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Letter: New Blood Needed in District 14

By Staff | Apr 29, 2016

To all in Dist 14,

As you can see in the letter below I have been asked to resign my duties as District 14 Chairman, which I will do as of the writing of this letter in accordance to the demand of the State GOP executive committee.

I have been asked why we would challenge the endorsed Republican legislators in our district. Well, the establishment has just shown you a very good reason. It is sad that our legislators can influence our state party to take it to this extreme, simply because I wanted to exercise my right to run for this position with the hopes of bringing the GOP back to the conservative principles: smaller government, lower taxes and fewer regulations, which your Republican Party once stood for.

We as a team (that is myself running for State house, Glen Baltrusch running for State Senate and Albert Krueger running for the other State House seat) believe, as do many others in District 14, the status quo branch of the GOP has left their conservative roots. It’s no wonder the NDGOP is having difficulty raising money, has seen participation at the district level across the state shrinking, as we’ve seen with the Democratic Party. State NDGOP as well as our incumbent representatives have become a party of elected elite that say, “Do it our way or stay out of the way”. Unfortunately they represent “special interests” when it comes to spending our money, not the citizens of District 14.

Unfortunately, doing it their way has grown the size of state government, taxes, rules, regulations and has effectively frozen out more and more who wish to become involved. It is no wonder that so many throughout the nation are leaving the GOP and burning their credentials.

When I was elected District 14 Republican Chairman, I was shocked to see there was virtually no one involved in our District party. We invited people to get involved. What was most depressing was how many said they were ignored, there were no meetings and when they wished to become involved were told there was nothing they needed to do.

Jerry Klein, Jon Nelson and Robin Weisz have repeatedly voted against the wishes and interests of the majority of District 14 voters and instead supported special interests.

This included their aggressive support of Common Core and Smarter Balance testing. Their votes in favor of Common Core were the deciding factor in imposing Common Core and Smarter Balance on our children. K-12 is a special interest lobby that is more interested in Federal money than the welfare of our children.

Our current legislators voted to provide almost half a billion dollars this biennium to subsidize the college education of non-resident families. No other state in the nation does this. Higher Education is a special interest lobby.

Robin has been the Chairman of the Human Services committee for 10 years. During this time he has lead the increase in state general fund welfare spending from $400 million to over $1.3 billion. This during the greatest historical growth in our economy and while there are more than 12,000 jobs unfilled statewide. Total welfare spending in the current biennium, including Federal funds, is almost $3.58 billion. Total funding for ALL education in North Dakota (K-12, higher education and all other) is $1 billion less than what we spend growing welfare. Welfare is a special interest lobby.

All three of our current state legislators have supported a 225 percent growth in State spending over the past ten years. Rather than reducing our tax burden in the last 10 years state government revenue has increased from $1.8 billion to $4.98 billion, it has gone to growing a larger and larger government with no relief for us and our families.

Finally, many of you are aware of the borehole. However, when it became obvious it was not popular with those of us in District 14 we protested it being located in our District. Our legislators refused to support the petition to stop it.

We believe it is time for change, for new blood and for true representation for our families and our district. Our current legislators have not been representing the district and we felt we would do our part in trying to bring change to our District.

I am very pleased and thankful for all those who DID support Ida and myself in this journey. I’m leaving at the demand of the NDGOP. I leave with a strong sense of accomplishment for what was done and for all those who joined us in an effort to grow our district.

Ida worked countless hours in making this a better district and is owed a great debt of gratitude. I thank the dozens of Republicans that came back to make our District again vibrant. I would like to thank you for the time you allowed me to serve you as Chairman.

My final request is to suggest that if you have any desire to see true conservative values brought back into the GOP, you send a team of Representatives that know, live and understand true Republican values and principles to Bismarck.

Your vote can change the direction of the GOP. Remember to vote for Albert Krueger, for House; Glen Baltrusch, for Senate; and Dennis Fred, for House on June 14, 2016.

God Bless You All

Dennis Fred,

Former Dist 14 Chairman and current candidate for State House of Representatives

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