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Consider risks before vaccination

By Staff | Jul 3, 2021

Kolette Kramer, Denbigh

COVID has risks. So does the vaccination. How do we get informed consent and truly know what is best for us, our children, and our elderly? The studies are out there. Our youth are not at great risk of catching COVID, having the side effects of COVID or spreading COVID. Why then, are we insisting they need a vaccine for a disease that hardly affects them?

Schools at all levels are getting policies in place for the fall start up. Should schools and universities be able to mandate vaccines and should those same schools and universities be held liable for the outcomes if the students have an adverse reaction? According to the VAERS reports, there are almost 6,000 deaths reported after the vaccine. A Harvard study claimed that only 1% of adverse events are being reported. What other reactions are being reported? Myocarditis and heart inflammation is being reported. What sort of reactions should be reported to VAERS and the ongoing studies that are being done? Are reactions easily reported? What other reactions are going unreported because of lack of willingness to report or lack of connecting the dots?

Trials are ongoing and the vaccines, no matter what brand, are under emergency use authorization. They have not been FDA approved. Mandating these trial vaccines should hold some accountability. Would the schools have to create an adverse event fund to pay out for damages done to students who were told they had to have the vaccine to attend?

What if they receive the vaccine and are harmed by it? What sort of “evidence” is needed to ensure the cause of the injury is really the vaccine? Parents have been fighting for years to protect their children and asking for liability to be tacked back on to the pharmaceutical companies that create, make, and distribute these vaccines. In 1986, a law was passed removing liability from vaccine makers. And why would they do that? Why do they need exemption from liability? Were there instances of injury and companies were having to pay out settlements? Yes, there were. Have you listened to a pharmaceutical advertisement on TV or radio? Have you ever heard one without a long list of side effects and warnings?

If I willingly take the vaccine and know the risks, I do have the responsibility of whatever outcome the injection may have caused. I was given information and made an informed decision. But, coercion, force, or mandating does not mean I consented. It means I was coerced. It means I was forced to accept an injection with unknown short and long-term side effects to be able to participate. If school and university boards decide to mandate the vaccine for all students and staff, they better be ready to step up to the plate and accept responsibility for any adverse outcomes that they forced on families as well. You mandate, you accept responsibility.

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