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Clarifications regarding Measure 1

By Staff | Sep 26, 2014

There has been much debate about why Measure 1 is needed and what it ‘could’ do. These statements are either misunderstandings or blatant attempts to distract us from truth. Investigating the behaviors of pro-abortion interest groups and parallels in other states shine light on what Measure 1 would actually do for North Dakota.

Across the nation pro-abortion interest groups (e.g., Planned Parenthood and Center for Reproductive Rights), which have a financial interest in the abortion industry, are seeking judges at the state level to declare basic regulatory laws unconstitutional under the state’s constitution. Special interest groups have been successful in filing lawsuits and/or overturning legislation in 12 states thus far. Our western neighbor, Montana, provides one example. These special interest groups have filed lawsuits to overturn laws protecting life, conscience and parental involvement. In Montana it is now unconstitutional to limit taxpayer funding for abortions or even provide parental notice of a minor undergoing an abortion. Montana has no constitutional statement protecting such laws.

Measure 1 would apply a constitutional backing for North Dakota’s current laws and would dissuade future court battles. Without constitutional backing, we are sending these interest groups an invitation to open the litigation floodgates and overturn our existing laws.

To further clarify, Measure 1 is not a statute. Measure 1 does not prevent in vitro fertilization; it does not impact end-of-life decisions; it does not affect the care of women who experience ectopic pregnancies; it does not ban abortion. These issues will not be changed by this amendment because any new law would need to go through the proper legislative process.

Measure 1 is an amendment that would protect North Dakota from outside special interest groups and safeguard our current laws.

Christine Dotzenrod Childress, Fargo

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