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Why I oppose Measure 2

By Staff | Oct 3, 2020

Kevin Herrmann, Beulah

November 3, 2020, the voters of North Dakota will be voting on Measure 2. A Senate Concurrent Resolution passed by the 2019 Legislature. SCR 4001 will change section 9 of Article III “Powers Reserved to the People” in the North Dakota Constitution. The framework for North Dakota citizens to have the power reserved to initiate a petition to amend the century code, the constitutions referendum of a legislative bill, or recall certain elected officials.

When an initiative constitutional amendment has been approved by the voters it will no longer be considered enacted. The next legislative assembly will be required to hold Senate and House committee hearings on it before a vote on final passage by the Senate and House.

My biggest concern is there is nothing in SCR 4001 to prevent the legislative assembly from changing the intent of the initiative constitutional amendment. It grants more power to legislators if the majority of them don’t like the initiative constitutional amendment approved by the citizens of North Dakota.

The bottom line is the super majority of legislators have been upset with the citizens of North Dakota for passing Marcy’s Law, Medical Marijuana and Ethics measures that were on the ballot in past elections. The legislators do not like the citizens of North Dakota directing them on what to legislate.

They are going to be telling you about the amount of out of state money and out of state organizations influencing the process of the initiative petition. The citizens of North Dakota need to ask the legislators why it’s okay for them to accept out of state PAC money from corporations or organizations for their campaigns. Doesn’t it influence how they vote on a Senate or House Bill?

Please vote NO on Measure 2.

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