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Legal Notices 4-24

By Staff | Apr 24, 2021





302 2ND ST SE

TOWNER, ND 58788

Sealed Bids for Single Prime Con-

struction of TGU School District #60,

Mechanical Upgrades – Phase 2 will

be accepted until:

2:00 PM Central Time, Thursday,

April 29, 2021

at the office of Ackerman-Estvold

1907 17th Street SE

Minot, North Dakota

at which time and place the bids will

be opened and read aloud. Propo-

sals received after that time will not

be accepted.

Single Prime Construction Bid: All

Portions of Work – Mechanical,

Electrical, and General Construction.

Bidders may obtain Plans and

Specifications by contacting Sonya

Boykin at Ackerman-Estvold by

phone at 701-837-8737 or by email

at sonya.boykin@ackerman-estvold.

com and requesting a link providing

access to the project documents.

The Construction Documents will be

on file and may be examined at the

Office of Ackerman-Estvold, Minot,

North Dakota and the following

Builders Exchanges: Bismarck-

Mandan, Construction Plans Ex-

change, Dickinson, Fargo, Grand

Forks, Minot, Williston, North Dako-

ta; St. Paul, and Minneapolis, Min-

nesota; Construction Industry

Center, and Sioux Falls Builders Ex-

change, South Dakota.

Any contractor who obtains their

plans from an exchange and wishes

to be added to the official plan hold-

ers list or receive automatic email

notification of Addenda must also re-

gister for the project on

Ackerman-Estvold’s plan room and

download the Project documents as

detailed below or contact the Archi-

tect directly.

Each Bid must be accompanied by a

separate envelope, (attached to the

Bid Envelope) containing a Bid Bond

equal to five percent (5%) of the

amount of the Bid naming TGU

School District #60 as Obligee. The

Contractor shall also enclose within

the Bid Bond Envelope a copy of the

Bidder’s North Dakota Contractor’s

License or a copy of their latest

Renewal Certificate issued by the

Secretary of State as per North

Dakota Century Code 43-07-12. All

Contractors who submit Bids must

hold a North Dakota Contractors

License in the highest amount of

their Bids and such license must

have been in effect at least ten (10)

days prior to the date of the Bid

Opening. Any Bid not containing

these documents shall not be ac-

ceptable and shall be returned to the

Bidder unopened. See AIA Docu-

ment A701-1997 “Instructions to

Bidders” in the Project Manual for

further information.

The Owner reserves the right to re-

ject any or all bids and to waive any

informalities in bidding.

The successful bidder will be re-

quired to furnish a Payment Bond,

Performance Bond, Insurance Cov-

erages and other requirements

stipulated in the Project Manual.

No Bidder may withdraw his Bid

within 30 days of the actual date of

the opening.

A Pre-Bid Conference will be held at

TGU School District #60, 302 2nd St

SE, Towner, ND at 3:30 pm CST on

Tuesday, April 20th, 2021.

Erik Sveet, Superintendent

TGU School District #60

(April 10-17-24, 2021)

Balta City Council Meeting

April 12th, 2021

The 7:30 pm meeting was called to

order by Mayor Jundt. Present were

councilmen Hallof and Rennock.

Also present was the Tax Equaliza-

tion Director. Rennock made a mo-

tion to approve the minutes as read.

Hallof seconded the motion. Hallof

made a motion to approve the

treasurers report as read. Rennock

seconded the motion.

Old Business: The pumphouse has

been checked out and fixed.

New Business: The tax equalization

director discussed the changes for

the city of Balta. Three properties

were increased from last year. The

two bids were opened for lawn care.

A motion was made and seconded

to accept the lowest bid of $80 per

cutting. The May 10th meeting will

be in the city park with regards to

playground equipment which will be

installed this summer. Please at-

tend to understand what is being

discussed. The board approved

paying the bills; Selensky Services

$500.00, Farmers Union Insurance $

200.00, Circle Sanitation $548.00,

Northern Plains $ 377.93, Tribune $

24.42, and ND Sewage and Pump

Services $ 1532.00. No other busi-

ness before the board Rennock

made a motion to adjourn the meet-

ing. Hallof seconded the motion.

