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LETTER: Destruction and devastation

By Staff | May 10, 2019

To whom this may concern. It has been brought to my attention to check out the entrance to the museum.

Oh my. What devastation, my heart sank.

Everything is gone. Wow.

Everything had a reason or purpose and lots of history for being there. The Geographical Center Historical Society’s mission is to document, preserve and interpret the history and ongoing story of North Central North Dakota for the people of the region and for visitors (NOT DESTROY).

What happened to the Peace Pole, sundial, rocks from every state, weather vane, drug store clock, large cast iron cooker, large plow, frame and bell, and all the memorial shrubs?

The shrubs were given in memory of loved ones as memorials. In Memory of Shirley Blessum by Richard Blessum and sons. In Memory of Roland Ekren and Gail Jelsing by Lorraine Ekren, just to name a few.

How many more memorials have been destroyed? I’m sure if the families would have known this was the plan, they would have given them to places that would’ve appreciated them.

A memorial is anything meant to help people remember some person or event as a monument, trust fund, holiday, tree or shrub.

Obviously no one did their research. Shame on you for destroying history of the museum, Rugby, and these memorials. What a way to degrade the hard work of our original dedicated past hard workers.

Change is one thing, but destroying memorials is another.

Pamela Schmitt,

Employee and past curator of 25 years,


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