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Letter: Giving credit where credit is due

By Staff | May 27, 2016

Far too many elected officials serve for their own self interests. Motivations to retain elective office range from the desire to wield power by imposing rules, regulations and taxes; stroking one’s pride to reaping the rewards of health benefits, per diem payment and travel. This reality has been with us throughout history.

The real tragedy is in order to retain power we’re seeing an unprecedented rise of the politics of personal attacks, lies and innuendo. Instead of campaigns focused on issues affecting us as a community and using government to encourage independence, self respect, self reliance, private property rights, and respect for one another – politics has become dirty and ugly.

It’s little wonder the best, the brightest, the most honest and hardest working refuse to get involved and participate in our own governance. Too many of us shy away from a system that too often attracts the least competent, most selfish, most abrasive and abusive to office.

I’ve recently heard that a candidate challenging the incumbent District 14 Senator is lazy, sloppy, unfriendly, and someone no one respects. This is disgraceful. Unfortunately, it’s become the common way for officials and candidates to run their campaigns. Those who use such tactics must hide from what they really are: snide, selfish, bullies, and self-interested thugs.

Glen Baltrusch is a lifelong resident of District 14. More than 35 years ago he was involved in a horrific industrial accident. He very easily could have lost his life or been permanently paralyzed. Since his accident, he has been in constant pain and unable to maintain a normal job. However, he has involved himself in overseeing what goes on in Bismarck during legislative sessions. He has initiated, supported and opposed legislation session after session.

He is more familiar with, more knowledgeable about bills and the impacts of bills, than most of those actually elected to office. He testified dozens of times each session. He studies issues and does his homework. He does none of it for his personal self interest, but to represent the interests of his neighbors and those who cannot go to Bismarck to represent their own interests.

He was talked into running for office. Finally, he could no longer stand the duplicity and lack of representation of the current incumbents. He has outlined the issues and has spent his own money and time to tell his district neighbors how they are not being represented. He’s stuck to the facts and the issues and has been completely honest.

What has he gotten in return? He’s been called lazy, sloppy, unfriendly, and someone that no one respects. All lies – all spread by those whose yearning for power and prestige which they may feel is being threatened.

District 14 has a wonderful opportunity to elect one of the most qualified citizens in our State to represent us in Bismarck. It would be a real step up for District 14 and every citizen in North Dakota.

Shari Wilson & Dave Wolfe

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