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Legals 7-25

By Staff | Jul 25, 2020

Balta City Council Meeting

July 13, 2020

The 7:30 pm meeting was called to

order by Mayor Jundt. Present were

Councilmen Hallof and Rennock.

Rennock made a motion to accept

the minutes as read. Hallof second-

ed the motion. Hallof made a mo-

tion to accept the treasurers report

as read. Rennock seconded the

motion. Old Business: No old busi-

ness pending at this time. New Busi-

ness: The oath of office was read

as Jundt and Hallof start another two

years of Balta City Council

members. The city has no news re-

garding the old jail house lot. The

board approved paying the bills;

Northern Plains $346.71, Circle

Sanitation $548.00, Tribune $25.16,

Pierce County Election $64.40, ND

League of Cities dues $215.00, City

Employees $5040.00, and James

Rennock lawn service $550.00. The

second notice of garbage and sewer

bills have been sent out, so please

take care of this. No other business

before the board Rennock made a

motion to adjourn the meeting. Hal-

lof seconded the motion.

Elaine Schaan, City Auditor

(July 25, 2020)

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