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Healthcare plans will only cause more damage

By Staff | Feb 12, 2010

I would like to respond to Senator Conrad’s op-ed piece on healthcare (Jan. 2 Tribune issue). He is trying to save his seat in the next election. Everything he has said is a lie.

No one knows what is in the plan because the House and Senate each have their own version and are now going to meet behind closed doors to put together their differences. They won’t even let the American people hear each side. I think what Conrad said that is not in the plan will be put in there because of the closed doors.

To make this short I will put forth at least five areas.

1. Ask Conrad why he and his government won’t join in the plan. They have their own which they like; well, we like what we have also.

2. Everyone 18 and over must buy health insurance or get penalized. If you people know the Constitution, it does not say people have to buy insurance.

3. Government plans to take out $450 Billion out of Medicare to help pay for this. The seniors will be hurt by this.

4. Why can’t the American people hear what the government is doing behind closed doors? I think because of what Conrad said isn’t in the plan will be put in.

5. Everyone will be taxed for four years until the healthcare comes into power in 2013 or 2014. Can you believe we are paying taxes for nothing for four years?

I hope you people get the message. Wake up and smell the roses, you have been had.

Nelsen is from Woodbury, Minn.

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