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6-24 Letters to the Tribune

By Staff | Jun 23, 2017

Rugby Eagles thanks community

The officers and members of the Rugby Eagles Club recently held the Dakota State (North and South) Eagles convention in town. We, the members of Rugby, are so very proud of the effort made by all from this community. Comment from the visitors was only positive.

Thank you to Liz Heisey, Neil Lotvedt and Miriah Koenig for their time and words during the opening of the meetings. Thank you to the Legion Color Guard for presenting the flags. A special thanks to McGuires and staff for providing courtesy cars for transporting visitors between venues. Thank you to the drivers for donating your time. Thanks to the SWAT wrestling kids and parents for serving the banquet meal prepared by Grove’s Catering. Thank you Dakota Farms for your help with a location for the auxiliary meetings and hosting their luncheon. Thanks goes to the motels in town and their staffs for being there for our guests! Thank you Prairie Village Museum for free weekend visits. Thank you Wolford School and Dave Halvorson for the use of drums.

And last but not least, thank you to all the businesses that advertised in the convention booklet, whether you could benefit from this convention or not. You showed your positive attitude for Rugby. We are pleased and proud of everyone and all that you did for the Eagles.

Dr. Paul Niemi,

A proud Eagle member and now Past Dakota State President

Keep nonprofits nonpartisan

Proposed federal action would make churches and charities as partisan as every other institution in the country. As representatives of the broad nonprofit and philanthropic communities in our state, we believe that such action would have severe, negative consequences for our work. Indeed, the North Dakota Association of Nonprofit Organizations (NDANO) and the North Dakota Community Foundation (NDCF) stand together, along with other nonprofits and foundations across our state, in support of nonprofit nonpartisanship.

Together we oppose any federal legislation or executive action that would repeal or weaken existing law that prohibits charitable nonprofits, religious congregations and foundations from endorsing or opposing candidates for elective office, also known as the Johnson Amendment.

Nonpartisanship is critical to the ability of nonprofits, churches and foundations to work with elected officials of all parties at the local, state and federal levels to address community needs throughout North Dakota. Nonprofits are apolitical spaces in our communities, designed to be removed from the political fray, a place where people come together to solve community problems.

NDANO and NDCF believe current law requiring charitable nonprofits to remain nonpartisan is the best way to serve the public good. We oppose efforts to repeal or weaken existing law because it protects both nonprofits and the public, preventing charitable contributions from being diverted to political campaigns, thus allowing nonprofits to focus on solving problems, helping our neighbors and enriching our communities. We ask Sen. Hoeven, Sen. Heitkamp and Rep. Cramer to maintain the Johnson Amendment.

Keeping nonprofits nonpartisan is the right thing for our state and our country. Learn more at www.GiveVoice.org.

Dana Schaar Jahner, Executive Director, ND Association of Nonprofit Organizations

Kevin Dvorak, President and CEO, ND Community Foundation

Submitted via NDNA News Release Service

Medicaid coverage is important to North Dakota’s children

As a practicing pediatrician in North Dakota for the past 37 years, I have provided care for thousands of children in the Bismarck area and across the state. I’ve seen firsthand how important it is for families to have health insurance coverage so that they can get their children the care they need.

Medicaid is the single largest health insurer for children in our country. Here in North Dakota, Medicaid provides health insurance for 36,000 children, 20 percent of whom have special health care needs.

Just like children depend on Medicaid, pediatricians like me and other healthcare providers also rely on the program. It helps us ensure we can treat and care for every child, regardless of their parents’ income.

The Medicaid cuts under consideration in our nation’s capital would fundamentally change the Medicaid program that so many depend on to keep their families healthy. Thousands of North Dakota kids, seniors and people with disabilities will struggle to afford the care they need. Proposed block grants to states means trading our families’ health away in favor of tax cuts for the rich.

As a pediatrician, I know we need to make improvements to our health care system, but slashing Medicaid coverage for those who need it most is not the way to do it. If you believe that all children and families should have access to medical care, please contact Sens. Hoeven and Heitkamp and urge them protect the vital Medicaid program.

Stephen McDonough is a pediatrician in Bismarck

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