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Letters to the Editor

By Staff | May 15, 2015

Dear Editor Pelt:

I am writing with mixed emotions about your editorial of May 2, 2015. First let me say I agree wholeheartedly with your defense and support of our law enforcement officers.

The vast majority of them do not deserve to be constantly criticized and condemned . What makes my heart heavy is the accompanying cartoon of the burning buildings, save the “welfare” office. Let me assure you, the thugs who wreak havoc on their own communities would not be willing to live on the monies provided by ”welfare”. More likely they profit from all manner of illegal activities and only add looting and burning to their already long rap sheets. It does a disservice to all the people who find themselves in life situations that require them to seek assistance to perpetuate the stereotype of “welfare recipients” as lazy, undeserving thugs. In my thirty six years in Social Services I dealt with a very, very small percentage of “parasites”. Most of the people I worked with were elderly, disabled, children, or the working poor. I am reminded of the elderly couple who had worked their very small, rented farm all their adult lives, raised a wonderful, productive family and then one of them became seriously ill. When I first met them medications were consuming over half their monthly income. They finally agreed to receive food stamps but quickly dropped out of the program when they overheard a loud, gossipy neighbor lumping them with the other “parasites”. To this day I do not know how they managed to feed themselves. They are much more typical than the cheating, lazy bum, system working thugs of the stereotype.

Now I know full well that rural North Dakota is not comparable to any inner city but the stereotypes are applied the same. They still divide people into those who work and pay taxes and those who just take and do not give back and it is patently false. I could quote statistics enough to fill your paper but what I really want to bring home to you and your readers is the fact that many of us are only a lost paycheck or a serious illness away from “the welfare office”. It ill serves our entire society to embrace stereotypes that degrade people and assume the worst about them.

Sue Fretland

Towner, ND

Dear Editor:

My sister from Rugby has been staying here in Texas with us for several weeks now and had her Tribune forwarded to her here. We just recently received the issue with the front-page story “Easter Is More Than Just A Bunny.”

We were very impressed with this story and to see the points taken in print. It is refreshing to see someone take a positive stand for traditional values of our country and its Christian heritage,

We want to commend you for championing “Freedom of Religion” in our country today, while we are being bombarded by the media with anti-religion and anti-Christian propaganda everywhere.


Carolyn WrightBurleson, Texas

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