42.95; 41959 6/15/221

Rugby Welding & Machine 172.29;

41960 6/15/2021 Trophies-N-Tees

372.00; 41961 6/15/2021 Varsity

Spirit Fashons 5,210.25; 41962

6/15/2021 Miriah Yoder 240.98;

41963 6/16/2021 Trophie-N-Tees

224.00; 41964 6/24/2021 University

of Jamestown 850.00; 41965

6/24/2021 Rugby Public School Dis-

trict 5 4,652.22; 41966 6/28/2021

2080 Media Inc 1,500.00; 41967

6/28/2021 Des Lacs/Burlington Pub-

lic Schools 140.00; 41968 6/28/2021

Dollars for Scholars 552.63; 41969

6/28/2021 Trophies-N-Tees 84.50

Activity Fund Total 33,147.53

Total All Funds 911,320.51

Dustin Hager,Chairman

Dawn Jauck, Busiess Manager

(August 14, 2021)

Rugby Public School District #5,

held a Citizen’s Committee

meeting Wednesday August 4,

2021, at 7:30 AM in the gym of Ely


The purpose of the special meeting

was to provide an overview of the

addition and renovation at Ely Ele-

mentary. Members present were

Board Members Dustin Hager and

Carlie Johnson, Stacey and Chad

Duchscher, Erik Christianson, Jared

Blikre, Corey Geiszler, Deanne Nel-

son, Kailey Bonn, Duane Johnston,

Peggy Harmel, Suzie Schmaltz,

Amber Feichert, Sandy Wolf, Cody

Melgaard, Samantha Wentz, Brad

Wangler, Jordan Backstrom, Jodie

Kirchofner, Jason Gullickson, Mike

McNeff, Dawn Hauck,and two

representatives from Consolidated

Construction, Cassidy Hartman and

Mike Barsness. Dr. McNeff gave a

presentation on the current issues

with Ely Elementary and discussed

why more space is needed. Some

of the issues that need to be ad-

dressed are school safety with

pick-up and drop-off of students,

classroom space and special educa-

tion caseloads, educational changes

that require more personalized

learning, cafeteria space, and play-

ground space. Things that have

caused educational changes

throughout the years include the im-

pacts of COVID-19, full-time kinder-

garten, requirements of special edu-

cation services and caseloads, Title

I, personalized learning, and smaller

class sizes. For the expansion and

renovation, the district would be able

to off-set costs of the project with a

portion of the ESSER funds (COVID

relief dollars), in the amount of $1.3

million. The tax debt from the high

school renovation will be done in fis-

cal year 2023, and the debt from the

Ely renovation would take its place

resulting in no increases to the mill

levy. The total cost of the project is

roughly $8 million. The new con-

struction and renovation design was

shared with the group. The design

is very preliminary and will most like-

ly be changed many times.

The timeline for the project is the fol-


End of August – send survey to tax-


September 20th Special Board

Meeting – review survey results, call

for referendum

October 18th begin referendum


November 29th – bond election

Dr. McNeff and Consolidated Con-

struction stated that they hope this

committee would help with the pro-

motion of the project in the commun-

ity. Consolidated Construction re-

viewed the project and stated that

the expectation for completion of the

entire project would be fall of 2023

with the addition part starting in

spring 2022. Dr. McNeff adjourned

the meeting at 8:30 AM.

Dawn Hauck, Business Manager

(August 14, 2021)



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