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Vote ‘Yes’ on Measure 1

By Staff | Oct 31, 2014

There is much confusion regarding Measure 1 among citizens. Our legislators framed its language after careful, elaborate consideration.

Few of us are savvy to constitutional law, or we would realize the falsity of opponent’s claims that rights and laws and changes to currently existing statutes would take place in our state if Measure 1 passes.

A group of 24 attorneys and law professors recently examined the language of Measure 1 from a legal standpoint and issued a six-page statement which can be found at ndcatholic.org/latestnews/. They determined that the words of Measure 1 are to “be interpreted in their plain, ordinarily and commonly understood sense. Opponents of Measure 1 are putting forward a novel interpretation that is contrary to accepted standards of statutory interpretation and which is alien to the language of the N.D. Constitution. To summarize assertions by opponents of Measure 1 that it alone would ban currently legal acts, mandate government action or repeal existing laws are without merit.”

Advertisements on TV and radio that raise doubts and fears about what could happen if this measure passes are being funded primarily by Planned Parenthood, from out of state. The “business” of Planned Parenthood is abortion; they do not deal with issues related to the elderly, IVF, advance directives, etc. Why are they funneling money into our state opposing Measure 1? They hope that WITHOUT Measure 1, the common sense laws passed by the last legislative session might be overturned by judges they persuade to redefine and reinterpret our Constitution, and their “business” here will continue without restriction. This has already happened in many other states. These laws include ensuring that women, prior to an abortion, are given full disclosure of information regarding procedures, possible problems or dangers that may occur, etc. (the same as with any other invasive or non-invasive medical/surgical procedure), making sure parents are notified if their daughter is seeking an abortion and prohibiting children who are partially born from being killed by an abortionist before their birth can be completed (“partial birth abortion”, a grotesque procedure). These guidelines protect women and babies, and, to me, are totally reasonable.

Over 20 years ago, Missouri and Arkansas passed Constitutional amendments similar to Measure 1. Fertility clinics continue to operate without problems, and physicians continue to care for their patients through all stages of life without interference from the government in both of those states. Opponents to Measure 1 are using scare tactics to bully the citizens of North Dakota into voting against legislation that, in truth, will ensure the well being of our citizens now and in the future. Visit NDChooseLife.com to set your mind at ease with regard to this important legislation.

Susan Hoffert


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