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6-27 Letters to the Tribune

By Staff | Jun 26, 2020

We can do better

As I watched the Empire Builder # 7 roll into Rugby this morning, I realized how fortunate Rugby and North Dakota is to have a passenger rail system in our state and in our nation. Amtrak is not perfect but it is the best passenger rail system we have in this nation, so lets support it.

Now, in this time of world and nation wide turmoil, somebody has the bright idea to cut this service to 3-4 days a week. People still need a method of going places. Many areas of the nation, including rural communities like Rugby need a method of transportationand a safe method in these days.

America should wake up and support a national system of passenger rail service. Third world countries have railroads, but America has to fight for a decent train service.

Congress can seem to find money to send to everybody in the county, but they can’t fund this system of transportation in our country.

We can do better than this thank you. Dale G. Niewoehner Former Mayor – City of Rugby

Resting place damaged

On Monday, June 15, 2020, we buried my Mother, Wanda Nielsen, at Persilla Watts Cemetery in Rugby. It was to be a wonderful end to the Celebration of Wanda Nielsen’s life.

My brother, Al Nielsen; Funeral Director Dale Niewoehner, and I had spent time making sure that the cemetery plot was prepared. Dale had temporarily planted lilies in front of the headstone and 11 geraniums were planted in planters. These geraniums were very special as they were from each of her 11 grandchildren. They had been giving Grammie Wanda geraniums every Mother’s Day since they were born. The plot had been beautifully prepared for Mom’s final resting place.

However, when we arrived at the cemetery for the burial, all of the lilies and geraniums had been torn out and taken.

We just don’t understand the reason for the flowers’ removal. To whoever took them, we would have gladly given them to you after the burial. Mom, Wanda Nielsen, was the most giving person and she would have wanted us to share them with anybody who really felt they needed them. All you would have had to do is ask.

If you took them for another reason, you hurt the family of Wanda Nielsen.

Mom came to Rugby in 1944. She loved Rugby and it was one of her saddest days when she had to move away. Wanda only gave of herself to Rugby and loved all in Rugby. To have somebody from Rugby damage her final resting place in Rugby is beyond understanding,

Nancy Heger


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