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10-20 Letters to the Tribune

By Staff | Oct 19, 2018

Vote “yes” on Measure 1

I have lived in North Dakota my entire life, except when I was in the Army, and have practiced law in North Dakota for over 50 years. I write now to urge every voter to VOTE “YES” on MEASURE 1 on the November election ballot. The essence of the measure is that it would create a constitutional right for all North Dakotans to know WHO is spending MONEY to INFLUENCE our state elections.

We are being inundated with ads on TV or Radio, and in newspapers and brochures placed in our doors by people attempting to influence our vote for some person or measure. Many of these ads are paid for by some unknown person or entity and one has no idea who the people are who are trying to influence our votes.

By requiring the people behind these attempts to influence our votes to be personally identified will give greater transparency and help prevent well financed special interests from hiding behind a veil of secrecy.

The United States Supreme Court in the Citizens United case based on free speech rights allowed corporate money to be used to influence elections. This has resulted in millions of dollars from sources outside of North Dakota being spent attempting to influence North Dakota elections.

But the Supreme Court also recognized that DISCLOSURE of the SOURCE of the money does not inhibit free speech. In fact disclosure of the names of the actual people funding these various advertisements allows the electorate to know who is really promoting the candidates or various positions.

Who could possibly be opposed to more transparency? Well, apparently the North Dakota Chamber of Commerce, the North Dakota Retail Association and the North Dakota Petroleum Marketers as they have come out in opposition. Why would they do that? Are they afraid to let North Dakota voters know exactly who is trying to influence the voters regarding some candidate or issue?

Vote “YES” on MEASURE 1 so we voters will have the right to know exactly who is trying to influence our votes.

David L. Peterson

Bismarck, ND

The Biggest Problem With Measure 3

I’m writing this letter to the editor because I am adamantly opposed to Measure 3, which asks us to approve recreational marijuana in North Dakota.

The single biggest reason we should all be extremely concerned about this measure becoming law is captured in the last sentences of the measure language. It says it would “nullify and repeal any North Dakota Code language which conflicts with chapter 66 – 01”, which would be the new law if the measure passes.

What that means in simple terms is that any current law that covers marijuana now would be repealed. In other words, there would be no rules or regulations on the growing, possessing or selling of marijuana in our state, except to those under 21. The people who wrote the measure admit this is exactly what they want: no rules.

This would be a disaster waiting to happen if it passes. Some say “the legislature will fix it.” Will they? After all the abuse they’ve taken on their handling of the medical marijuana law, I don’t think we should be so sure there will be the required two thirds majority in each house to repeal and change this bill if it’s passed.

Please join me in voting NO on Measure 3. Thank you.

Dan Donlin

Bismarck, ND

Measure 3: Why?

That is my biggest question.

Look closely at the measure. Look closely. Read it.

If Measure 3 passes, what will be illegal?…the selling of marijuana to anyone under the age of 21, the distribution of marijuana to anyone under the age of 21, and the possession of marijuana by anyone under the age of 21. NOTHING ELSE WILL BE ILLEGAL!

Imagine the followingAnyone over the age of 21 will be able to grow marijuana. Anywhere. Inside. Outside. In homes. Near schools. As much as they want. They can possess it and sell it in any amount, and they can smoke it or eat ediblesanywhere.

Recreational marijuana WILL reach our children. When we make a drug recreational, it is obviously more available.

SO, why? Why would we do this to our children?

Medical marijuana is already legal in North Dakota for those who NEED it. Please leave it at that.

I am voting NO on Measure 3, and I urge you to VOTE NO on Measure 3 as well.

Jeannie Fitterer

Flasher, ND

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