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City Council, County Commission Professionalism Differ

By Staff | Oct 30, 2015

(Editor’s note: Per our rules of Letters to the Editor the individual who wrote this supplied their name and contact information and I have confirmed both, so we thought it was our obligation to print. We welcome all letters and opinions all our readers have a right for your voice to be heard.)

First I want to commend the staff at The Pierce County Tribune for their reporting and their videoing of the city council and county meetings it is a service long overdue. I do wish it was on TV rather than having to watch it on the computer. I have to say it was eye opening to say the least. Before I make my remarks I do want to say that as a citizen of Rugby I appreciate that individuals take the time to serve their city and county and that they do that should never be taken for granted.

In watching the videos I appreciate the lengths the city council of Rugby has gone to make the meeting more inviting to the public with an open table facing the seats where the citizens can interact with them. They also seem to understand and follow the Robert’s Rule of Order and for the most part run a welcome fluid meeting that the city citizens and taxpayers can be proud of.

The county unfortunately does not have that same professionalism. It seems like the meeting held at a conference table discourages the public from attending and that is sad. Also, Robert’s Rule of Order is all but ignored with no real beginning or end to the meeting just a meandering of thoughts with a loosely or non-existent agenda. I am disappointed that the Tribune has not written a story on this. Again I know these men and they are good men but they also have a responsibility to the tax payers that in my opinion and others I talk to they are not meeting. Here is a link to the Robert’s Rule of Order this may help www.rulesonline.com/ or call the State Attorney’s office they may be able to train you, but what I have seen and heard now on video provided by the Tribune makes me feel that government procedures/laws may be possibly, if not broken cracked by what I have seen on these videos. That is my personal opinion. Also some of the personal comments I heard on the video made about people shouldn’t be part of an elected board meeting. I implore the county board to please learn the rules of order, open up your meeting to the public by changing the way the meetings are held and time. If you don’t know how maybe the city can lend a hand they seem to get it.

Citizen and Tax Payer of

Rugby, ND

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