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Letter: District 14 a special interest

By Staff | May 13, 2016

In reading Mr. Fred’s letter in your recent paper we found a number of items which are somewhat inaccurate.

Let us begin by simply asking what were the wishes and interests of the majority of District 14 voters we voted against? The three of us have been elected five times in the district. Last election we did not even face opponents in the fall. It is apparent that the majority of the voters of District 14 were satisfied with what we have been doing.

As for our aggressive support for Common Core and our votes being a deciding factor, Mr. Fred might want to check the voting record on that issue. There was not one vote from any one of us that supported Common Core. We did, however, provide $700 million to K-12 education, lifting that amount off the backs of our property tax payers and moving it to the state. Yes, our school children are a special interest and continue to be a priority.

Yes, our Human Service budget has grown, but in order to maintain staff in our nursing homes and in our Developmental Disability Programs we needed to increase salaries to compete in this new statewide economy. The cost of health care due to Obamacare has caused significant increases in our Medicaid spending. If providing over a billion dollars to our seniors in our nursing homes and to our vulnerable citizens in our local group homes makes them a special interest group, then yes, we are guilty of supporting special interests.

Mr. Fred goes on to suggest that we have raised taxes to bring in more revenue. Well, he is right about the revenue increase, BUT we have reduced both personal and corporate income taxes the last four sessions, amounting to over $1.1 billion. Similar to what Ronald Regan did, it increased revenue.

In addition, we provided over $2 billion in property tax relief, with over $1 billion becoming permanent. Maybe, returning these tax dollars make the people of North Dakota a special interest. If so, we are guilty.

If providing over $7 million for our Emergency Medical Services, over $12 million for our county roads in the district, and over $30 million for our rural townships in the State labels us as supporting special interests, we are guilty.

Senator Jerry Klein, Representative Robin Weisz and Representative Jon Nelson have worked hard to do what we can to represent the special interest that we call District 14.

-Rep. Robin Weisz (R-District 14, Hurdsfield)

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