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Legal Notices 9-12

By Staff | Sep 12, 2020



BE IT ORDAINED by the City Coun-

cil of the City of Rugby, North Dako-

ta that the Rugby Municipal Code

Chapter 4.36 Ordinance – Vehicles

for Hire be repealed:

Chapter 4.36 – Vehicles for Hire -re-


First Reading: August 3, 2020

Second Reading: September 3,


Effective: September 12, 2020

Susan Steinke, Mayor

Attest: Jennifer Stewart, City Auditor

(September 12, 2020)




The Board of University and School

Lands will conduct an online surface

lease auction for one thousand forty

(1040) tracts in Adams, Barnes,

Benson, Billings, Bowman, Burke,

Burleigh, Divide, Dunn, Eddy, Em-

mons, Golden Valley, Grant, Het-

tinger, Kidder, Lamoure, Logan,

McHenry, Mcintosh, McKenzie,

McLean, Mercer, Morton, Mountrail,

Oliver, Pierce, Rolette, Sheridan,

Sioux, Slope, Stark, Stutsman,

Towner, Ward, Wells, and Williams

Counties, ND. Tracts will be avail-

able to view on September 1, 2020.

Bidding will commence September

28, 2020 at 8:00 a.m. CST and end

October 9, 2020. The link to view the

offered tracts and participate in the

auction is:



Anyone needing auxiliary aids and

services should call the Department

at (701) 328-2800 by 09/21/2020.


/s/ Jodi Smith


(September 5-12-19-26, 2020)

North Dakota livestock brands will

expire on Jan. 1, 2021, in accor-

dance with North Dakota Century

Code 4.1-73-10. Present brand own-

ers have the right to rerecord their

brands. If a brand is allowed to ex-

pire, ownership interest of the brand

will be lost and the brand may no

longer be used.

In August, a renewal notice for each

recording was mailed to the address

on file in the brand recording office.

If you have not received your notice

or have questions about renewing a

brand, contact the North Dakota

Stockmen’s Association at (701)

223-2522 or visit


(September 12-19-26, 2020)


In accordance with the zoning regu-

lations of Pierce County, North

Dakota, the Pierce County Commis-

sion will hold a public hearing on

Wednesday, September 17 at 9:45

A.M. in the commissioner’s room of

the Pierce County Courthouse, 240

2nd St SE, Rugby, ND 58368, for a

conditional use permit requested by

B & J Excavating, Inc. for an “aggre-

gate mining operation”, located in

the SW4 of Section 3, Township 153

North, Range 73 West.

Dated this 1st day of September,


Karin Fursather

County Auditor-Treasurer

(September 5-12, 2020)


Rugby Public School District #5,

Board of Education, held a regular

board meeting Tuesday, August 11,

2020 at 7:00 AM in the Library at

Rugby High School. Board members

present were Dustin Hager, Kris

Blessum, Shane Livedalen, Carlie

Johnson, and Brenda Heilman. Also

present were Mike McNeff, Jared

Blikre, Jason Gullickson, and Dawn

Hauck. In addition the following were

in attendance: Nicole Schneibel,

Karleen Blessum, Melissa Tor-

manen, and Sue Sitter with the Pi-

erce County Tribune. Chairman

Hager called the meeting to order at

7 AM. Motion by Blessum to ap-

prove the agenda with the addition

of a tuition agreement to the consent

agenda. Second by Livedalen. All

voting yes, motion carried. Mr. Gul-

lickson gave the elementary report.

Included in the report were the fol-

lowing items: The extended school

year program has wrapped up. It

was beneficial for those students to

continue learning throughout the

summer. Registration is being held

outside the main doors at Ely Ele-

mentary. Enrollment is roughly 312

students at this time, but with regis-

tration this week, the numbers will

be better next week. Handbooks

are available in paper form and on

the school’s website. The portable

classroom is now on-site. Mr.

Groves 6th grade class will be using

the portable classroom. When the

rerouting of the alley occurs, the

street between the portable class-

room and the school will be closed

during the day to keep students safe

when going between buildings. The

elementary building has been

thoroughly cleaned and is ready for

students to arrive on the 26th. Mr.

Blikre gave the high school report.

Included in the report were the fol-

lowing items: Registration will be

held Thursday and Friday this week,

8:30AM – 4PM. There will be no 7th

grade orientation this year. Enroll-

ment is around 275 students. There

are five new teachers at the high

school. Extra-curricular activities

have begun. Their continuance will

depend on COVID-19 cases. Dr.

McNeff gave the District report. In-

cluded in the report: Alyssa Joppru

has been hired as the new elemen-

tary administrative assistant to re-

place Deb Zwingel who resigned

June 30, 2020. There are still two

food service positions and one cus-

todial position to hire. The modular

classroom unit has arrived and is

currently undergoing cleaning. The

teachers involved in the Teacher

Leader Academy are entering their

final semester. They will obtain their

master’s degree in December 2020.

