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No shots, no school, NOT TRUE!

By Staff | Jan 30, 2021

Kolette Kramer, Denbigh

Vaccine awareness became big topic this year with covid 19. Many people hadn’t thought of vaccines except when they were informed they or their child were due for one and even then vaccine safety and efficacy (whether or not they work) didn’t really get talked about much. Then came 2020 and SARS 2. Suddenly vaccine awareness is a daily news report.

Recently I visited with my local school district and asked what policies they have for school entry and vaccine requirements. I’ve been vaccine hesitant for many years. I have been refused service at pediatricians offices and told I would have to seek another doctor because of my childrens vaccine status. I sought more information and wondered what vaccines are mandatory, what vaccines were required, and what vaccines were recommended.

Information seems to be one sided there. Health officials will tell you they are all required and mandatory. No one will tell you that vaccines are recommended and if you want to you can get an exemption form and file that instead of taking the recommended vaccines. In a legislative committee meeting in Bismarck this past week it was mentioned that all parents know that they have that option. That if they don’t want to vaccinate their children they can just file an exemption form stating religious, philosophical, or medical reasons. It’s that easy.

But is it that easy? There is a bill being introduced that parents are provided that information. On the other end of the spectrum, there is a bill being introduced that parents who opt out have to receive training on the importance of vaccines and provide a certificate of completion. $50,000 is allocated to produce this “convincing” training. I wonder if there is any public funds being allocated to provide training to parents who do vaccinate their children and tell them about the dangers of vaccines and how to file a VAERS claim if their child has an adverse reaction. I think even doctors need that training because they are very reluctant to file a VAERS claim. Statistics claim that only 1% of adverse reactions get reported. That’s 99% that never get reported. Is that because reactions aren’t that severe or because of hesitancy to report by health professionals?

So, since no government agency is going to put this on a billboard to promote public health, here’s my public service announcement:

North Dakota Has 3 exemptions. Philosophical or moral, religious, and medical. All you have to do is ask for an exemption form!

Give it a try and see what happens!

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