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Letters to the Editor

By Staff | Apr 10, 2015

Dear Editor,

State legislators in the area: It’s OK, your fellow white, privileged peers probably will not hate you forever if you some day choose to support banning discrimination based on sexual orientation. It’s OK, supporting every individual’s inalienable rights is actually an American, perhaps even conservative, thing to do. And it won’t even turn you gay!

Though not surprising, the defeat of SB 2279 is nothing short of a shame. Gay people exist in North Dakota. Gay people exist in Rugby. Gay people exist in Hurdsfield. The House representative from the latter is not aware. Rep. Robin Weisz, R, was quoted in numerous state publications saying there is a “perceived” idea that discrimination is rampant in North Dakota, but “did not receive any testimony that showed any outright discrimination going on.”

Read: “My name is Robin Weisz, and I’m not affected by this type of discrimination, and probably any other because I represent just about every majority!”

Well, an elected officials’s job also is to represent the minority.

“If we’re going to add this as a protected class, we need to be sure that we’re solving a problem,” he said. Would it be a problem if you had a gay family member? Did he personally make an effort to talk to concerned gay Dakotans?

A lack of testimony doesn’t mean a problem doesn’t exist. Do we think black people in rural, western states readily voiced discrimination pleas before and during civil rights movement? Probably not, but that didn’t make for justification to allow for continued discrimination based on race.

Tap into your humanity and stop slapping good, law-abiding neighbors in the face.

Tim Chapman

Cheyenne, Wyoming

Thank You Rugby and Rugby Manufacturing. As many of you know, my wife Sue and I have made our home in Rugby for almost three years now. We came to this great community in July of 2012. We moved to this area to accept the position of General Manager for Rugby Manufacturing. During this time we have come to love Rugby and have been proud to call it our home. We have also enjoyed meeting so many great people who live in this area. We have lived far from our 7 children and 20 grandchildren, but the people of this area have filled in some very important gaps. We have made our home here, have worshipped here, and have spent our money in local businesses.

It is now time to pack our bags and head to a new adventure in the Southeastern United States. Rugby Manufacturing is part of a larger Corp., TBEI, which has operations here in Rugby, Minnesota, Mississippi, and Alabama. I am being transferred to our Alabama operation. What it so great about this move is that a local boy and success story will assume the role of General Manager for Rugby Manufacturing. Jeff Duchscher will be the new GM for Rugby. TBEI could not have chosen a better person for the job. Under Jeff’s leadership Rugby Mfg. will continue supporting the community in various events as well as continuing to grow internally. Rugby Mfg. has outstanding dedicated associates who manufacture a top quality product that is sold nationally. It has been a pleasure working with these good people.

We will not only miss the associates at Rugby Mfg. and all of the great memories that we have made, but we will miss the community of Rugby and all of it’s great citizens. We will miss the many local gems that are here; the beautiful summers, the Prairie Village Museum, and the great restaurants that we eat in so often.

So for now, it’s goodbye, but we will never forget you Rugby.

Ray & Sue Salley

To Editor:

Well to start with, I lived in Wolford and Rugby area, went to

school in Wolford many years ago, when I grew up I worded for Nielson Creamery in Rugby so I think quiet a bit of the area. Anyway why I am writing this letter to the editor, I am so proud of Rugby School for winning the Class B Tournament the boys played a good game. little town of 800 population won the Class B against Oak Grove. So I want to congratulation to Rugby Panthers and to Mr. Heidlebaugh for winning to Mr. Basketball.

Monty Haugen

309 Eastwood Circle

Milnor, N. D. 58060

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