Mrs. Hauck reviewed the financial

report. Each fund was reviewed.

State aid revenue has increased

more than expected. Hauck is in

contact with the state to understand

why it has increased. There will be

more to come on this issue. The

school’s annual audit was held last

week. It was found that for the first

time in the school’s history, a federal

A-133 audit is required. This means

that the district received more than

$750,000 in federal money which in-

cludes money from USDA through

the School Nutrition Program, the

Striving Readers Comprehensive

Literacy Grant, and Title funds. This

requires more paperwork and more

reviewing by the auditors. Items in

the consent agenda were con-

sidered. Motion by Johnson to ap-

prove the Consent Agenda. Second

by Heilman. Included in the consent

agenda were the July 14, 2020 An-

nual Board Meeting Minutes, the

July 29, 2020 Special Meeting

Minutes, the July Board Bills, the

July Board bills detail, the July

Financial Reports, and tuition agree-

ments with TGU School District and

Leeds School District. All voting yes,

motion carried. Dr. McNeff reviewed

the district’s Return to Learning

Plan. The plan outlines how to

change to different learning models

if/when the risk level in the area

changes. To begin the school year,

there will be four on-site learning

days and one distance learning day.

The virtual day will be determined by

the board, but McNeff recommends

that Fridays be the distance learning

day. If the risk level increases, the

district would transition to an A/B

schedule where group A would be

on-site Monday and Wednesday and

group B would be on-site Tuesday

and Thursday. The off-site days for

each group would be distance learn-

ing days. Currently 27 students are

signed up for the virtual academy. It

is an 18 week commitment with an

on-site teacher overseeing the pro-

gress. Some special education stu-

dents will be on-site all week. The

high school will be using a block

schedule, meaning there are 90 min

periods, so on Monday, there will

only be 4 periods in the day. The

following day will be remaining 4

class periods. This schedule pro-

vides less transition times in the hall-

ways, thus less exposure time.

Band and choir for 5th and 6th grade

students is being delayed until Janu-

ary. Social distancing in classrooms

is required as much as is possible.

Extra-curriculars will be held to the

extend the area is still in the blue,

green, or yellow risk level. Atten-

dance is limited depending on the

risk level. Masks are expected to be

worn in hallways and whenever so-

cial distancing is difficult or not pos-

sible. Also, teachers may require

masks in their classrooms due to

underlying health conditions. Masks

will be required on busses as well.

There will be more outside time for

recess at the elementary school.

Meals at RHS will be served in the

cafeteria with smaller groups and

more lunch times and at Ely, meals

will be brought to each classroom.

Things may change if the schedule

does not work. Daily Home Health

Screenings are requested by each

family. If a student has a fever or

loss of taste and/or smell, they must

stay home. Also, if a student has

two or more other symptoms, they

must stay home. Busses will be

cleaned daily. All of the provisions

within the plan will be re-evaluated

throughout the year. Motion by

Johnson to approve the Return to

Learning Plan. Second by Heilman.

All voting yes, motion carried. An up-

date was provided to the Distance

Learning Plan. The plan now pro-

vides guidance if the district must

move to the all distance learning op-

tion due to a red or orange risk level.

Motion by Johnson to approve the

revised Distance Learning Plan.

Second by Blessum. All voting yes,

motion carried. The school calendar

was reviewed. It is requested that

Fridays be the distance learning day

to begin the school year and Mon-

day through Thursday will be on-site

learning. This will be re-evaluated in

November or December as things

may change. The calendar for the

second half of the school year would

be decided at that time. There will

be no more late starts on Wednes-

days. Motion by Livedalen to ap-

prove the revised school calendar.

Second by Blessum. All voting yes,

motion carried. The next regular

board meeting will be Tuesday, Sep-

tember 8, 2020 at 7:00 AM in the Li-

brary at Rugby High School. Motion

by Heilman to adjourn the meeting.

Second by Livedalen. All voting yes,

motion carried. The meeting was

adjourned at 8:27 AM.

