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Vaccines, masks save lives as COVID cases climb

By Staff | Sep 4, 2021

As we once again see a surge of COVID-19 on the horizon, the medical staff at Heart of America Medical Center would like to share our thoughts with the members of our community.

We know that COVID-19 measures have become very sensitive issues. Community members ask us every day to share our medical knowledge to help them stay well and to get better when ill. As a medical team, we do the same with COVID-19.

We encourage all who are able to receive a COVID-19 vaccination to do so as a way to help limit the spread and severity of COVID-19. We would never recommend a vaccine if we believed it was dangerous or ineffective. Reports from other parts of the country are showing that vaccines have been effective at significantly reducing the risk of hospitalization and serious illness.

We support the use of masks when distancing is not feasible in public settings. As you may know, our facility is still requiring the use of masks, as this helps reduce the spread of viruses and bacteria from our employees to our patients and vice versa. Worn properly, masks can do the same in the community.

We recommend that patients who test positive for COVID-19 quarantine for the recommended amount of time. We do not wish to single anyone out, patronize patients, or create mental or financial strain. With what we know about this virus, we are recommending this step to contain the spread of this illness as best we are able.

COVID-19 is very real, and we have seen firsthand how devastating it can be. We wish for nothing more than to see you all safe and healthy now and into the future. We give our deepest thanks to those who have put their faith in us as a medical team. Your health is truly our passion, and we look forward to caring for you in the future.

Heart of America Medical Staff

Dr. Josalynne Hoff-Rue, M.D.

Gail Danielson, PA-C

Dustin Hager, PA-C

Nicole Lemieux, PA-C

Dr. Steve Schoneberg, MD

Andi Stahl, GNP-BC

Jenna Thompson, FNP-C

Cammy Kelsch, FNP-C

Chelsea Wyatt, APRN, CRNA

Jana Michels, RN

Bobbie Trana Pagel, NP

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