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Support District 14 Representation

By Staff | Mar 11, 2016

To voters of District 14:

I am writing this to encourage your support for our three current legislators. Maybe you are not aware of the amount of influence that a rural district like ours has in the current legislature.

Sen. Jerry Klein is the assistant majority leader (the #2 person) in the ND Senate and also chairman of the Industry, Business and Labor committee -a position and committee that is vital to the expansion and diversification of the business climate in North Dakota. Rep. Robin Weisz is chairman of the Social Services Committee-the department with the largest budget in all of state government-and Rep. Jon Nelson is a ranking member on the House Appropriations Committee-where all the spending bills are reviewed and acted on. Jon has also been a huge supporter of rural water projects and is the state president of the Rural Water Users Association.

For any district, let alone a rural district like ours to have three legislators with this kind of influence is very rare and is a real advantage for having input and influence in the upcoming session. All three have worked tirelessly to help promote a high quality of life in our state and job growth while keeping regulations effective, but not intrusive.

One area of particular concern to them is in the area of rural health care, and Rugby and Harvey hospitals have been the recipients of their hard work. I talked to former HAMC CEO Jeff Lingerfelt and he said ” Rural hospitals are very much at risk nowadays, and their efforts have been a lifeline to keeping hospitals open in small communities like ours. Jon and his colleagues, Jerry and Robin, were vital, instrumental, even critical in getting funding to partially offset the debts of people who can’t pay for services. Without that funding we would have had to layoff staff, resulting in reduced care. Also the three of them were a driving force to get grant money to set up the HAMC daycare for 50 kids that has helped attract and retain quality staff.” Jon is also currently chairman of the HAMC board of directors.

With the downturn in the oil and ag sectors, and as a result the reduction in state income revenue, we need their experience in the next legislative session. With each of their 20 + years of experience, they have seen tough times and tight budgets before and know how to adjust the state spending in order to get through the current shortage and on to better times. When a ship is in rough water and the storm is ongoing, that is not the time to send in the inexperienced. We need a team that has been through the storms before and guided the ship to safety. I urge you to support our tried and tested team.

Jeff Miller


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