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LETTER: Rest of the story on corporate farming law

By Staff | Oct 14, 2016

Did you get a postcard like I did attacking Sen Jerry Klein and Rep Robin Weisz over the corporate farming law? Please give me a minute of your time to tell you the “Rest of the Story”.

First of all, the dairy industry came to some of the legislators and ASKED if the law could be changed to allow dairies to incorporate and own a small amount of land. Then the hog industry asked to, so the law that passed only pertained to those two industries.

Since the hog numbers are the lowest since 1899 and the number of dairy operations has dropped from 350 in the year 2000 to only 91 today, both of these industries need any help they can get to survive.

The bill said their corporation could ONLY own 640 acres and had to be a dairy or swine operation.

Now since the attack postcard was sent out by the three Democrat candidates in our district, it may interest you to know that one of the SPONSORS of the bill was the leader of the Democrat party in the Senate, Sen Dave O”Connell from Bottineau County. He not only voted for it, he was a sponsor of the bill.

It may also interest you to know that only 9 states limit or forbid corporations from owning land, so 41 STATES allow corporations to own as much land as they want. This bill had a 640-acre limit so it was not a reckless action like the postcard stated.

On another subject, you might be interested to know that the Democrats in the legislature ALWAYS propose to spend more money than the Republicans. So more spending has to mean higher taxes; it has to come from somewhere. Is that what you want, higher taxes? In the special session of the legislature this fall, the Democrats again wanted less budget cuts, which means higher spending, but the Republicans held the line and reduced spending to what they perceived would be close to the income that is projected.

Jerry Klein, Robin Weisz and Jon Nelson have demonstrated a very common sense approach and have represented our district very well in the state legislature. I urge you to reelect these three capable leaders.

Jeff Miller,


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