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3-23 Letters to the Tribune

By Staff | Mar 22, 2019

Save St. Anselm

This letter is concerning the future of the St. Anselm Catholic Church in Fulda. Please indulge us one more time with your attention.

Our church, by most accounts, may be (is) the oldest and first Catholic church in the area, dating back to October 1901-when Bishop Shanley blessed the new little church on the present-day site. It became a parish in 1903.

Former parishioners and visitors are impressed with the care and condition of the church and are very grateful that it is still here as a testimony to our Catholic heritage and would like to see it remain standing, as it is not only a Catholic church but a well-known historical landmark in the area.

Although it has been the policy of the Church according to canon law to remove all religious articles-stained-glass windows, altars, statues, etc.-and then destroy the building, we hope that an exception could be made to permit the people to continue to not only maintain the building, but also to preserve the religious articles. In the case of St. Anselm of Fulda, interest has not faded and the building has not become an eyesore.

God willing, we hope to persevere and perhaps a compromise can be reached in allowing it to remain as is, so long as there continues to be a strong commitment for its preservation in the local area. We ask ourselves, “What would Jesus do?”

Nicholas & Jacinta Schmaltz, Carlotta Schall, Nick & Arlene Bachmeier

Theodore Roosevelt Library

The Theodore Roosevelt Library is the greatest economic opportunity the state has had since the establishment of Theodore Roosevelt National Park. It will grow North Dakota’s third largest industry. Oil and Natural Gas is 30.5 percent, Agriculture is 30.2 percent and Tourism is 19 percent.

The travel and tourism industry benefits the entire state of North Dakota by attracting 22 million visitors annually. Based on a average of the existing visitation to presidential libraries, it is estimated the library would attract 113,000 additional visitors annually. This is above the 700,000 to 800,000 already visiting Theodore Roosevelt National Park. According to North Dakota Commerce Travel and Tourism, industry brings in 22 million annual visitors, $3 billion in visitor spending, 2,800 related businesses, and 42,614 jobs.

Mount Rushmore, the anchor to the south, proudly displays the Theodore Roosevelt granite image and attracts approximately 2.5 MILLION visitors a year. By redirecting even a small fraction of these visitors to take the Theodore Roosevelt Expressway (a highway proposal potentially taking existing Highway 85 from Canada to Mexico, currently connects Mount Rushmore area to Theodore Roosevelt National Park). We become the new preferred route to Yellowstone National Park and its over 4 million recreation visitors a year. This route takes people from Mount Rushmore through Devils Tower, Bear Butte, Theodore Roosevelt National Park, Fort Union, Custer’s Battlefield, Yellowstone National Park, and much more. North Dakota will be the center of the preferred East

West route to Yellowstone with the Theodore Roosevelt Library and Park as its centerpiece. We cannot afford to lose this investment opportunity.

The library will give vacationers basically three northern East West choices to Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons, from preferred Choice 1 Mount Rushmore, through North Dakota, following the Theodore Roosevelt north Expressway; or further north through Fort Union and Glacier National Park or the existing Wyoming route. It will bring people across the whole state, the Minneapolis and northeast market will grow adding in-state opportunities from Fargo to Beach, and Grand Forks to Crosby. The Theodore Roosevelt Library and Theodore Roosevelt National Park will be the centerpiece attracting an additional minimum 100,000 plus visitors. Let’s not lose this billion dollar economic and intellectual opportunity.

Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum will preserve vast archives of documents, and a museum full of important presidential artifacts, interesting educational and public programs, activities and informative website. It will be a repository for the papers, records, and historical materials of Theodore Roosevelt. The library will work to assure these irreplaceable items are preserved and made available for the widest possible use by researchers and scholars. Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum will provide the opportunity to see, hear and participate in the events that changed our lives and made us who we are as a nation. The library and museum will be a world class attraction complementing Theodore Roosevelt National Park, and North Dakota, attracting visitors from around the world.

Currently, according to North Dakota Commerce Travel and Tourism, we had $3 billion in total visitor spending and that breaks down to $522.53 million in lodging, $900.67 million in food and beverage, $593.26 million in transportation, $382.85 million in recreation, and $652.27 million in retail.

There can be no better way of investing the legacy fund back to the people of North Dakota. Economically and intellectually the Theodore Roosevelt Library is an investment we cannot afford not to make.

Wally Owen,


(submitted via NDNA)

Ethics in Government

On March 12th the House and Senate Ethics Committees convened to hear both SB2148 and House Bill 1521 for the first time since crossover. There was strong testimony before the House Ethics Committee in favor of SB 2148, and not without good reason. SB 2148 in its current form is following not only the letter, but also the spirit of Article XIV, the section of the constitution created by Measure 1. While much of the hearing was a productive discussion between members of both House and Senate Ethics Committees, certain members of the Committee disappointed me, and their constituents.

It was brought up multiple times by a few Committee members that the citizens of North Dakota did not know what they were voting for. Well, in a way they’re right. It turns out they did not know that they elected representatives who choose not to represent their interests. I feel that there are some in the committee that are trying to make meaningful legislation but, I came away also feeling that there are some who are blatantly against Article XIV in its entirety. Unfortunately for them, the voters already agreed that they wanted to end corruption and create full transparency of corporate influence.

Article XIV is part of our Constitution, the highest law of the land. The Ethics Commission, lobbying regulation, and anti-corruption law are no longer negotiable. It is no longer a question of ‘if’ only ‘how best’. I hope that the detractors of Article XIV come to their senses and realize that their duty now is to create the most effective anti-corruption law that they possibly can. If they don’t, rest assured, we will remember it in 2020.

Norton Lovold,


(submitted via NDNA)


After reading “Americans shocked by impact of new tax law” by Sarah Skidmore Sell of the Associated Press in the Bismarck Tribune’s February 24, 2019 article, I thought I’d write about my experience with the new tax law.

I wanted to discover the actual tax benefit for me from my 2017 income tax law. I had my federal income tax withholding remain the same for 2018 as it was for 2017. After filing my 2018 federal income tax, I discovered that I’m receiving a refund of $ 1,600 more in 2018 than I did in 2017! All right!

“Crumbs” is what Nancy Pelosi calls it. I call it $ 1,600. That is a significant amount to me.

If anyone wants to give me crumbs ($ 1,600.), I’ll take all the “Crumbs” people want to give me.

Gaylynn Becker,


(submitted via NDNA)

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