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Letters to the Editor

By Staff | Nov 22, 2013

When does an educator become more than an educator? When her name is Miss Genevieve Platz.

If you are looking down from above, this is my thank you to you and your memory. Not just for what you did for me, but all second graders.

Attending school that year wasn’t mandatory-it was a pleasure. The day began with “I like your dress, Miss Platz.” It continued until we had complimented you on your earrings, shoes, hair and whatever. What a gracious lady. She thanked each and every one.

What an unforgettable smile and attitude. Each student was treated equally. No one was given special privileges because of wealth, popularity or wearing apparel. Each student was to feel important.

You taught with love and were loved by all, always going the extra mile, taking time to listen, leaning down to our height level. Your voice had a smile in it.

You wore many hats-that of teacher, friend, mentor and more. One day you took a real hat from your storage closet, putting it on askew. The classroom rang with laughter.

Each day was an adventure. My sister remembers coloring turkeys to make the classroom colorful for Thanksgiving. She also remembers you made each person feel important. My daughter remembers you helping her adjust to a new school. I remember you helping me make the transition from another school and cope with the loss of my father.

You were always a positive person, never forcing the three R’s on us, but rather instilling in us the desire for knowledge, teaching us values, helping us develop mentally and morally.

What an example you were! You taught us how to translate the negatives that were part of our lives into positives, by your encouragement and boosting our self-esteem. Some days there was more discord than music in our lives, but before that school day was over, you made everything seem all right again.

If we felt unnoticed, you convinced us we were deserving of recognition. You steered out energies in the right direction.

It’s Christmas. I wish I had told you all of these things sooner. Thank you for that Christmas tree 69 years ago. You left a lasting impression on my life, never to be forgotten. You may be gone, but your spirit during this holiday season is alive. Certainly your family members and former Rugby students will attest to this. How we all miss you.

Merry Christmas to the Rugby teachers and teachers everywhere who taught and continue to teach with a real love for the occupation and their students. God bless you.

Mavis L. Rasmussen, Minot, N.D.

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