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Do your research on Measure 1

By Staff | Oct 17, 2014

I’m writing this letter to the editor regarding measure 1. I ask the community to research this measure thoroughly and see what it all entails. This measure is not all about abortion. It changes many aspects of many people’s lives. I agree we need some rules and regulations when it comes to abortion, but this measure is not it. I am someone who has had a very long rough road trying to have a child of my own. If measure 1 passes there is a chance I will never have that opportunity. If measure 1 passes my right to have help from doctors will be taken away. How is this pro-life?

I have recently heard many stories from people about how the church is urging people to vote ‘yes’ on this measure. Why is there politics in our churches? I was even told that a Father of a church told his congregation that voting no on measure 1 makes you an evil person. How is this right?

I urge our community to read into this measure and ask yourselves is all of this right? Think about your daughters, granddaughters, the elderly, nieces and friends and ask yourself how this affects them. If measure 1 passes there is a chance that nothing can be done with ectopic pregnancies or criminal charges if one has a miscarriage. Some forms of birth control could be banned causing more unintended pregnancies. It may also nullify living wills and others’ desires to instruct caregivers to stop life support. The state of North Dakota would not offer IVF treatment to those who need it. This measure has many hidden agendas that I’m not sure a lot of North Dakotans really know about. Please take the time to read the measure entirely before making your decision on Election Day.

Lynette Haggerty


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