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LETTER: What’s happened to the GOP?

By Staff | Jun 3, 2016

Are there still conservative values in the GOP? I would like to think and hope so; but, what I have witnessed since entering the District 14 Legislative race this April along with Dennis Fred and Glen Baltrusch, makes me wonder. The once respectable conservative party that I grew up with seems to have changed; and not for the better.

We have seen unbelievable corruption on the national level with the “good old boys” efforts to throw Donald Trump out of the Presidential race even though the majority of the voters, by their votes at the primaries, have said we are tired of the career politicians and want fresh blood in the White House.

We have watched Obama get by with unthinkable acts of corruption while our GOP House and Senate leaders sit idly by and do nothing.

Now that we have come forward in District 14 offering a fresh and positive change for the citizens and voters’ of our District, we have witnessed similar tactics and corruption in our District.

We have watched our District legislators initiate a meeting and transact District business in direct violation of our District By-Laws. They have created their own exclusive club, and without authority and in violations of our by-Laws have converted $9,000 of the District 14 Republican Party funds.

Specifically, by giving $3,000 each to the current Legislators. They have been directed to return the funds and have to date refused. Those funds should be used exclusively after the primary in support of the Republican candidates going on to the General Election in November.

The State GOP has ignored the District By-Laws and has unfortunately chosen to send out deceptive and inaccurate flyers which, to be generous, contain nothing more than half truths in order to garner support for the District’s current Republican legislators. It is no wonder that the GOP is in the shape it is. Why would the North Dakota Republican Party be paying for campaign advertising to pit Republican against Republican? It is because our current legislators are part of an “old boy’s club” that represents special interests and have for the past 20 years. The NDGOP is deathly afraid of new blood, particularly when it understands the cronyism and anti-taxpayer Republican leadership in Bismarck.

According to the North Dakota Century Code 16.1, the state party is not to stick its nose into the district business. They did so in demanding our Chairman, Dennis Fred’s resignation in violation of State Law; they have encouraged the current legislators to raid and illegally take $9,000 from the District treasury. Myself, Glen Baltrusch and Dennis Fred, if you elect us, will represent all of District 14, “not pander to you at election time”; or “tell you what appears to be nothing more than half truths”. That is not the type of elected legislators we will be. It would be our job to represent District 14 not special interests as is currently the case.

We, like most voters in the state, and the nation, are tired of career politicians; and would appreciate your vote June 14 to bring about this change.

Vote for Albert Krueger- District 14 House of Representatives; Glen Baltrusch – District 14 Senate; and Dennis Fred -District 14 House of Representatives.

Albert Krueger

Candidate for House of Representatives

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