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LETTER: Measure 3 needs to be written differently

By Staff | Oct 5, 2018

The folks who wrote Measure 3 should scrap what they’ve got and start from scratch. As Measure 3 stands now, which is what we’ll be voting on, the lack of rules and regulations make it completely unreasonable and unrealistic.

If what they want is to have recreational marijuana legal in this state they should go back to the drawing board, look at what other states have done where it has passed and accept that there simply have to be rules, regulations and safeguards. They need to get out their pens and paper and write something reasonable if they want to be successful in North Dakota. It really shouldn’t be so difficult when they have several other states as models. And I’d suggest they talk to a few legislators too.

I’ve read, however, that the proponents of this measure like it the way it is – with the no rules, regulations, guidelines or government intervention. It sounds like a total free-for-all to me. Just to be clear, Measure 3 can’t be rewritten before November 6th. We will be voting on a measure that has almost no guidelines. I can’t understand why the people who wrote it thought North Dakota voters would allow this to go through the way it is. I urge everyone to do the responsible thing which is to vote NO on Measure 3. I will.

Jared Scheeler,


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