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Legislative Report

By Staff | Feb 20, 2015

The pace has become hectic with about ten days before crossover and 140 issues to address before that time.

As I have stated earlier, the Appropriations Committee continues to have the most work to do and they are moving cautiously as we look forward to the March forecast. There have been many budget reductions including trimming some of those increases in new employee hires.

The Senate has passed a number of bills to continue our support for our veterans. We have passed a bill providing assistance for veterans’ spouses and their costs related to funeral expenses. We have also provided for a reduction in veterans’ state income taxes by excluding their military retirement pay when calculating their tax liability.

Another area that we are hoping to help is our seniors’ property tax liability through the homestead tax credit. The bill we have will raise the annual income to $50,000 and will also raise the maximum value of the homestead from $100,000 to $150,000.

Today we also passed Senate Bill 2307 which extends the 12% property tax reduction that we received last session. It comes with a cost of $250,000,000. There has been some discussion to take $23 million out of that and provide permanent property tax relief by funding some of our county social service programs and provide the rest in property tax relief.

There are still a variety of tax proposals coming and some probably going. Stay tuned.

Sen. Jerry Klein, R-District 14


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