Elaine Schaan, City Auditor

(April 24, 2021)









SECTION 4.1-83-23

In Southeast Judicial District Court,

County of Logan, in the matter of the

Trust relating to Brian Gader d/b/a

Gader Cattle Company — Civil Case

No. 24-2021-CV-00012

NOTICE IS GIVEN that the North

Dakota Agriculture Commissioner

(Ag Commissioner), acting by and

through the North Dakota Depart-

ment of Agriculture (Ag Depart-

ment), commenced an action under

North Dakota Century Code Chapter

4.1-83-23 seeking, among other re-

lief, to be appointed trustee of the

trust fund established by the insol-

vency of Brian Gader d/b/a Gader

Cattle Company.

The Southeast Judicial District Court

executed and issued an Order of

Appointment of Trustee, dated April

14, 2021, in the action, which can be

located in the court records as Docu-

ment ID# 7, appointing the Ag Com-

missioner, acting by and through the

Ag Department, Trustee of the trust

fund established and administered

pursuant to North Dakota Century

Code Chapter 4.1-83-23, and estab-

lishing the date of insolvency of Bri-

an Gader d/b/a Gader Cattle Com-

pany, as being a date on or before

April 14, 2021.

Any outstanding claimants must

timely file their respective claims

against Brian Gader d/b/a Gader

Cattle Company with the Ag Com-

missioner, to the following individual

who has been designated by the Ag

Commissioner to receive claims filed

in this action:

North Dakota Dept. of Agriculture

Attn: Shaun Quissell

600 East Boulevard Ave, Dept 602

Bismarck, ND 58505-0020

Any claim to be made against Brian

Gader d/b/a Gader Cattle Company

in this action must be filed within

forty-five (45) days after the last pub-

lication of this Notice appearing in

the Napoleon Homestead, Mandan

News, Devils Lake Journal, Dickin-

son Press, and Pierce County Tri-


Any outstanding claimants filing a

claim with the Ag Commissioner in

this proceeding shall include re-

ceipts, contracts or any other evi-

dence of the claims as required by

the Ag Commissioner to enable the

Ag Commissioner, acting by and

through the Ag Department, to

determine the validity of the claim.

Information and documents to be

filed with a claim may include, but is

not limited to, receipts, scale tickets,

checks or other memoranda given

by Brian Gader d/b/a Gader Cattle

Company for, or as evidence of the

purchase of livestock.

If an outstanding claimant fails to file

a claim, as described and required

in this Notice, within forty-five (45)

days after the last publication of this

Notice appearing within the Na-

poleon Homestead, Mandan News,

Devils Lake Journal, Dickinson

Press, and Pierce County Tribune,

the Ag Commissioner shall be re-

lieved of further duty or action under

North Dakota Century Code Chapter

4.1-83-23 on behalf of the claimant,

and the claimant may be barred

from payment for any amount due.

Outstanding claimants are not par-

ties to this insolvency action unless

admitted by the District Court upon a

motion for intervention.

(April 24; May 1-8, 2021)



The Board of University and School

Lands will offer the following lands

for lease in Pierce Co.

Ac Term Rent

WOLFORD (158-70)

33 NE4 157 5 347 N

N = Known noxious weed infesta-

tion. Control requirements apply to

all lessees.

The public lease auction will be held

in the Pierce County Courthouse,

Community Meeting Room at Rug-

by, ND, on Tuesday, May 4, 2021 at

1:00 PM CT.

Other than the descriptions of the

lands to be auctioned, the informa-

tion contained in this advertisement

may be revised prior to the auction

upon further review by the North

Dakota Department of Trust Lands.

Any such revisions will be an-

nounced at the auction and will be

binding upon the bidders. Bidding

will begin at minimum rent. 1st

year’s rent must be paid in full im-

mediately after the sale. The Board

reserves the right to reject any and

all bids.

For more information, visit

https://land.nd.gov or call (701)

328-2800. For auxiliary aids and

services, please call by 04/27/2021.


Jodi Smith

Land Commissioner

(April 17-24; May 1, 2021)


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