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7-4-20 Letters to the Tribune

By Staff | Jul 2, 2020

America, still land of the free?

It is not merely the first pandemic outbreak in 100 years that has made the last few months unsettling; actually, the events that unfolded after the COVID shutdown are even more threatening.

Certain states’ allowance of historic monument destruction, public property confiscations, and private property vandalisms are but a few of the recent heart-wrenching situations. Is it not shocking beyond belief that some citizens and many local leaders in Seattle, Washington would permit such open acts of violence against our great country’s founding liberties? Such citizens and leaders have also expressed seemingly little concern over audacious attempts to desecrate churches and church statues – an outrageous threat against the religious liberties guaranteed in the First Amendment. I question why citizens and leaders in Seattle, Washington are not screaming for justice against the perpetrators of these violent crimes. There are heightened emotions and varied opinions throughout the country at this time. I understand this and do not wish to offend anyone. It is my heartfelt sentiments of concern for America, the country I love, that propel me to speak my mind. These unnerving national situations have opened my eyes to the realization that America, the Constitution, and our founding liberties could be at risk.

Though the state of Washington is a great distance away from peaceful Pierce County, such shattering events could strike closer to home next time. These events have stirred the realization that it is my responsibility as a liberty loving American to safeguard the founding freedoms. In fact, it is all of our responsibility, even if we live in little Rugby, to aid in protecting our great country.

Founding father George Washington knew the necessity of citizens taking responsibility to protect the freedoms the enjoy. This was vividly stated in his quote about the Constitution: “Its only keepers (are) the people.” It seems clear then that today is the day to speak up; take action; and help keep our great America, land of the free!

Elizabeth Ostrem,


Haugen for Treasurer

Now that the dust has settled on the primary race for State Treasurer, it’s time to be clear on who is the best candidate and that person is Mark Haugen. With three decades of servant leadership and philanthropy experience in Emergency Medical Services, Mark has demonstrated the skills to lead the state treasurer’s office. Mark will also be an excellent steward of taxpayer dollars and will work to integrate new technology into the office.

Mark’s vision is to bring leadership, integrity, trust, and transparency to the office of state treasurer. Mark is one of the most honest, respectful, and compassionate people I know. He will also bring an independent voice to the treasurer’s office, not influenced by the governor’s office, legislative branch, or special interests.

This fall, look past the fancy mailers and take a look at man that has spent a life of service to the people of North Dakota. I support Mark Haugen for State Treasurer.

DeeAnn Werre,


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