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Vote for Siegler

By Staff | Oct 31, 2014

Tuesday is Election Day. It’s a chance for the voters to elect the candidates of their choice. The Pierce County Sheriff’s race is one that has a direct impact on our community. Former Sheriff Robert Graber hit it right on the head when he stated that Josh Siegler is the only viable candidate for Pierce County Sheriff.

As former Police Chief of Rugby, I had the opportunity to work with Josh. Josh is a very mature, professional law enforcement officer with a high level of integrity and excellent communication and administrative skills. He impressed me so much, that I asked him to work as a part-time police officer to help fill the void when the city was going through some changes. It was during this time that I was able to observe his performance as a law enforcement officer. He showed outstanding competence in his duties and a high degree of compassion for the public.

He was offered a full-time position with the police department, but declined because of his loyalty to the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department. He stated that he appreciated the offer, but his loyalty was to the county. This is a man who placed his loyalty to Pierce County over an increase in pay. You just have to respect the man for that.

I, myself, being a former Sheriff’s Deputy with Ward County, I had talked to my past co-workers concerning Josh. They are of the same opinion that Josh is an excellent law enforcement officer who has the drive and ability to move towards the position of Sheriff. He is well known and respected in the law enforcement community. Along with former Sheriff Robert Graber, I also support Josh Siegler for the next Pierce County Sheriff.

Luis V. Coca Jr.


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