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LETTER: Legislators ignorant or think Measure 5 voters are stupid

By Staff | Apr 14, 2017

To all North Dakotans,

I am letting you know that ND has a super majority, a super majority that doesn’t know left from right nor up from down. In certain cases all you have to do is look at the will of the people and politicians ignoring it. Medical Marijuana passed in every single district. On the other hand the majority of the legislators are vocally against it. Maybe because they are uninformed (thinking marijuana is a gateway drug, as Robert Erbele said in a town forum before the election) and as a result need to be educated on the issue. Maybe they think that they know best and their constituents are stupid, a belief implied by Judy Lee and Al Carlson who stated “the voters didn’t know what they voted for” on both Prairie Public and the House floor. Last, maybe because they are holding to their campaign donations and are in the pocket of Big Pharma. All of these potential positions are disturbing, with each more than the last. Essentially our options are; the legislators are ignorant, they assume we are fools or they are willing to take what amounts to little more than a bribe to go against the will of the people.

Measure 5 passed despite being broke, with spending less than $18,000 too. The measure still captured the minds of North Dakotans. Unlike the 4 million dollar out of state NO campaign for the tobacco tax, or a $3 million yes campaign like Marcy’s Law. It was hands down passed because North Dakotans universally agreed it was the right thing to do, regardless of political affiliation, geographic location, or convincing TV advertisements. It received the 2nd-most yes votes out of all 5 measures, 216,042 to be exact, it even won every single state legislative district. Whether you lived in Bismarck, the oil fields, or the last liberal bastion in North Dakota [Fargo], we came to agreement together, not against each other. We were then lied to by state government as they overrode the people because of so called “implementation details”. The people’s 30 page law was then completely erased and replaced with an unrecognizable 50 page bill by the Senate.

Then, the House got it back to roughly 75% of what it was, as they continue to deny those suffering from cancer or other illnesses the medication they need, and the medication North Dakotans approved. Because of these delays, think of the incredible suffering our Legislature has inflicted, because they believe you, the voter, are stupid. The free market limited government Republicans are only allowing a few dispensaries that will cost 2X the average American family salary for the permit before other regulatory fees, and they also are removing your right to do what you want on your land. So much for getting government out of your life. What do you think the price of medical marijuana is going to be when it costs $100,000 dollars to get a permit, which ensures monopolies?

I could go on and on, but I will instead invite you to the Capital front lawn in Bismarck, ND April 20th, where you can hear from the experts and decide for yourself at the Marijuana Reform Rally. This will cover numerous topics around marijuana: the delayed Hemp Program, decriminalization of marijuana, medical marijuana, and recreational marijuana. All hot topics both nationally and within our great state. This is an educational rally giving a chance for all in ND to become informed on this cause and determine our states future in regards to drug policy. Additionally, this is where a candidate for US Senate will announce his bid talking on not just the drug war, but other issues whether they be fixing our broken budget or plans for energy independence. Lastly, a town forum featuring legislators and former candidates will be held to answer questions from the people. For more information please visit and “like” Real ND News on Facebook to get involved and connected. We will be holding future rallies not only in Bismarck but across ND, with different topics and enlightening speakers. For those that cannot make it we encourage you to tune in through doing live videos all day via Facebook. For those who get tired of the political discussion, we will be playing yard games and listening to music so bring your families as well. I look forward to seeing you there and hope that Robert Erbele will also come to learn a thing or two.


Dustin David Peyer,

Driscoll ND

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