Bills presented/paid:

Checkin Account ID: 1 Automatic

Payment 915 7/29/2020 Ottertail

Power Company 5,650.63; 916

7/10/2020 Horace Mann Life In-

surance Company 33.75; 917

7/10/2020 City of Rugby 3,491.15;

918 7/30/2020 Kansas City Life In-

surance Co 1,149.45; 921 7/16/2020

JP Morgan – PCARD 5,389.48;

Checking Account ID: 1 Check

1034388 7/15/2020 7 Mindsets

Academy LLC 6,300.00; 1034389

7/15/2020 B & M Laundry Service

72.04; 1034390 7/15/2020 Cole Pa-

pers Inc 317.27; 1034391 7/15/2020

Early Explorers Head Start 470.71;

1034392 7/15/2020 Envision 20.99;

1034393 7/15/2020 Follett School

Solutions Inc 2,085.00; 1034394

7/15/2020 Gaffaney’s of Minot

124.00; 1034395 7/15/2020

Gooseneck Implement CO 31.40;

1034396 7/15/2020 HE Everson

41.12; 1034397 7/15/2020 Jerie

Henrikson-Gable 2,545.50; 1034398

7/15/2020 Information Technology

Dept. 87.40; 1034399 7/15/2020

Johnson Controls Inc 81.90;

1034400 7/15/2020 Menards

199.96; 1034401 7/15/2020 ND

Ass’n School Business Managers

50.00; 1034402 NDCEL 2,270.00;

1034403 7/15/2020 NDSBA

6,896.00; 1034404 7/15/2020 NDSC

295.00; 1034405 7/15/2020 North

Central Education Cooperative

7,500.00; 1034406 7/15/2020

NWEA 587.50; 1034407 7/15/2020

NWEA 6,525.00; 1034408

7/15/2020 The Omni Group 18.00;

1034409 7/15/2020 Paper 101

7,229.16; 1034410 7/15/2020 Pierce

County Tribune 341.76; 1034411

7/15/2020 Popplers Music Inc 78.17;

1034412 7/15/2020 Portaits By Misti

500.00; 1034413 7/15/2020

Roughrider Industries 1,922.00;

1034414 7/15/2020 Rugby Broad-

casters Inc 76.00;

10344157/15/2020 Rugby Hardware

Hank 1,546.80; 1034416 7/15/2020

Rugby Insurance Agency 7,574.00;

1034417 7/15/2020 Rugby Sanita-

tion Inc 500.00; 1034418 7/15/2020

Savvas Learning Company LLC

5,214.07; 1034419 7/15/2020

Software Unlimited Inc 6,950.00;

1034428 7/31/2020 ACME Tools

228.96; 1034429 7/31/2020 Black-

board Inc 2,523.50; 1034429

7/31/2020 BSN Sports Inc 8,472.60;

1034431 7/31/2020 Circle Sanitation

Inc 928.00; 1034432 7/31/2020 Cole

Papers Inc 831.01; 1034434

7/31/2020 FLRSANDERS 9,120.00;

1034435 7/31/2020 Gaffany’s of

Minot 3,922.27; 1034436 7/31/2020

The Glass Shop Inc. 1,126.64;

1034437 7/31/2020 Gopher 741.00;

1034438 7/31/2020 I Design Inc

425.00; 1034439 7/31/2020 Johnson

Controls 2,680.59; 1034440

7/31/2020 Menards 153.73;

1034441 7/31/2020 NASCO 341.52;

1034442 7/31/2020 NDCEL 970.00;

1034443 7/31/2020 NDSBA 861.00;

1034444 7/31/2020 Oriental Trading

Company, Inc 195.38; 1034445

7/31/2020 Peace Garden Special

Education Unit 7,044.00; 1034446

7/31/2020 Portaits By Misti 655.00;

1034447 7/31/2020 Roughrider In-

dustries 917.42; 1034448 7/31/2020

Rschool Today/Distributed Website

358.75; 1034449 7/31/2020 Rugby

Lumber Inc 119.00; 10344507

7/31/2020 School

Specialty/Classroom Direct

1,237.08; 1034451 7/31/2020

Stein’s Inc 2,038.13; 1034452

7/31/2020 Supreme School Supply

380.54; 1034453 7/31/2020 Teacher

Created Resources 20.97; 1034454

7/31/2020 Kristi Tonnessen 431.41;

1034455 7/31/2020 Wells Fargo

Bank 7850.00 Checking Account

ID: 1 Direct Deposit 17761

7/16/2020 Jennifer Bartsch

2,555.10; 17762 7/16/2020 Karen

Black 28.94; 17763 7/16/2020 Gail

Monson-Rham 142.30; 17764

7/16/2020 Breanne Welk 2,555.10;

General Fund Total: 141,579.82

Checking Account ID: 3 Check

1348 7/15/2020 North Central Build-

ers 15,450.00 Checking Account

ID: 4 Automatic Payment 61

7/27/2020 Wells Fargo Bank

66,045.00 Sinking Fund Total:


Checking Account ID:5 Check

12022 7/15/2020 Brandi Ebach

90.80; 12025 7/31/2020 Rugby Pub-

lic School District 5 6.49; Food Ser-

vice Total: 97.29

Checking Account ID: 6 Automat-

ic Payment 38120 7/29/2020 Dolly-

wood Foundation 199.78 Checking

Account ID: 6 Check 41451

7/15/2020 BSN Sports Inc 5,048.69;

