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Letter: Entering the danger zone

By Staff | May 27, 2016

I would like to complement Ashley on her editorial a couple weeks ago and add some facts to the danger of the mail in ballot.

As we have spent time talking to many people about this, we have found a lot of discouragement with people over the mail in ballot. There has been much concern over the rights and privileges of voting at a polling place since our current legislatures back in 2011 decided to change the N.D. Century Code and take this opportunity from us without the ability to voice our opinion until it is to late.

Here are a few comments we have heard.

1. Our ability and right to assemble at a polling place.

2. Ballots going out to only those who voted in the last election. What about the new people in the area, or those who did not vote in the last election?

3. Why have a voting day when you can vote 40 or more days in advance?

4. At a polling place if you messed up on your ballot you could request a new one. How do you do that now?

5. Ballots damaged or spoiled in the mail

6. Many have told us they threw theirs away because, like us, they never do absentee and were not instructed they needed to send it in.

This is just a few of the comments we have heard, and I for one will take Ashley’s advice and go to the courthouse to vote on June 14. (Good Advice)

We as a team, Albert, Glen and myself, would like to see this along with many other issues such as continued growth in government stopped.

You wonder why our property assessments have increased as they have, you can thank our current legislatures for mandating that it be done.

Government control of our kids through common core, thank our legislatures.

Years of surplus during the oil boom,but, we can’t give you and I who have spent our years working and building North Dakota a break, let’s instead build a bigger government and take more from the citizens of our state. Thanks again to our current legislatures.

It is time to leave the danger zone and we (Albert Kruger, Glen Baltrusch, Dennis Fred) will work to bring the changes necessary to make that happen..

We are here to work for you and appreciate your vote to make it happen.

Dennis Fred

Candidate for N.D. House of Representatives

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