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Who knows the art of organizing?

By Staff | Sep 2, 2016

I have been told a time or two that I have a lot of “stuff!!” This especially has come up when I have moved or recently when we have been slowly merging two full households. It is easy to forget that before I came to Rugby, I had a lovely 1700-square foot, fully furnished town-home. Sadly all of that stuff did not just vanish when I moved!

I feel I have been cleaning and “organizing” my things ever since I can remember! (High school?) My closet was organized by color then – now by seasons and sleeve length! (I find this makes it easy as long as you know the forecast!) I use to “tidy” and within a couple of days it seemed to be cluttered. Why is that? We hold onto clothes forever it seems saying we’ll get back into it, it will come back in style, or there is that awesome thing called guilt… where we’ve decided someone thought enough to buy us something so we should keep it! OY!!! If it doesn’t make you happy… GET RID OF IT!!

Why is that we have so much stuff? Excess stuff doesn’t make us happy! If anything it wears on me that I’m surrounded by so much or the thought of having to clean it all! We store and keep stuff just to have it! All I know is I have some totes with my name on them to go thru and I ponder, “if I don’t know what’s in them and I just throw them, would I miss anything?” haha I probably won’t be that daring, but it’s a fun thought! Good luck on your tidying missions . Cheers!

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