41452 7/15/2020 Gerrells Sports

Center Inc 4,040.00; 41453

7/15/2020 Green Valley Foods

714.00; 41454 7/15/2020 NDHSAA

650.40; 41455 7/15/2020 North Cen-

tral Food Processing 145.82; 41456

7/22/2020 University of Jamestown

145.82; 41457 7/31/2020 Quality

Meats and Seafood 3,681.72; 41458

7/31/2020 Rugby Public School Dis-

trict 5 714.00; 41459 7/31/2020

Stumps/Shindigz 65.90 Activity

Fund Total: 15,560.31

Total All Funds 238,732.42

Dustin Hager, Chairman

Dawn Hauck, Business Manager

(September 12, 2020)


Notice is hereby given to all Town-

ship Officials, Land Owners, and/or

Operators that weeds and grass

shall be mowed from all Township

and Farm to Market roadsides, and

right-of-way after September 1, 2020

but before October 1, 2020 with a

minimum cut width of fourteen (14)

feet and height of stubble shall be

within three (3) inches of ground.

Weeds and grass that have been cut

with a swather, and have fallen on

the road, the swathe must be re-

moved within 24 hours or a fine of

$100.00 per mile will be added to

the taxes of the land adjoining such

right-of-way for the cost of removal.

Unless the work is done by October

15,2020, the work on county roads

and unorganized townships will be

done by the County Commissioners

at the cost of $200.00 per mile of ac-

tual cutting, with minimum of

$200.00 for anything less, and will

be added to the taxes of the land ad-

joining such right-of-way.

Due to the high cost of maintaining

roads and the removal of snow, only

those roads that have been mowed

within the minimum requirements

will be maintained during the winter


By order of the Pierce County Board

of County Commissioners.

Karin Fursather

County Auditor-Treasurer

(September 5-12-19, 2020)


BE IT ORDAINED by the City Coun-

cil of the City of Rugby, North Dako-

ta, that Ordinance 3.02 be amended

as follows:

Chapter 3.02



3.02.010 Competitive Bidding Re-


3.02.020 Procedure

3.04.030 Capitalization Plan

3.02.010 Competitive Bidding Re-


All purchases of and contracts for

supplies and contractual services

with a cost in excess of two hundred

thousand dollars ($ 200,000.00)

shall be based on competitive bids.

ßFor state law in regard to the Pub-

lic Improvement Construction thres-

hold (bidding requirements), see

N.D.C.C 48-01.2-02 and


3.02.020 Procedure

1) All supplies and contractual ser-

vices, except as otherwise provided

herein, when the estimated cost

thereof shall exceed two hundred

thousand dollars ($200,000.00) shall

be purchased from the lowest

responsible bidder after due notice

inviting proposals. Due notice shall

be given by advertising for the pur-

chase of the property or service by

giving written notice in the official

newspaper of the City for three (3)

consecutive weeks and the opening

of the bids received not less than

twenty-one (21)days after the first

publication thereof. The lowest

responsible bidder shall be the

bidder who, in addition to price, has

the best ability, capacity and skill to

perform the contract or provide the

service required promptly or within

the specified time without delay or

interference. There shall also be

considered character, integrity, repu-

tation, judgment, experience and ef-

ficiency of the bidder, the quality of

performance of previous contracts,

sufficiency of financial resources

and previous and existing compli-

ance with state laws and city ordi-


ßFor state law in regard to the Publi-

cation and Advertisement for bids

and the Emergency Exceptions, see


ßFor state law in regard to the

Opening of Bids and Awarding of a

contracts-see N.D.C.C. 48-01.2-07.

2) If the amount of a given pur-

chase is less than five hundred dol-

lars ($500) the department head can

authorize and make the purchase.

The Department head shall forward

the receipt of such purchase or pur-

chases to the city auditor within five

business days.

3) If the amount of a given pur-

chase is over five hundred dollars

($500) but does not exceed two

thousand five hundred dollars

($2,500.00), the manner of accom-

plishing the purchase is by the

department head making a request

through the committee chairman of

the committee overseeing the

department, with the committee

chairman having the authority to ap-

prove or deny the request, and in the

absence of the committee chairman,

a secondary committee member

may exercise the authority of the

committee chairman and approve or

deny the request. The chairman or

committee member who approves or

denies the request shall notify the

city auditor as soon thereafter as

practical during City of Rugby busi-

ness hours of the request and deci-

sion on the expenditure of funds.

(3A)The Department Supervisor has

the authority to make purchases

without prior approval if an emer-

gency exists endangering life.

(3B) The Department Supervisor

has the authority to make purchases

without prior approval for the routine

maintenance of city property and for

the continued maintenance of the

city government’s services.

