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When is it too early to decorate for Christmas?

By Staff | Oct 7, 2016

I just got done with Lions Tables Envisioned this past week where I displayed my Lenox Holiday dishes. Of course, I accented it with a santa and reindeer. To my surprise after working years in retail, I missed setting the tables and displaying the items just right to attract the onlookers.

As I packed my things up, I pondered, “Is it too early to decorate for Christmas?” I know my sister would scream at me for even questioning the idea, “YES!” As in – yes, it’s too early! However, when you are reading this on Saturday, the countdown will be at 77 days until Christmas. Over the years I have accumulated quite the assortment of Christmas decor. So why shouldn’t I put it out and enjoy it for more then one month. I store it packed nicely for 11 long months to enjoy it’s splendor for one month? Seems odd.

Better yet – every month flies – filled with work, family, sports, just life in general. However, December for whatever reason flies by with a wink of an eye. Someone informed me the other day that Christmas is six paychecks away. I found this very insightful. I luckily enough do not have a long list of presents to buy for, but those that do it’s nice to think about or know – put a little away each payroll so it doesn’t hit you out of nowhere. It’s funny how we know it’s coming but yet it surprises us every year.

When I used to work retail I used to want to remind the Christmas Eve shoppers that this comes every year. However in talking with a many, I realized for some that is their own ritual.

As far as lights, I have been contemplating them. I have never put up a beautiful display of lights on a house outside. My thing has always been inside. I love driving the streets with Christmas music playing so I debate about taking part. I know it is one thing my better half is not up for, however maybe with the right smile I can convince him otherwise. Especially if we were to do it now! It wouldn’t seem so bad vs in the frigid cold!

If I were to get all of these things done now, then December could be used for entertaining, making sugar cookies, reading a book, sipping hot coco – ok, ok – a gal can dream! Often, I wish the world would just take a day off. (I suppose we do – Christmas!) We’ll see about all of the above because as much as I know I won’t have a lot of time in December to do the extra things, I don’t know if I will now either! Cheers!

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