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Opponents go to a new low

By Staff | Oct 25, 2010

By Sen. Ryan


Used to be a person could open a newspaper and enjoy catching up on the news. Used to be a person could turn on the television and be entertained. Then campaign season began. Now most of us are just disgusted with it all.

I was more than disgusted when I saw the quarter page ad attacking me in the Pierce County Tribune (Oct. 16 Tribune issue). When you see that many distortions, half truths and unsubstantiated accusations in one ad the emotions run from anger to nausea.

We are above this in District 7 where real people run on real issues. I’ve come to expect this kind of slash and burn scorched earth campaign in federal elections where money is poured in to buy the election. But in a local election for a citizen legislature to represent the 14,109 people in this big, rural neighborhood? It is desperate and sad.

I have an answer for every one of the punches my opponent takes in that ad, but I can’t do it within the limitations of length on a letter to the editor. Their goal was to smear my reputation and win a few uninformed votes. My goal is to be honest, give voters accurate information and let them decide between the two of us based on our character, ethics and who they want representing them in Bismarck.

We will spend the money on an ad to do what they didn’t-actually explain the issues and the circumstances. I will say one thing here about Devils Lake which is not in District 7 but is still an important issue for our district and the whole state. I have many close relatives and good friends impacted by the rising lake, so it’s personal. They know I support solving the issue and it goes beyond “attending meetings.”

At its root, this election for who you want to be your senator is about character. I’ve heard a lot about my opponent’s character that I don’t care to repeat. I am a different kind of person, ask any of my neighbors or people in my community. People of every political party will vouch for my honesty, fidelity, good judgment and fairness in business dealings.

The ad asks “where is Ryan Taylor?” I’m working hard to be a good husband and a father. I’m taking good care of the ranch to fulfill a promise made to my father and mother. I’ve been trying to find enough hay for the cows on wet and flooded meadows. And I’m a senator that voters can take pride in, who listens to everyone’s concerns, treats all constituents with respect and works very hard representing you in Bismarck.

Taylor represents District 7 in the state senate and is seeking re-election to that office. He resides south of Towner.

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