4) If the amount of a given pur-

chase exceeds two-thousand five

hundred dollars ($2,500.00) but

does not exceed two hundred

thousand dollars ($200,000.00), the

department supervisor or depart-

ment committee, before making the

purchase, shall informally solicit two

(2) or more quotes from vendors,

which quotes need to be in writing.

The department supervisor or

department committee shall keep a

formal record of the persons from

whom quotes were solicited, the

manner in which the quotes were

solicited, the date when the quotes

were solicited, and the price and oth-

er pertinent detail of each quote re-

ceived. All purchases exceeding

two thousand five hundred dollars

($2,500.00) shall require specific

council approval, even if budgeted.

5) All purchases should be made

from local suppliers or vendors

whenever available, with the ex-

ception of emergencies.

3.02.030 Capitalization Plan

All purchases in excess of five hun-

dred dollars ($500.00) shall be in-

cluded in the city’s fixed assets

records. The City Council may

determine that certain equipment of

lesser value may be included as it


First Reading: August 3, 2020

Second Reading: September 3,


Effective: September 12, 2020

Susan Steinke, Mayor

Attest: Jennifer Stewart, City Auditor

(September 12, 2020)





Council Members present: Albrecht,

Lunde, Kraft, Bednarz, LaRocque,

Berg, Longie and Trottier. Also

present were Mayor Steinke, City At-

torney Hartl and City Auditor

Stewart. Steinke called the meeting

to order at 7:30 pm. Council

members recited the Pledge of Al-

legiance. Roll call was taken by

Steinke. There was a motion by Al-

brecht to approve the agenda as

presented. Second by Kraft, all vot-

ing yes, motion carried. There was a

motion by Lunde to approve the

minutes of the July 6, 2020, regular

council meeting. Second by Al-

brecht, all voting yes, motion carried.

Grand total of all bills paid after

07/06/2020 meeting: $101,790.79

20679 A-1 Evans Septic Service

$320.00; 20680 B & M Laundry

$141.91; 20681 BSN Sports, LLC

$1,512.68; 20678 Convention &

Visitors Bureau $3,918.94;

20682 Convention & Visitors Bureau

$1,381.16; 20683 Hawkins

$2,627.34; 20684 HAMC $15.99;

20685 I Design, Inc. $113.00; E-CK

JP Morgan Chase Bank NA

$2,131.10; 20686 Kathy Schuchard

$80.00; 20687 Lexipol, LLC

$2,966.00; 20688 NAPA Auto Parts

of Rugby $178.40; 20689 ND Dept

of Health – Chemistry $18.54; 20690

Northern Improvement Co $631.80;

20691 Otter Tail Power Company $12,264.30; 20692 Rec Supply Co

$51.96; 20693 Rugby Job Authority

$23,795.40; 20694 Rugby Welding &

Machine $300.63; 20695 State Tax

Commissioner $43.52; 20696 Valli

Information Systems $648.05;

20697 Verizon Wireless $80.02;

20698 P.O.S.T. Board $25.00;

E-CK Wex Bank $546.67; ACH

Payroll Checks $82,945.10; Social

Security $12,929.98; Medicare

Taxes $3,023.98; Payroll Taxes

$8,804.74; 20699 AFLAC $938.88;


NDPERS $7,605.80; ACH Sanford

Health / NDPERS $14,310.00;

Total Bills to be approved at

8/3/2020 Meeting $69,467.07

20700 MaxAir Sales &

Service/Jemco $1,044.92; 20701

Acme Tools $169.00; 20702 Ad-

vanced Engineering $6,463.50;

20703 Aqua Pure Inc. $3,161.05;

20704 Bechtold Paving, Inc.

$3,740.00; 20705 Bonnie Berginski $204.70; 20706 Brad Radomski

$700.00; 20707 Brad’s Auto Service

& Towing $84.00; 20708 Circle

Sanitation $18,465.75; 20709 Core & Main LP $797.91; 20710 Corrpro

Companies Inc. $820.00; 20711

Dakota Fire Extinguisher Inc.

$74.96; 20712 David Bednarz

$149.50; 20713 Deplazes Redi-Mix

$871.00; 20714 Erik or Elaine Sveet

$466.08; 20715 First District Health

Unit $235.00; 20716 G & P Com-

mercial Sales $102.74; 20717 H. E.

