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7-30 Letters to the Tribune

By Staff | Jul 29, 2016

Salvation Army sends thanks

The Pierce County Salvation Army would like to give special thanks to the Rugby Eagles Club and the pastors in our community. Due to the increased needs in our county, we found ourselves running out of funds with four months left to go in our fiscal year. These organizations recognized there was a need and stepped forward and provided additional funds to assist those in need.

The Salvation Army is an organization in our local community to assist those who are experiencing temporary hardships that can be eased through our services. We have assisted in travel, utilities, repairs, housing just to name a few things. We have also provided bottled water and Gatorade to our local volunteer firefighters and toiletries to our Food Pantry.

During our Red Kettle Campaign, which starts in November, please don’t pass by without dropping a few coins or dollars. Every red cent donated is kept in Pierce County to help those in need. Without your support, there will be many who will have to face hardships without hope.

Once again, thanks to the Rugby Eagles Club and the Rugby Ministerial for their assistance in helping others. Also, thanks to those who have in the past contributed to the Red Kettle Campaign.

Luis V. Coca Jr

5NE District Governor

Rugby Lions Club

Rescind Article V convention call

The last North Dakota legislative session passed another call for an Article V US Constitutional Convention for a balanced budget amendment (BBA) to the US Constitution.

The late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia said, “I certainly would not want a constitutional convention. Whoa! Who knows what would come out of it? You’ll get everything but the kitchen sink written into the Constitution.”

Article V speaks of calling a convention to propose amendments (plural). The only power given states is to ask Congress to call one. None is given states to specify how many amendments might eventually be considered, how delegates are selected, what the rules of the convention would be, etc. Will Congress give up the power to control one?

Many liberals also promote the Article V Convention so they can insert their own amendments. Former Supreme Court Justice Stevens supports it, wanting six new amendments, including attacking our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms by adding the words “when serving in the militia.”

Our present Constitution already limits the authority and jurisdiction of the federal government-if followed. The problem is not with the Constitution but in adhering to it. There are no enumerated powers in Section 1 Article 8 given to Congress to meddle in such things as education, agriculture, foreign aid, and much more. About 80 percent of spending is unconstitutional and if eliminated would easily balance the budget.

Twenty-nine of the 34 states necessary to call a convention have already done so! The 2016 ND GOP platform urges the legislature to rescind all calls for such a convention. Contact our state legislators to sponsor or cosponsor a bill to do just that.

Judy Stahl

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