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By Staff | Mar 24, 2017

Here at The Pierce County Tribune, we enjoy sharing news about our neighbors and printing letters to the editor and opinion pieces from our readers. However, many times people will make comments to us or ask questions that we feel would be beneficial to address in print to reach our entire readership. This week, we have a look at a couple of those.

Why does the paper vary in size (pages) from week to week?

Page count at the Tribune is determined the same way it is in every newspaper in the country by advertising! Every week, the amount of space dedicated to advertising dictates the total page count and thus the amount of space we have to work with. Because of the technology of printing, we can only increase or decrease page counts by certain increments there is nothing arbitrary about it. We’re always hopeful for the most possible space to fill with local news and commentary, but what we do have is dictated by advertiser support. We publish what we can afford to publish based on advertising. For us to grow, we need additional advertiser support and it is something we work on every day. We feel we are a terrific vehicle through which to reach Pierce County residents with anyone’s marketing message and we encourage you to support the paper as best you can so we can continue our mission to share important news throughout the region.

Why does material from Minot Daily News appear in the paper?

We’re very pleased to have the support we do from Minot Daily News. All around the country, weekly newspapers are struggling as this industry changes dramatically; and papers are failing. The Daily News prints the Tribune and doesn’t charge for the effort, which is a tremendous help to us. And, while they do make available to us things such as statewide news, regional news and a handful of statewide columns, and provide other support, we generate our news leads and produce the vast majority of our work in-house and locally. We’re thankful for both the resources they offer us, and for the autonomy to produce a Pierce County newspaper for and by Pierce County residents.

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