Everson Co $64.43; 20718 Integrat-

ed Process Solutions $1,125.00;

20719 Job Service ND $480.30;

20720 John Rose $200.00; 20721

JS Wholesale & Vending $305.70;

20722 Leevers $1,044.02; 20723

MARC $895.68; 20724 MeBulbs or

PQL Inc. $293.51; 20725 ND

League of Cities $130.00; 20726

Northern States Supply Inc. $29.98;

20727 Petty Cash $4.65; 20728 Pi-

erce County Auditor $3,412.50;

20729 Pierce County Treasurer

$901.03; 20730 Portraits By Misti

$85.00; 20731 Precision Autobody &

Glass $2,547.78; 20732 Rick Larson

$4,600.00; 20733 Robert Spallinger $1,453.22; 20734 Rugby Broadcas-

ters $196.00; 20735 Rugby Fire

Dept. $4,347.70; 20736 Rugby

Hardware Hank $890.22; 20737

Rugby Homes & RV Center $24.50; 20738 Rugby Insurance Agency $5,939.00; 20739 Rugby Lumber,

Inc. $166.40; 20740 Rugby Service

Center $896.61; 20741 Rugby

Veterinary Service $119.80; 20742

Scott Bommersbach $200.00; 20743

Staples $21.46; 20744 Team La-

boratory Chemical Corp $396.00;

20745 Turtle Mountain Babe Ruth

League $319.00; 20746 Verizon

Wireless $1,872.39

Grand Total All Bills Submitted for

08/03/2020: $ 171,257.86

The bills were reviewed by the coun-

cil. Bills were individually reviewed

by Berg and LaRocque. There was

a motion by LaRocque to approve

payment of the bills as presented.

Second by Berg, roll call vote,

Albrecht-yes, Lunde-yes, Kraft-yes,

Bednarz-yes, Berg-yes,

LaRocque-yes, Longie-yes, and

Trottier-yes, motion carried. The

financials were reviewed by the

council. Stewart presented the cash

report, expenditure report and reve-

nue report to the Council. There

was a motion by Albrecht to approve

the financials as presented and a

budget amendment reducing Fund

2010 Highway Distribution by

$19,458 and reducing Fund 1000 State Aid by $22,132 and reducing

Fund 5060 2019 Highway 3 Project

by $300,000. Second by LaRocque,

roll call vote, Albrecht-yes,

Lunde-yes, Kraft-yes, Bednarz-yes,

Berg-yes, LaRocque-yes,

Longie-yes, and Trottier-yes, motion

carried. The council considered the

July 2020 Municipal Judges Report.

There was a motion by Berg to ap-

prove the July 2020 Municipal

Judges Report. Second by Bed-

narz, all voting yes, motion carried.

Jim Olson, AE2S, addressed the

council regarding the Scope and

Fee Proposal for the Armory. He

explained that the proposal is for up-

grades to the Armory. Olson ex-

plained that the proposal would also

be used to apply for grant funding for

improvements to the Armory. Kraft

explained that there are many things

to be done at the Armory and to ap-

ply for grants it is important that we

have this complete. Steinke ex-

plained the windows (in the class-

room) are rotted and are in need of

repair, regardless of the Scope and

Fee Proposal. Olson explained that

air conditioning, ADA accessibility,

fire suppression, etc. are all impor-

tant upgrades that need to be com-

pleted. There was a motion by Kraft

to accept the Scope and Fee Propo-

sal for the Armory from AE2S in the

amount of $31,800. Second by

Lunde, roll call vote, Albrecht-yes,

Lunde-yes, Kraft-yes, Bednarz-yes,

Berg-yes, LaRocque-yes,

Longie-yes, Trottier-yes, motion car-

ried. Olson gave an update on the 2

1/2 Ave- 6th Street televising pro-

ject. He explained that Kemper, a

Minot company, had the lowest bid

at $8,970, and could arrive on site

the earliest. They began televising

lines today. Olson explained that

Kemper will finish televising the lines

on Wednesday, this week. Olson

described some of the discoveries

that had been made already with the

televising of the lines. The pipe is

not in good condition over all. They

have seen cracked, flattened and

pipe with tree roots or holes in it, so

far. Olson explained that the end

result of Kempers work will be on a

flash drive, for viewing by the Coun-

cil. This will allow them to view what

is going on in the lines. Olson gave

an update on the manhole project as

well as distributed paper copies to

council members. The council re-

viewed the Manhole Assessment,

prepared by AE2S. Liz Heisey, JDA

Executive Director, gave the board

an update on new and existing busi-

ness in the last month as well as

programs that are available due to

COVID-19. Heisey explained

Economic Resilience Grant that will

be available tomorrow. She ex-

plained that she has been gathering

data for site selectors looking to lo-

cate to Rugby. She anticipates

hearing back on the application of

the Partners in Planning Grant. The

Rugby Job Development Authority

has been nominated for a North

Dakota Main Street Award. Award

winners will be announced soon.

