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By Staff | Apr 7, 2017

After Prom Committee thanks community

Many people who live in a small town know that the best part of living in one is the people. The RHS After Prom Committee can certainly attest to that after the amazing support shown by the businesses, parents, and school for the event.

We cannot thank the community of Rugby enough for helping us provide a safe and fun atmosphere for our high school students and their out-of-town guests. Through generous donations we were able to provide food, prizes, Knockerball, pool, a DJ, and a hypnotist for the kids. We had over 75 students attend the After Prom Party from beginning until the end. With about 86 students in grades eleven and twelve, that is a fantastic turnout!

We want to offer specific thanks to a few businesses and individuals. First, thank you to Kevin Lashman at Dakota Farms. Kevin, you were so accommodating–it made our planning easy! We could not have provided the party we did without your help. Second, thank you to every business that offered prizes for the kids or donated to support the party. From gift cards and certificates to clothing to products–the variety and abundance of prizes was truly impressive thanks to your generosity. We estimate that we were able to give away about $3000 in prizes! Third, thank you to Rugby Jaycees for sponsoring the hypnotist once again. The kids really seem to have fun with him each year. Next, thank you to the parents to help plan, organize, chaperone, and clean-up. We actually had more than enough help, and what a great “problem” to have! You all made this so easy and enjoyable, and we are grateful! Also, thank you to Dawn Hauck and Peggy Harmel at the Rugby Public Schools Business Office for handling all our financial accounts. You were both so patient and knowledgable. Finally, thank you to the students! You were well-behaved, fun, and energetic. We know we have great students at RHS, but you proved that once again. You were the definition of Panther Pride!

Small town living is made special by the people in the community, and we are happy to share our sincere appreciation to ours.


After Prom Parent Planning Committee

Top of the hill

“What in the world am I going through lately?” That is the question that’s been rattling through my mind in recent days, weeks, and months. Perhaps it’s been stewing in there for years even. Only now, it’s forcing me to give it my full attention.

I think you’ve probably seen a party like this: black balloons and streamers, a cake with an exaggerated number of candles, poems and songs about the approaching descent in life. A 40th birthday party!

I’m not a big numbers guy. I like numbers, don’t get me wrong. They can be a great source of entertainment, fascination, wonder, and even insight, creativity, and wisdom. Turning 40 though? It’s just a number like any other.

It is not easy, though, to avoid contemplating the phrase so closely associated to the number (or rather, the age) 40 the phrase “over the hill”.

The implication is that, in life, there is a hill. You’re born and you start ascending the hill. You learn to walk, and you go up the hill. You learn to talk, up the hill a little more. And with each addition, of years, schools, friends, jobs, significant others, careers, etc., up the hill a little more. Each new height offers new panorama, new perspective.

Then you reach the top, where “it’s all downhill from here”.

Point being, it’s implied that there’s a hill.

On my way up the hill, I’m telling you, I looked around. I’ve walked all the way around the hill many times. I’m no stranger to what’s out there on the various sides of the hill. Old, young, rich, poor, formally educated, self-taught I’ve seen much of what is out there to be seen through vicarious eyes.

What I’ve come to be aware of at this point, though, is the way things change and the way things stay the same. Some things seem to change with every step up the hill. Other things stay exactly the same but look wildly different when you reach a new height.

From this place I’m at in life, that’s what I’m talking about: the things that stay the same but seem to change, and the things that change but seem to stay the same. I’m talking about trying to look into the future with the wisdom one accrues, and I’m talking about staying connected to the vitality of one’s past.

From where I am now, I can see the world from a special place. A place I’ll really only experience once in my life. From here, I can see both the glory in old age and the magic in youth.

Time, of course, keeps passing. I will not be allowed to stay where I am, and neither will you. The moment asks me to pause and reflect. The moment asks me to drink it in, to breathe in the view from the top of the hill.

Micah Scott,


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