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District 14 Legislative Reports

By Staff | Mar 3, 2017

Today, Day 37 here in the Senate, begins the work of hearing all the bills the House has passed. It looks as if we will be looking into 278 bills from the House.

Last week, the Senate sent a bill to the House that would take over funding of county social services. The money would come from the 12% property tax reduction that we are currently providing and it would ask the county to remove the 20 mills that they currently levy for social services. There is a hold harmless clause in the legislation that would make sure that every taxpayer would receive their property tax reduction at the same level as the 12%. There are many here that believe the state taking over the function of county social services would be true property tax relief. We will have to see what the House does with the bill.

I heard from many of you on SB 2225, which we called the “no trespassing” bill. The bill started as a bill where the entire state would be posted and anyone coming on to private property would need to ask. The bill was amended to create a pilot program for up to five counties which would be considered posted. Our landowners would sign up and decide whether they would allow hunting on their property. This would be developed into an app for hunters to determine which land is posted and which land could be hunted on. Although the farm groups got behind it, the bill ultimately failed with the amendments. That issue is done for the session.

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Sen. Jerry Klein

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