There was a motion by Kraft to ap-

prove the JDA minutes and finan-

cials as presented. Second by Al-

brecht, roll call vote, Albrecht-yes,

Lunde- yes, Kraft-yes, Bednarz,-yes,

Berg- yes, LaRocque-yes,

Longie-yes, and Trottier-yes, motion

carried. Renaissance Zone Commit-

tee: Steinke explained that this is a

new, re-established committee. The

committee will be working on policy

for the committee. LaRocque ex-

plained that they have had two appli-

cations for the Renaissance Zone.

Recreation Committee: Chairman

Berg explained that the committee

discussed improvements that will be

needed at the recreation grounds.

The Babe Ruth team traveled to the

State Tournament and finished 6th

Place. Finance Committee: Chair-

man Kraft explained that they have

been busy working on the 2021

Budget. Ordinance Committee:

Chairman Kraft explained they have

discussed storage containers, vehi-

cles for hire as well as modular and

manufactured homes. Public Works

Committee: Chairman Bednarz ex-

plained that they have hired a Water

Plant Operator. The frontage road

project is complete. Buildings Com-

mittee: Chairman Berg explained

they discussed the Armory and Pool.

Public Safety Committee:

LaRocque explained they had dis-

cussed some bushes/shrubs on 4th

St that exceeded the corner height

requirements. Attorney Hartl sent a

letter to the property owners regard-

ing this. They have reached out to

Troy Munyer, Street & Sewer Super-

visor, about cutting those down to

meet ordinance. Munyer will have

this complete. Munyer explained

that there are other places in town

that should be addressed as well re-

garding corner views. LaRocque ex-

plained that signage for truck traffic

in town was discussed. There was

no unfinished business. The Council

held the first reading of Ordinance

426- Purchasing Procedures. This

involves the competitive bid thres-

hold. There was a motion by Al-

brecht to accept the first reading of

Ordinance 426- Purchasing Pro-

cedures. Second by Kraft, roll call

vote, Albrecht-yes, Lunde-yes,

Kraft-yes, Bednarz-yes, Berg-yes,

LaRocque-yes, Longie- yes,

Trottier-yes, motion carried. The

Council held the first reading of Ordi-

nance 427- Vehicles for Hire – re-

peal. The Ordinance Committee re-

viewed Chapter 4.36 Vehicles for

hire, and determined that the entire

ordinance was very out of date and

un-necessary. They do not want to

limit, nor control what types of vehi-

cle ride services may be offered in

the community. There was a motion

by Albrecht to accept the first read-

ing of Ordinance 427-Vehicles for

Hire. Seconded by Kraft. Discus-

sion was held. Berg questioned if

the committee was looking to make

it difficult for someone to offer a ride

service. Kraft clarified that it was in-

tended to allow anyone to offer a

ride service, within the city, without

any license or fees from the city.

Steinke called for a vote, all voting

yes, motion carried. The Council

considered Resolution No. 2020-4:

2021 Enterprise Fund Rates and

Fees. Kraft explained that in 2016

the City of Rugby had a water and

sewer rate study complete. Since

then, the city has been increasing

rates, each year, based on informa-

tion from the rate study. This was

necessary because Rugby had not

been increasing water rates in the

past. Increasing rates is necessary

to help build funds for water and

sewer to make improvements to

current water and sewer lines in the

future. Generating enterprise funds

allows the city to apply for funding,

and confirm that the city has the

ability to pay debts back, to com-

plete water and sewer line replace-

ments and maintenance. Trottier

questioned how studies such as the

Water and Sewer Rate Studies align

with the Job Development Authority.

Steinke explained that the rate stu-

dies are used by the JDA as a tool

when businesses are being recruited

to locate to Rugby. Heisey ex-

plained economic development and

the scope that it encompasses. She

also clarified that when the current

city rate study was complete; she

was City Auditor at that time. Lunde

questioned Heisey if she typically at-

tends city committee meetings.

Heisey explained she is on the All

Seasons Rural Water Users Board.

She also explained that as the

Economic Development Director she

attends committee meetings. She

explained her role distributing and

passing out COVID-19 information

for current local businesses.

Steinke explained that it was impor-

tant to have Heisey relaying infor-

mation to local business and helping

those complete applications for pro-

grams. Lunde questioned if Heisey

was instrumental in reaching out to

Home of Economy to attract them to

Rugby. Heisey explained that she

did not play that role, however she

helped them find property tax incen-

tives when they chose to locate to

Rugby. Albrecht explained that for

businesses looking to relocate or

open, the JDA Office is a wealth of

information for businesses. Heisey

explained some of the programs and

tools the JDA offers to business

within the community and those

moving to Rugby. Lunde thanked

Heisey for all she does. Heisey sug-

gested that Lunde view the JDA

website. Kraft explained that council

is questioned many times as to why

the city has a JDA. He explained

that being able to defend the JDA is

important as a council member.

