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Support our Sheriff Matt Lunde

By Staff | Oct 31, 2014

Sheriff Matt Lunde has provided me and countless residents a strong feeling of safety, security and service. Sheriff Lunde has dedicated over 15 years of service to this county already because he cares about the people. Why do we want that changed?

Sheriff Lunde really stepped up to the plate last year when the jail was on the brink of being shutdown. He found the resources, hired the right staff and made a promise to everyone that the jail would not close, jobs would not be lost for many employees and their families, and now the facility is back making money for the county. It is safer for the community, the staff and even the inmates.

I ask that we should all think about the right choice for our sheriff, and that is Sheriff Matt Lunde. Please remember to vote and keep Sheriff Lunde and his family here. He is the man who has been dedicated to us.

Brian Odden


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