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Good ol’ family road trip

By Staff | Aug 12, 2016

“On the road again…” I sang and hummed that tuned a number of times in the last week as we headed south to Colorado! “Just can’t wait to get on the road again…” It’s just fun and light hearted.

We headed south for a family wedding in Colorado. With four of us – flying was not going to be an option (Uftah! Flights have gotten expensive! However, that is another topic.) Luckily enough I don’t mind the open road – when that is I can stay awake for it! I’m not sure why, but I have never been a great passenger. It’s like it’s a natural rocking crib for me. I get in and as much as I want to keep my head up and eyes open, I find myself drooped over zonked out! HOWEVER, this trip – I maybe closed my eyes a total of 12 minutes. Yes, I thought I had done a great job not only being a good passenger talking and singing along the way, but also taking in all the sites.

I have never been to or through South Dakota, Nevada or Colorado! It was absolutely gorgeous! I personally thought it was amazing how much open pasture land there was. It seemed to go forever. The curvey roads and rolling hills were picture perfect. The summer has basically zoomed by, so we decided to make this ride enjoyable vs a race. We left after work to make it as far as Pierre, S.D., getting 5 hours off of the trip. It was perfect. We got a hotel room, ordered a pizza, woke up to continental breakfast… My idea was to check out the downtown shops.

We ventured that way when the one boutique that looked most interesting, we realized didn’t open for another 20 minutes. Luckily enough the boys too had spotted a boot shop so we ventured in. I have to say it was the most pleasant store I have been in for some time. As it was the gentleman’s 49th wedding anniversary I’m guessing he was about 70 years old, plus or minus a year or two. He was absolutely a delight – helpful, knowledgable, friendly – you name it! To say the least 4 of us walked in and 2 walked out with new shoes. I didn’t not, but I may just have to call him and order the pair I was eyeing! He even sprayed them all and sent the rest of the bottle with us, free of charge. You truly don’t find that anymore!

We walked out happy and enthusiastic about our find, we soon realized food would soon be a priority so we got on the road to check out our next stop, Valentine, Nebraska! If you think Rugby plays on the “Center”, Valentine had hearts and signs everywhere! Including hearts painted along the sidewalks. Imagine – I found a small boutique and the guys, well they found yet another, yep boot shop! Except this time it was great in a different way. Because it was huge! They had everything. I think if I would have let them they would have stayed for at least another hour! We took in a small cafe with savory specials, and who can say no to fresh pie? (Again 2 out of the 4! ha)

We made our final destination about 6:30 p.m., not too early, not too late! It’s always great to see family and friends. The weekend was full of laughs (and some gas too!) The bride and groom could not have been more delightful and perfect for one another. We all danced until they told us we couldn’t stay any longer! And when I say we danced – the dance floor was packed! There were a few fuddy duddies that will remain nameless that didn’t dance, but to each their own I suppose!

It’s always hard to leave when so much fun was being had. The 12-hour ride home wasn’t as memorable as the way to our destination. However, great memories were made! But that’s the great part, we left already making plans for the next get together! As always, Cheers!

Hail, storms and claims.

On a more serious note. I came home to the aftermath of last week’s storm. Please consult with your insurance agent prior to signing any contract with a contractor for repairs. You may or may not have insurance. Secondly, make sure you are working with a reputable and licensed contractor.

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