There was a motion by Albrecht to

approve Resolution No. 2020-4:

2021 Enterprise Fund Rates and

Fees. Second by Kraft, roll call vote,

Albrecht-yes, Lunde-yes, Kraft-yes,

Bednarz-yes, Berg-yes,

LaRocque-yes, Longie-yes,

Trottier-yes, motion carried. The

council considered a proclamation

for American Wind Week, August

9-15, 2020. There was a motion by

Albrecht to approve the proclama-

tion for American Wind Week, Au-

gust 9-15, 2020. Second by Bed-

narz, all voting yes, motion carried.

The council considered the Prelim-

inary 2021 Budget. Stewart re-

viewed the 2021 Preliminary Budget

with the council. Trottier questioned

if Stewart enjoyed her work. She in-

dicated that she does. Trottier

thanked her for her work. There

was a motion by Kraft to approve the

Preliminary 2021 Budget as present-

ed. Second by Trottier, roll call vote,

Albrecht-yes, Lunde-yes, Kraft-yes,

Bednarz-yes, Berg-yes,

LaRocque-yes, Longie-yes,

Trottier-yes, motion carried. The

council considered applications for

Local Permits for Northern Lights

Lions, Rugby Sports Boosters and

Village Arts. Attorney Hartl indicated

he had reviewed the three applica-

tions and they were all in order.

There was a motion by Berg to ap-

prove the applications for Local Per-

mit for Northern Lights Lions, Rugby

Sports Boosters and Village Arts.

Second by Lunde, all voting yes,

motion carried. The council con-

sidered a Renaissance Zone Appli-

cation for Brad Wangler and Derick

Welk doing business as Rugby Pro-

perties, LLC. Lunde questioned if

they were building east of McGuires

on the vacant lot. Kraft questioned if

this was all the lots on the south side

of the property. Steinke explained it

was. There was a motion by Al-

brecht to accept the Renaissance

Zone Application for Brad Wangler

and Derick Welk doing business as

Rugby Properties, LLC. Legal

description is Lots 3, 7 & 8

Seveum’s Sub-Division. Second by

Kraft, all voting yes, motion carried.

The Recreation Committee is re-

questing that the Council consider

approval of transferring funds from

the General Fund to the Recreation

Fund, in the amount of $9,443 to

offset the balance of the Drain-Tile

Project for the recreation grounds.

Currently the estimate of cost to

complete the drain-tile is $38,843.

The Recreation Budget has $29,400

currently available, but is short

$9,443 and would like to complete

the project this fall. Berg explained

that other projects are necessary to

complete down at the recreations

grounds but until the drainage is ad-

dressed those projects cannot be

complete. There was a motion by

Trottier to transfer funds from the

General Fund to the Recreation

Fund, in the amount of $9,443 to

offset the balance of the Drain-Tile

Project for the recreation grounds.

Second by Lunde, roll call vote,

Albrecht-yes, Lunde-yes, Kraft-yes,

Bednarz-yes, Berg-yes,

LaRocque-yes, Longie-yes,

Trottier-yes, motion carried. Steinke

reviewed the correspondence re-

ceived, special meetings and rem-

inders. There being no further busi-

ness to transact or come before the

Council at this time, there was a mo-

tion by Longie to adjourn the Council

Meeting. Second by Bednarz, all

voting yes, motion carried. Meeting

adjourned at 8:54p.m.

Susan Steinke, Mayor

Attest: Jennifer Stewart, City Auditor

Approved: September 3, 2020

(September 12, 2020)

Wolford City Council Meeting

The Wolford City Council met on

Wednesday, September 2, 2020 at

7:00 p.m. Present were Mayor Wolf

and Council Members Beck, Slau-

baugh, and Walsh. Deb read the

August minutes and Financial State-

ment. Both were approved as read

after a motion by Slaubaugh and

second by Walsh.

OLD BUSINESS: 1. The 2021 final

budget hearing will be Oct. 7 at 7

p.m. at the Wolford Fire Hall. Any

taxpayer may appear and discuss

with the governing body any pro-

posed expenditures or may object to

any item or amount. 2. Mayor Wolf

will check on getting more YIELD


NEW BUSINESS: 1. Payment of

the monthly bills was approved after

a motion by Slaubaugh and second

by Beck (Waste Management

745.70; 439.96; Otter Tail 181.91;

Ritterman Trucking 460.00; Ameri-

can Insurance, Inc. 1,231.00; Pierce

County Tribune 31.82). 2. Total pro-

posed General Fund expenditures

for the 2021 budget= $15,946.80.

Beck motioned to adjourn

w/Slaubaugh seconding. Motion car-


NEXT MEETING: October 7, 2020

at 7:00 p.m.

(September 12, 2020)


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